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SMWC Island - Release Thread

SMWC Island

Check out the hack page here!

SMWC Island is a Yoshi's Island collaboration hack which began in late 2014. It features 50 levels created by users of SMW Central.
This is a zombie release, consisting of the hack in its current, unfinished state as of July 1, 2021.

Project Leads - S.N.N., XenonZed, BTD6_maker
Graphics - Falconpunch, Teyla, Rykon-V73, various level creators
Level cleanup - XenonZed, BTD6_maker, MarioFanGamer
Tools used - Golden Egg, B.Y.T.E., LevelTool, asar, SPASM, ycompress, yy-chr, SNESPal, Floating IPS
Full list of credits coming later.

As of this release:
* The staff of SMW Central and the former project managers of SMWCI are no longer under any obligation to maintain this hack or the associated code.
* Users are free to work on this project of their own accord, be it with the aim of completing it, or for their own personal use.
* Users are also free to use any code created for this hack in their own personal projects, provided proper credit is given.

The GitHub repository containing the source files of this hack is located here.
If you want to work with the files of this hack, simply clone or make a fork of this repository. In order to compile using, you will need to place a clean, headered ROM of Yoshi's Island named yi.smc into the main folder.

Known issues:
In this version, you should be aware that there is currently one known bug.

In 1-4, after clearing the first battle room, if you leave the room and then return it is possible that the flower will turn into a duplicate tulip. If this occurs, leave the room again and return, and the flower should appear as normal.

Info for level creators:
We have made various changes to the levels in the hack. As such, many will look different from when they were initially submitted.
Some reasons for changes include:
* Fixing item memory errors/disappearing sprites
* Fixing lag caused by too many sprites
* Fixing other bugs
* Reducing or increasing difficulty
* Creating more variety in the hack's aesthetics
* Fixing poor level construction
* Improving player direction

We're glad to finally get this hack out of the works and available to the public. Big thanks to everyone who contributed over the years!

Update 07/22: The softlock issue in 3-8 and item duplication issue in 1-4 have now been fixed. Big thanks to  MarioFanGamer for his work fixing these bugs!
Finally, we have SMWCI able to be released to the public.

After C3 ends, we're looking to get SMWCP2 zombie released as well.Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now. Thanks for understanding.
Dang, nice! I'm looking forward to seeing this hack in full sometime. I really like the aesthetics in the screenshots, too.
Check out my WIP romhack!
I helped!

Having huge and overwhelming projects that look like they'll never be completed in the queue is honestly really stressful, and I guess on the players' side waiting isn't that nice either, so I'm very happy you guys made the decision to put a functional ROM together and finally release it. I'll be playing it sometime, I'm actually rather curious to see what it feels like. It'll be nice to go back to YI with a fresh new vibe and look after so many years of not touching that game too.

Great work to everyone involved, you guys are true heroes for taking this to the end!
It's been so damn long I didn't even remember I contributed with a level here!

Really happy to see this project released and in a functional state, even if it's a zombie release. I'm sure someone with plenty of time will take it. I'm likely to play it at some point, considering I haven't played YI in a while and am in desire of killing time.

Good job to everyone; honorary mention to the organizers who never gave up hope!
Great to see this get done. It's good to finish up collabs from the past and look towards the future.

Now, for SMWCP2. A few months is all that is really needed to finish up what needs to get done and then, of course, playtest.
Releases are generally interesting. I'll look forward to trying it out.
Please pardon the eye.
I'm happy this is finally finished. I was afraid it was being in huge development hell and it could've gotten cancelled but I've been proved wrong. Good job on finishing it!
Hey guys! I know we said we'd stop maintaining this hack after release, but we've been notified of a major bug. The zombie release was contingent on the hack being in a fully playable state, but this bug prevents access to the entirety of World 5.

Upon beating stage 4-8, the game will lock up during the sequence where Yoshi is normally teleported to the dark world. If the game is reset, it will crash to a black screen before the title screen while the player's save is in World 5. The asm code we used to make World 5 the final world worked on initial testing, but may have broken at some point. We haven't tested the full hack from a fresh save in a long time, so we missed this bug.

If you've already downloaded and are playing the hack, we do not recommend playing beyond stage 4-7 until this bug is fixed.
The bug mentioned above is now fixed.