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One screen madness! a brief explanation of an obsession - by lush_50 lmao

Super Mario WorldFull Hack Release

Hey all, my name is Lush!
I love creating Mario stuff and wanted to showcase my Nightmare cafe series. (Mainly the last 3 hacks as they were just released)

This hacks main purpose is to ease beginners into kaizo-ish situations and still provide fun and a sense of progression (even in small steps)
It is also intended to be a fun warm up for pros, as they normally finish the hacks within 30 mins to an hour.

each hack has over 50+ rooms minimum with a maximum of 80 in some of the others!

A variety of tricks and situations are thrown at the player and it's up to them to reach the exit of the room.

Every hack from the series has a different vibe and overall serves a different purpose each time it's played.

Custom music, asm, backgrounds and more are featured within the series. (It currently stands at 8 different hacks within said series)

These hacks are suitable for any skill type aswell, a fresh new player can throw themselves at the hack and still not feel discouraged.

There are saves after each room and the setups are forgiving to a degree.

Overall there are around 450-500 rooms throughout the series as a whole.

These hacks were all made over the timespan of about 2 months.
I did want to make more but I can't rush it, or I'll do a bad job haha, we'll see where the future takes us.

Here is a link to my profile with the nightmares series (the 3 I'm mentioning are currently in the waiting bay) they may get updated, 2 of them already have v1.1's. if they're invalid when clicking on them, just pop my user name in there. Lush_50. <--- a detailed search.

The link above shows my currently accepted hacks!

Take it easy! be good!

- Lush

Oh and here's my twitch! always open to feedback and comments and I love to hear how people went! so feel free to jump in if you want!
500 rooms is a lot of content. You must have some really cool ideas. Would love to see some screenshots.
I know that the Nightmare Cafe series have been a bit of an ongoing joke due to how fast new parts of the series come out, but honestly, thanks for making a kaizo hack that's quite accessible to the majority of players. I know that kaizo is not for everyone, so it's nice to see something that basically everyone can beat.
Nightmare Cafe series is so interesting.
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You managed to keep it fresh for a lot of rooms. Was a very good idea to make the one-room concept relatively approachable to newbies too.
Absolutely love what I've played in the Nightmare Cafe series so far. Approachable by all skill levels and I've enjoyed using them to warm up before playing other hacks.

Looking forward to playing the three new hacks in the series!

Post some screenshots! ;)
I played through the first 5 hacks in the series a little while back and they were real fun to play. Nothing extremely difficult and nothing that felt tedious, but enough mini-challenges to keep me engaged the whole way through. I'll definitely be playing 6, 7 & 8 soon, and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer.
I don't know how you keep doing it, man. Must be a billion ideas floating around in that galaxy brain of yours! <3

Super Mario WorldFull Hack Release