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Another Special World 2

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots

Greetings, Rextep and I have a collection of 9 fresh new levels presented in the form of a Special World, some are failed experiments but others we thought deserve to see the light of day in some way.
You only start with 99 lives and it saves once you have beaten the last exit.

hack section page
download (filebin)
Ultimately, I hope it brings some entertainment.
Sorry, I don't play canadian romhacks.

Edit: NVM I LOVE CANADA NOW 5/5 hack blue boss bass is my favorite enemy ever I cry whenever I see one
Originally posted by lolyoshi

Is the blue bass behave like the normal bass or just a custom sprite?
What's that blue boomerang bro?
Overall, nice work with this SMW hack.
The sequel that nobody wanted.

Seriously, I want this.
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Originally posted by Roberto zampari
Is the blue bass behave like the normal bass or just a custom sprite?
What's that blue boomerang bro?
Overall, nice work with this SMW hack.

Bossbass is invincible, blue boomerang bro is simply a carry over from our hack Gaiden and is no different than normal.
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I loved those failure experiments. I wonder of what special world these levels didn't get to. Thanks for making them lolyoshi/rextep.
Aw man, I haven't even finished gaiden yet and now I need to play this too. Considering how much fun gaiden has been and how great the first another special world was, definitely excited to play this.
I too didn't overcome SMW: Gaiden yet and another hack came out of the oven already #smrpg{gasp}

I'll give this one an honest try later, but the screenshots at first sight look entertaining and also brutal, which is a style I dig a lot :)
I suppose I got a B-

I'm glad you poor afflicted people are unable to retire from this cursed hobby.
You guys are the masters of making levels that feel like they belong in an official hardtype SMW-era Mario game. The creativity on display is simple, yet effective at producing that kind of challenge. I especially liked
PEKORA'S BIG RAIDO because it asks you as the player to make judgements on whether to hit the switch to make a Panser crossing after each line-guide section easier or make a riskier play to spin jump them off but having the Dragon Coins and power-ups being availible to collect.

Well done.
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Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots