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Artist - Collection of some pixel art i've done recently!


Hey all,

I'm Jez, and i've been doing pixel art on and off for a few years now - i've recently been absolutely obsessed with Kaizo romhacks and interested in bringing some of my creativity back into the community.

...I started poking around Lunar Magic but i'm still in the very early days. In the mean time i thought i'm fairly new here so thought i'd post some of my pixel artwork i've done in the past - this is a small selection of commisions, collabarations and community events with other artists, or just personal stuff :)

A huge of quality has been lost in resizing some of this art to make it easier for viewing (hopfully)(you might need to zoom in)

Also... a bunch of this was animated but didn't want to spam 100 gifs #smrpg{:P}

I legitimately can't wait to see what sorta work you end up doing in the SMW Graphics scene, it's very exciting to have you around Jez <3 This stuff is absolutely phenomenal!

Crash Bandicoot pixel art? Whoa! :O

Now that's some REALLY nicely done pixel art! Nicely done, I absolutely LOVE it!
Mr Scotsman said:
Oh das some lovely Cold ones art you got there Jez, keep up this lovely work big man. Lovin all of it.
Thank you and have a nice day

Those are some good pixel arts, Keep up the great work#smrpg{y}
Still thinking on a description...
These are amazing! Really lovely.
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Thanks for all the kind words guys - really do appreciate it and look forward to seeing how i can give back to the community <3