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DDCecil's Super Mario World featuring Kolorado Koopa's Hidden Treasure! Take 2.

Super Mario WorldFull Hack Release

Woo. Just made the deadline!

3 years ago, I released this:

I've updated it a bunch since then, so I hope you give it a chance and let me know any problems you come across! Overworld is still mostly the same as vanilla SMW and graphics aren't as flashy as other hacks, but the levels are all new and just about all 512 areas are used. Plus there are 2 major sidequests that just might make Mario a very rich man.

Oh, and in the level "Opening Statement", go all the way left and duck down for a few moments to reach some special bonus areas.

Download .BPS file here:

Oh, there are also 214 songs in the game.

**62-D429 - Normal
**62-D7F9 - Cave
**62-D799 - Piano
**62-D7B9 - Castle
**63-DDF9 - Water
**63-DD99 - Boss
**62-D729 - Ghost

Replace ** with any two numbers from 00 to FF to change most of the area's music before entering a level.
ooh nice, i enjoyed your 2018 hack, and am excited to check this out :D

edit: looks like i get an error "this patch is not intended for this ROM." for this patch, and gives the error "this patch is broken and can't be used" when trying to ignore the checksum.

update: got it to work after looking into it more :)

Super Mario WorldFull Hack Release