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Flat Palace Switch Graphical Error


I'm making a Switch Palace with vastly different graphics. Here's the current design of the (Green) switch:

And here's how I want it to look once pressed:

As it turns out however, the flat switch, unlike the regular one, is a sprite and follows different rules. After some trial and error, it ended up like this:

Not only do Mario and the bottom of the pressed switch share palettes, making him look covered in sooth as a result of the palette swap, said palette swap didn't affect the entirety of the bottom half, since Mario has restrictions on which colors he can change.

What am I supposed to do? I can't change the colors of the pressed switch sprite without it affecting Mario too, and I also can't use the regular design of the unpressed switch object because of the conflict in graphics.
What you can do is change which palette the bottom of the switch uses. To do that you can use this simple patch:
!palette = $08

!props1 = $31|((!palette-8)<<1)
!props2 = $40|(!props1)

org $02CD4D+4
db !props1,!props1,!props2,!props2

Just change !palette to what you want, then patch it with Asar.
Thanks for the help!

Although while the palette swap works, it seems to overwrite that the two original 8x8 icons to the left aren't supposed to be mirrored, with these being the ones found in the GFX:
and this being what it looks like in-game: