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UberASM Retry System (+ Multiple Checkpoints) v0.6.0


Update v0.6.0:
  • Fixed compilation errors when using !fast_prompt = 0 (thanks to  Koopster for reporting this).
  • Changed default values for !fast_transitions, !fast_prompt and !death_camera_lock in settings.asm to 0.
  • Fixed sfx echo not working sometimes when changing music in the middle of a level (for example with P-Switch or Starman).
  • Don't immediately respawn if falling in a pit with instant Retry if !retry_death_animation is 2 or 3.
  • Don't show prompt immediately if falling in a pit with Retry prompt if !retry_death_animation is 1 or 3.
  • Added !no_score_sprites_on_death option (disabled by default) to removed score sprites on death, to allow to use their graphic slots in SP1 for the Retry prompt tiles.
  • Fixed Yoshi swallow timer decrementing while the Retry prompt is displayed when the frame counter has specific values (only when !prompt_freeze is not 0).
  • Added api routine to save the game.
  • Added api routine to respawn in the level.
  • Now the Retry checkpoints also work for midway and secondary entrances that use the vanilla method of setting the player's position (instead of just "Method 2"), as it was in the original Retry patch (thanks to  LouisDoucet for showing me that someone actually uses the vanilla method for entrances).
I'm not sure if this is happening due to a bad setting on my end, but when you enter in a vanilla reznor fight, the sprite status bar tiles get garbled.
Here's some examples:

(I initially thought it was a Mario DMA-er patch conflict but then I tried this in a rom with only the uberasm retry and nothing else and this is still happening).
When I use this new UberASM Retry System,Please.

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