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C3 Summer 2021 - Results! 🙌

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Another C3 come and gone. I been doin' these result posts for a while now, at a certain point they all sorta blend in. honk.

Firstly, let's talk about the elusive Mr. Switchy:

This man is absolutely wonderful. He's smart, charismatic, and kind. And for anyone who found less than 8 switches during the event, they will earn a trophy of him!

But if you found all 8 (or more!!), oh boy, you are gonna get your socks blown off:

You will earn the wonderful gay rights Mr. Switchy trophy! Isn't that just the sweetest little thing.

And onto the meat and potatoes of this event, the results! How about we dive right in. You will not guess who won best feedback:

1. Best Feedback
PlaceVote CountUser

yeah!!!! 1updudes!!!!!!

2. Most Impressive
PlaceVote CountThread
1st52A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE! by WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd9Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 12 (Day 4) by yoshifanatic
3rd7Yoshi's Island level editor WIP by Yoshimaster96

At a boisterous 52 votes, WhiteYoshiEgg wins the most impressive man on earth trophy.

3. Biggest Game-Changer
PlaceVote CountThread
1st18My new revamped Retry System by KevinM
2nd16Yoshi's Island level editor WIP by Yoshimaster96
3rd14A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE! by WhiteYoshiEgg

All of these are so wonderful and lovely, and they could change my game any day of the week if you catch my drift, bonk.

4. Biggest Surprise
PlaceVote CountThread
1st20A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE! by WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd9A Yoshi's Island hack I'm working on with some friends by Lazy
3rd8Yoshi's Island level editor WIP by Yoshimaster96

The biggest surprise... if you didn't check WYE's Works in Progress thread that announced a release at C3 😛😛😛

5. Best Finished SMW Hack (Standard)
PlaceVote CountThread
1st73A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE! by WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd28Super Mario Flash 2: SMW Remake by Stivi
3rd18Super Mario World: 30th Anniversary Edition™ v2 (SMA2 Cutscenes Added +more!) by LadiesMan217

Five in a row for WYE!!!! We call that a sweep, and it is very admirable. Special shoutouts as well to the Super Mario Flash 2 remake and the Super Mario World: 30th Anniv. Edition project! I don't know what Super Mario Flash 2 is. And at this point I'm afraid to ask.

6. Best Demo SMW Hack (Standard)
PlaceVote CountThread
1st18Anorakun's Palace of Graphics : Day 4 ( My hack + New level + KLDC Level + Old Drawings) by Anorakun
2nd14SMW The Great Adventure (DEMO) - A new hack by Bandicoot by bandicoot
3rd11Glow Demo by Idunno

These are the projects the site has agreed are the sexiest demos they're looking forward to. And for that, they earn a lovely little medal and a high-five.

7. Most Anticipated SMW Hack (Standard)
PlaceVote CountThread
1st11Anorakun's Palace of Graphics : Day 4 ( My hack + New level + KLDC Level + Old Drawings) by Anorakun
2nd10Super Mario World: Bowser's Kaizo Conspiracy - CLICK THE GIANT LINK! by Gamma V
3rd7Progress of My SMW Hacking Projects 2021 by SF - The Dark Warrior

And these projects? Are the most lovely standard hacks that we simply cannot wait for them to be finished.

8. Best Finished SMW Hack (Kaizo/Pit)
PlaceVote CountThread
1st26DARKSIDE 2 by Insanit
2nd20Another hack by me by cozyduck
3rd17Polyphony (and a port!) by TomatoPhalanges

Kaizo is all the rage, but like in a sensual and artsy way instead of an aggressive evil way. And these finished projects are all the rage - shoutouts to Insanit, cozyduck, and TomatoPhalanges - all wonderful people!

9. Best Demo SMW Hack (Kaizo/Pit)
PlaceVote CountThread
1st18Sprites Are 1derful (Demo) by NewPointless
1st18Eudaimonia (DEMO) by NerDose
2nd17Power Hour! by MDBattleFrog
3rd9Hourglass Twist [Puzzle Hack Preview] DEMO ADDED! by Alex_X8
3rd9Wolverine Sigma - Custom Boss (Made with Dynamic Z) by Alex_X8

And for the mischievous souls who enjoy playing kaizo, these demos provided all the glamor and glitz.

10. Most Anticipated SMW Hack (Kaizo/Pit)
PlaceVote CountThread
1st27🍷SAPPHO🍷, or the convoluted cavalcades ov a cavalier journey to fuck town, ohio by idol
2nd12OnlySprites - My terrible kaizo hack with nothing but sprites by le4che
3rd8Sayonara Mario World 2 Teaser Trailer by margot

The future is female + le4che, which honestly is the ideal future. Hurrah!

11. Best Non-SMW Hack/Game Project
PlaceVote CountThread
1st15[POKEMON FIRE RED HACK] Fire Red - Extended. COMING SOON, RELEASE IN 2021. by TarmaDj
2nd14funny little penguin game🐧 by imaginarycake
3rd13Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 12 (Day 4) by yoshifanatic

Celebrating the Non-SMW projects, we acknowledge the following threads as being the most fun shown off! I think these choices are all sorts of good, and am excited to see where they go from here 🐧

12. Quality over Quantity
PlaceVote CountThread
1st17A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE! by WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd7Sonikku's C3 Showoff / Summer 2021 Edition by Sonikku
3rd6🍷SAPPHO🍷, or the convoluted cavalcades ov a cavalier journey to fuck town, ohio by idol

Sometimes you don't need to show off a million things to earn the heart of everyone in America, and these threads showed just how powerful they are by their own little volitions.

13. Funnest Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st10FACE REVEAL!!! (not clickbait) by RPG Hacker
1st10FINISHED - A Silly Little ASM Number Game! by JamesD28
2nd5Can you find all the differences? by KevinM
3rd4GeoBreezer ROM Hack Guessing Game by NewPointless
3rd4Post something and I'll rate it from 1-10 (CLOSED! Thank you everyone for participating!) by Segment1Zone2
3rd4What I see (funny) by Final Theory

If you want a laugh, a giggle, mayhaps even a chortle, this C3 had a myriad of fun content!

14. Weirdest Item
PlaceVote CountThread
1st6OnlySprites - My terrible kaizo hack with nothing but sprites by le4che
2nd4FACE REVEAL!!! (not clickbait) by RPG Hacker

And, well, if your humor is more Lynchian, maybe these threads are to your desire.

15. Best Screenshots
PlaceVote CountThread
1st18A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE! by WhiteYoshiEgg
1st18🍷SAPPHO🍷, or the convoluted cavalcades ov a cavalier journey to fuck town, ohio by idol
2nd7A Yoshi's Island hack I'm working on with some friends by Lazy
3rd6[POKEMON FIRE RED HACK] Fire Red - Extended. COMING SOON, RELEASE IN 2021. by TarmaDj

And for those who like looking at screenshots - as if they are art pieces in a museum, perhaps these threads will tickle your fancy. We call this the Louvre of Hacking.

16. Best Video
PlaceVote CountThread
1st23A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE! by WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd9FACE REVEAL!!! (not clickbait) by RPG Hacker
3rd7Sayonara Mario World 2 Teaser Trailer by margot

And for those who decide static pictures suck bum, and prefer the works of Tartakovsky, or Tarkovsky, maybe these videos of upcoming projects will fit your fancy feast.

17. Best Graphics Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st30Anorakun's Palace of Graphics : Day 4 ( My hack + New level + KLDC Level + Old Drawings) by Anorakun
2nd16The Tilish Styleset: The 1st Round by Deeke
3rd142200th Post: Roberto Zampari's Switch Palace by Roberto zampari
3rd14Gamma V's Graphics Gallery - Summer 2021 Edition by Gamma V

Art is cool. This is all art. Cuts off my ear.

18. Best Music/Soundtrack Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st18Hooded Edge 3: Return of the Remixes [UPDATE: Marble Zone Remix] by Hooded Edge
2nd15c ports by Wakana
3rd14Stuff I found on my laptop (part 2) by KevinM

Music is cool! These threads are so cool. Cuts off my ear.

19. Best ASM/Tool Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st27My new revamped Retry System by KevinM
2nd21Pixi, CFG Editor updates and more! by Atari2.0
3rd20AddMusicKFF Summer 2021 C3 Update Thread + AddmusicK 1.0.9 Release Candidate by KungFuFurby

ASM and coding in general goes way beyond my tiny little head, and the work these users do indicates they might actually be aliens from another planet. I hope they steal me back to their planets to learn more of their ancient languages and crafts.

20. Best Request Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st19I am going to make every single graphics request you ask me to do (1/44) by IronFoxGaming
2nd12The Gimmicky Non-SMW Original Song Request Thread by Sancles (Attempt #2) by Sancles
2nd12Stereo BRR Request Thread >> The Brr Batch by Daizo Dee Von
3rd11~ NO LONGER ACCEPTING MORE SUGGESTIONS FOR NOW ~ Soonstar's Art Thread 2 by Soonstar

This is so nice. These users took time out of their week to help other users achieve their hopes and dreams - in the form of silly little requests.

21. Best Art Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st19The Otherworldly Tales of Naj - A few more pages of my silly lil' comic! (New characters revealed!) by Eevee
2nd14Anorakun's Palace of Graphics : Day 4 ( My hack + New level + KLDC Level + Old Drawings) by Anorakun
3rd12Artist - Collection of some pixel art i've done recently! by Jezaiya

If you thought graphics was crazy, check this out: "Art". This stuff's wild!

22. Best Misc. Thread
PlaceVote CountThread
1st19Historical list of C3 participants, 2021 edition by WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd16A SMW Hacking Base ROM Template! by AmperSam
3rd13Discord Bots - Clyde, Palette, Quote and the SPC Player! by RanAS
3rd13SMW Central's new Online Tools section by Telinc1

The unidentifiable. The abstract. Completely uncategorizationable. That's probably a word. But these threads are so good, and their creators can all do backflips. Just ask them to!

23. Honorary Mention
PlaceVote CountThread
1st4C3 SINGLE LEVEL COLLABORATION 2021 by Burning Loaf
2nd3[SMBX X2] Shadows of a Kingdom - A M&L Project by Idunn by Idunn
2nd37 Beta Original Ports + 7 Upcoming (4/7 available) by Dispace
2nd3Cod's Crappy C3 2021 Sprite release by codfish1002
3rd2[SMBX2] ATWE - A Tiny World Episode by MrDoubleA
3rd2A collection of ports (SPCs) - Vote for your favourites for release! by janklorde
3rd28BPP 512×1024 Background by Hayashi Neru
3rd2[SMBX2] 2k1x Subzero Heroes by Enjl
3rd2TheMorganah C3 Memorial: ASM, arts, hacks and others memories. by TheMorganah
3rd2On/Off everything line guides by elusive

Whowee! This year, we changed the criteria a bit for Honorary Mentions - threads that won in other categories were excluded, but that also means a many way tie for many trophies! And you know what they say - the more trophies you have, the bigger head you have.

And that's a wrap, folks! Just like Bugs Bunny says. If there are issues with trophies, please let Tahixham know. He's the resident trophy boy.
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
WYE deserved the trophies #smw{:peace:}
gkkfkdkdi i can't believe i got my first c3 trophy ever, congratulations to everyone, by the way!
Congrats to everyone who partook in this C3! A huge congrats to everyone who won, but to those who haven't as well but still showed off something cool. This was a very fun one, even though I was only around for a bit.

also lmao I did NOT expect an award
As expected, WYE totally sweeped a ton of categories. Can't say I'm surprised at all.

I'm surprised I even got third place for Best Feedback, I was on a camping trip throughout the week and couldn't thoroughly read / reply to nearly as many threads as I would have liked. Ah well.

Congrats to all the participants, and everyone who won any categories! You guys did great.
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Nice to see myself not get anything because I didn't participate.

Congrats to everyone else by the way!

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
What a great C3, there were really some well deserved winners in this bunch! WhiteYoshiEgg releasing "A Plumber for All Seasons" really was a treat this season. Congrats to everyone who got a trophy, I also didn't expect one myself, so thanks #smrpg{<3}
Oops, I forgot to vote. #wario{O_o}

What a fun C3 this summer! Congrats to everyone who participated and received a trophy, especially WhiteYoshiEgg for releasing his long-awaited hack. Shoutouts to Bench-kun as well, for hosting a nice little collab hack! Another good thing to see is trophies awarded to the neat Yoshi's Island-related threads, definitely well-deserved too.

I wonder what Mr. Switchy will be up to now that C3 is over...?
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
I wasn't expecting any trophies since my thread wasn't showcased until the tail end of C3. I was thinking maybe I did go a bit overboard on the Transformer references.
Quintesson Judge: Silence, or you will be held in contempt of this court!
Hot Rod: I have nothing but contempt for this court!
- Transformers the Movie (1986)
Congrats to everyone who participated. I had a really fun time this year, and thanks to everyone who voted for me!!! Wasn't even expecting to win anything.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

congratulations to WhiteYoshiEgg for A plumber for all seasons really was an impressive prowess.

I also want to congratulate Anorakun and Gamma V for their outstanding works, and that I hope to see more of them!

Now I'm a bit confused that none of the kaizo items I voted for endend up in top 3... But anyway congrats, too #smrpg{:O}
Congrats to everyone who won, as well as everyone who participated.
This event sure had a lot of impressive projects, as well as some promising looking WIPs, which i hope to see being complete in the future.

Also, did WYE get the trophy for getting more trophies in a C3 yet? xD
Jokes aside, these were really well deserved, A Plumber For all Seasons is truly a work of art, and the amount of votes just comes to show that! 73 is truly a high number, one i haven't seen before in a C3 in my very limited time as a member of SMWC.
My Youtube Channel
I congratulate everyone! It was a nice C3.
Now that I've started working, I won't be able to be as active as before. This is really very sad and depressing for me.

▬ good old days 4 (14/? level(s) completed)
▬ dumb 2 - strange levels in my notepad (22/62 level(s) completed)
By the way my Youtube channel
those who won the cup would like to congratulate everyone 🏆

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Oh gosh! Three entire trophis, including a gold one? I did not expect that! 😱

Thanks to everyone how voted for my silly little video. And also congratulations to all the other winners. Especially WYE, haha, you rocked this C3 and I think it's save to say you deserve every single trophy you got!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Congrats, babes! That was a fun C3 overall.

also, I have yet to see someone win as many awards in a C3 as WYE (deserved)
Lots of great stuff this C3, congrats to every winner!
I'd like to suggest for next time to separate the "Best ASM/Tool" category into two ("Best ASM" and "Best Tool"). ASM already covers a wide range of possibilities, and also having to compete against tools for top 3 feels unfair.
I don't play Kaizo, but this looks pretty cool!

Edit: Whoops, my bad, looks like this is actually the C3 results page. Of course as soon as I called it a day results came out. Congratulations to those who won a trophy! I was terribly distracted by other matters after the first day, so I didn't end up looking at a lot of people's projects, and decided to abstain from voting this time around. Just as I always am, I'm excited for the next C3.
Still got a bronze! Nice to see that a thread need not be the most active when it comes to those trophies. Also, I suspect ASM and tools were combined this go round due to there not being a lot of tools (there were only four tool threads, with mine being one of them).

My release of AddmusicK 1.0.9 is delayed because I'm currently scanning the entire SMWCentral music archives for the purpose of fixing conversion bugs with the older songs on the C++ side (as well as identifying what to do with my four modifications that would require revisions). So far, I've caught three conversion bugs, and they will ensure that anything that the moderators missed the first go round will not need to be repaired again:
  • Percussion playing during AMK's default SFX channels (#6 and #7) were always forcing the percussion notes to play, overwriting all custom notes defined, instead of only the first.
  • The & command failed to account for preceding ties, causing pitch bends to fail to offset themselves. I also checked the $DD commands, but they appeared to have been handled fine when I looked at the final result.
  • Fatal bug with Addmusic405 songs when a hex command is generated prior to defining channels (usually $F0, as the other two are filtered out) and #0 is never defined at all in the song. The cause is a phrase end marker ($00) being generated and causing the phrase to endlessly reinitialize itself, which in turn causes the sound driver to effectively stop in its tracks.

For all three, I have limited the scope to older conversions only (the last one is limited to Addmusic405, while the other two are applied to both Addmusic405 and AddmusicM songs). This is because I have no clue at the moment to what degree the newer songs rely on AMK's behavior.
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