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Questionable Level Design Contest 2021 - Rules & Submissions (Closed)

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Level Design

Name: .net

Link: dot net
Question Blocks (update: v2)

The asm is by morsel.
KevinM ported the music (Demon Underworld from Alcahest)
Also thanks to people who made the kldc v4.0 baserom
No idea if it's too hard, so you better use savestates. Level is here.
1f0 2

clear vid (nsfw text i guess)

asm by mellon piece of mario buys a bera

never mind play this one instead
umm... can i help you!?
Made it in time! Here's my level. Its called Twain.


(it's not kaizo, it's just LITERALLY very hard. an entry also about good timing, not frame perfect timing.)

(edit: NerDose pointed out that the patch wasn't a .bps file. whoops!)
This... is my QLDC entry.

I made this level as a creative way to ask a question that's been hanging in my mind ever since I've noticed a certain peculiarity of Super Mario Maker's abilities. (It includes infinite lives ASM, by the way.)
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.

in collaboration with E-man38 my beloved
questionable content warning

sprites by Darolac and dtothefourth

made you look #smw{:trollface:}
I finally made an SMWC account just so I could join this contest.

An homage to a piece of video game history:

It has fast retry/infinite lives, but you shouldn't need it.
By far the most technical contest entry I've made lol.

Endless Torment

Difficulty: Hard
Infinite Lives: Yes
Tested with Snes9X, unsure if there's bugs in other emulators


Die and Learn.

Graphic by Gamma V. Music by Maxodex.

Level Design

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