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Zamo's unnamed "new" project



(no srsly i HAVE to finish this one)

This is something i've been working on ever since 2016 on and off (way more off than on #smw{T_T}) but got back to it last weekend and have been able to make some progress since...

I don't have a concrete name or storyline yet, but i'm sharing what i got so far:

Okay, i don't really have a plot yet, but the main idea is this: We have 6 worlds, each one represented by one of these colorful orbs at the top of the post. Each world is gonna be based around one color in the color wheel, starting with purple.


So, before i go on with the screenshots, i got some quick notes:

• About mario's graphics: Yeah i'm planning to changing them, but for now i'm not really sure if i'm creating original ones or ripping, player tilemap is quite complicated so i decided i don't really wanna deal with that right now heh
• My rom is really buggy right now, which means eventually in newer screenshots / videos there might be some garbage graphics or bugs. I know i will eventually have to port everything to a new one in an attempt to clean the mess i made a couple years ago, but since i've spent so long away from shwhacking in general, i'm gonna take some time before i think of doing that so i can get used to everything back again...
• My previous hack "New Super Mario Bros. SNES" is "canceled" i'd say... All of my files from 2012 are in my old computer in my dad's house, which im not really sure works or even exists anymore. I got an older copy of it from which i'm porting some level ideas i liked into this new one.
• About the graphics from NSMB SNES: Yes, i'm gonna release them, since i'm not using them in this new project. I'm probabily gonna take a while to do that cuz i don't have a lot of free time, so stay tuned for some news on that! #smw{:peace:}


Now let's go to the interesting part: THE SCREENSHOTS!

So this is the purple world, it's a kind of starry night field, quite mystical and fun. This is the one with the most of finished levels.

This is a quite old video from world 1-1:


This is the blue world, an icy and snowy candyland, made out of popsicles and ice cream cone trees and hills.

This is my most recent video (still almost two years old lol), from world 2-3:


The green world is a kind of grassy rocky mountain.

This is a video of world 3-1:


I think this one is my favorite so far: the yellow world is a sky / sun temple. I don't really have many screenshots from this one right now... first one is mainly a graphics test (I don't have a proper background yet)


Orange world is a spooky autumn forest... The only level i got from this one so far is this sort of wooden blocks treetop/sky thing with wigglers and grinders.



I haven't started on the red world yet, but the main idea right now is a fire/volcano land, but that might change as things develop.


That's all for now, imma keep posting here as soon as i got new stuff to share! #w{:>}
I am very impressed at the way you use your NSMB inspirations with the way you go about rendering the backgrounds and tilesets for something unique to your style.

Looking forward to seeing more of this.
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

As par usual, looking very spify there. Always loved your graphical style, that W4 level background is definitely something else. Don't rush yourself on it and approach it one level at a time.
This is absolutely stellar in terms of looks! I'm liking what I'm seeing. I hope you'll finish this some day!
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

Just beautiful. Can't wait to play it one day.
Looking amazing so far. I particularly like the visuals in Worlds 1 ans 2, which are both stunningly beautiful and fairly unique theme-wise. Keep up the good work!
Heyyy there!

Thank you guys so much for your feedback! I'm really glad, for real #smw{<3}

SF - The Dark Warrior Yeah, the one issue i had with my previous hack was that it was just a rip off from New Super mario Bros Wii. I really love the nsmb style for 2d platformer games so i decided that this time around i was gonna use the style only as an inspiration for creating something more original other than jsut copying the graphics and level design lol

Skewer Im using this as a way to practice my habilities in pixel art. Also, my process is kinda messy ngl, i see most people like to work their projects in a more linear way, finishing one world before starting another one, but i just like to just go with the flow and put into practice every new idea i have, this way i get to enjoy the process and focus more in each level, not forcing myself to finish one so i can start another...

Daizo Dee Von I really wanna finish this one this time around. I know there's gonna be some challenges, specially when it comes to ASM, but i'm willing to go through it all because i'm really looking forward to the finished product.

Ice Man Really glad to see you back around. I'm still not sure if i'm going for the full hack release because i would really like to release a demo, let's see...

Aeon I wanted to go for something different from the traditional "grassland, desert, beach etc" themes, so i decided to add some extra elements into each one of the worlds to make them unique and very different from eachother. Glad you like it!


Okay, now i'm bringing some updates:

I've been experimenting with lunar magic's 15FPS animations and i'm really into it!

So this is how some of the global animations looked before:

I added 4 more frames into the animation of the coin, question and turn blocks. The star coin and goomba already had 8 frames but i think they look way smoother now with the faster animation. This is how it looks now:

I also made world 4 castle's gears 15FPS and i think they look way better now:

Besides that, i've been working on a new level in world 3. This one is a kind of deserted area with spiky cactus and it features blocks that have spikes on their top or bottom depending on the on/off switch status:

And that's all for now! How you guys feeling so far? #wario{^_^}
I'm not too fond of the new goomba and note block animations (a little bit too hectic for my taste) but the other ones look excellent, especially the big coin.

As for the screens themselves: Everything looks absolutely amazing and inspiring! Wonderful work you did there! #tb{'_'}

I agree with FPI on this, there are places where you have to recognize that slower animation is better than the 60 FPS animation. The note blocks is one such thing where they'd benefit from slower animation; personally I liked the slower goomba too, however the goomba is more of a "taste" thing.
The coins, turn blocks and ?-Blocks are all very well done however.
I'm seeing this for the first time here, and I have to say that I am impressed!

YY-CHR > Photoshop.