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Herlp with custom blocks

I insetrted custom blocks into my hack, I had all offsets and everyhtging done correctly like the readmes say, and I have the right Map 16 tiles edited to behave like the tile that the readme's and blocktool said, and in LM the description of the blocks say Smashable brick, wall jump block, break through if invincible blocks etc., BUT THEY AREN"T DOING ANYTRHING THEY ARE JUST ACTING LIKE CEMENT BLOCKS! WHY?
Oh, it is so on.
Well, what program are you using? Blocktool has faulty programming. BTSD works better. If BTSD is what you are using, then make sure the reloc offsets are there. And check to make sure you are using the block you want, not accidentally a different one.

i'm using block tool, and lunar magic gives me the desceription for these blocks when I put them in lunar magic, so I will just try BTSD
Oh, it is so on.
When you're using blocktool, make sure if the blocks are inserted sucefully (without message errors). Then Open Lm and search the tile you've added the block. Create a block with the 8x8 tiles and make it act like tile 25, 130 or 132. Then paste the block in the space that has shown a purple description. Example: If the message tells "Smashable Brick), you'll creat a block and make it act as block 132 (if you want to turn it into a coin if the Blue-Pow is actived) or block 130, never block 25!

If this doesn't work, I can't help you anymore, because I'm not sure if the BTSD works.

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