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Exodius Reborn
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So... 2 years ago I made my first Kaizo:light hack: Exodius. At the time i tought it was cool and all but, as time went by, I tought it was pretty bad. My most recent works were very well appreciated by the community and I'm really proud of The Power Beneath. So, I decided to do a complete rework of Exodius to make it more in-line with my actual level design (also because I really don't want people to play the game as it is right now).

I'm announcing Exodius Reborn! A better version of the original Exodius that keeps the good parts and trashes the bad ones (which is 80% of the game).
Some levels are being re-designed, some are being deleted, some are completely new!
It's in the works right now, but here's some screenshots and videos.

So I updated some some screenshots and a video. I also decided to post some before and after:

Goal for the rework are:
- Make the game modern
- Make the game easier
- Change/remove everything I don't like
- Changing the graphics to make it in-line with my recent hacks

PS: Nothing is final. I'm gonna keep this updated

STAGE 1 - Fresh Air (was Cheap Gym) [REPLACED]
Quite a simple level, probably too simple. Kinda liked it but, in the end, I decided to remove it. Also didn't want to start the game with the punching gloves in the first level, so I went for something more classic.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 2 - Thorny Calm [REWORKED]
This level has 3 main mechanics: Leaves, mushroom and spinies. I decided to not re-use the leaves (just for their hitbox). I kept the mushroom and spinies and I made a better version of the upside-down ? blocks (which were used only once in the original version for some reason). I kept some of the obstacles, made them in a better way. This level was not that bad.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 3 - Sea Resort (was Dorpedo Beach) [REPLACED]
This level was supposed to revolve around torpedoes, but... meh. I was thinking of keeping the torpedo theme but I made a half I don't like so... I also scrapped the theme. Basically the only thing left from the original it's the beach
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 4 - Farlands (was Moving Mountains) [REWORKED]
The first half: it's pretty much a good level, I need to change the beginning and making things less tight
The second half: it's stupid. The new version re-implements the original concept which never made it in the game.
Also, the music didn't fit.
NOTE: I'm probably gonna re-make the second half for the 4th time because I'm not 100% sure about it
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 5 - Chorus Fruit (was Bouncy Disco) [REPLACED]
Probably the worst mechanic in the game. This was remade from 0 because the patch that makes sprites interact with springboards, platforms,... is not in the game anymore. I went for a cave level because there's only 1 in the original game.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 6 - Got the Moves (was Freezing Moves) [REWORKED]
One of the best levels... or at least that's what I remembered. Actually most of the obstacles are not that great. I initially thought this level was probably the one that needed less work, turns out it's not. For the first half I kept some of the obstacles but the second is totally new.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 7 - Underworld's Call [MAJOR REWORK]
Once again, cool idea, bad execution. Keeping the "infested" theme.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 8 - The Top Floor [MAJOR REWORK]
This level has a great idea, but, again, pretty bad execution. Second half it's better than the first. Keeping the snake block them but removing the blindness.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

Keeping the theme. Changing the second half because I don't want to re-use the leaves, as I already said for "Thorny Calm". The new version has clear goals and I'm very happy how it turned out, way better than I expected tbh.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 10 - Turning Tables (was Snowier Snow) [REPLACED]
I honestly found it difficult to save anything from this level. There were some cool tricks with the pipes and the rocks on the platforms (which I can't save because the mario maker patch is no longer here). I also don't like the palette and I find the music too slow for a kaizo level. So I'm taking the route of the older version of the level which used the framal blocks. It's still gonna be a completely new level.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 11 - Fort Escape [REWORKED]
This level was pretty ok but too hard and tight. Keeping the idea and some of the setups. Made a better code that now makes your spin jump work like a normal jump instead of disabling it completely.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 12 - Getting Carried [MAJOR REWORK]
This was one of the better levels. Keeping the theme, the music and some setups. While working on it I basically just kept the first setup, I wanted to also keep the final troll but I don't really like the setup
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 13 - Sunken Treasures [REWORKED]
This was probably the best level in terms of design. I'm gonna keep a lot from this but at the same time it still needs some work. I kept 50% of the first half. For the second half I wrote the code myself from scratch and made something new
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

STAGE 14 - Open Lab (was Night 3000) [REPLACED]
I don't know what to say about this level honestly. It was almost a kaizo:hard level. I completely replaced it with something "strange". I made some code trying something new. I'm not sure about it because I know the mechanic is probably gonna be disliked by the players but we'll see.
BEFORE ------------------------------------------ AFTER

*Work in progress*

Let me know what do you think #smw{:peace:}
I started playing Exodius a few days ago to find out there is a revamp in the works! I am stuc-eh.. on level 3 currently #tb{^V^}. Do you think I should wait for the revamp to come out before I give the game another shot?

So far the screenshots for the revamp looks good!
Originally posted by TheMarioEnthusiast1
I started playing Exodius a few days ago to find out there is a revamp in the works! I am stuc-eh.. on level 3 currently #tb{^V^}. Do you think I should wait for the revamp to come out before I give the game another shot?

So far the screenshots for the revamp looks good!

I'm aswering a little late but I suggest you to stop playing the original version #wario{O_o} it has a lot (I really mean a lot) of problems.

For now the revamp is on pause for lack of inspiration with SMW in general
this kaizo is really interesting

you are a great person :3

I'm not from fairy tail
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