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Questionable Level Design Contest 2021 - Contest Close & Judging

Link Thread Closed


Submissions for the first ever Questionable Level Design Contest are now closed!

I would like to thank everyone for their submissions and participation in this contest and for getting QLDC off to a roaring start! The judging will be starting soon when I hand over your levels to authorblues, Kezcade, rezephae,  shovda, and  ThirdWall to begin their evaluations, so stay tuned to see that and look forward to the contest results in the future.


If you would like to play the anonymized entries you can download them here: Anonymized Entries. A list that reveals authors will be available here:

If you would like to play the entries with the authors revealed you can download that archive here: Entries with Author Names

Disqualification Notice: Entry 68 has been disqualified and its patch has been removed from the contest ZIP archives since it contained copyrighted material.

Note: Some of these entries contain crude language and references. Discretion is advised.

Watching the Judges

Our panel of judges are all planning to stream their evaluations live on their respective Twitch channels, which you can follow or tune into by clicking their avatar belows. All the judges have different schedules, but we'll do our best to at least post when the judges are live in the #qldc-discussion channel on Discord and you can discuss the contest judging in #qldc-spoilers.

If you have made a submission or know about the submissions in the contest, and are planning to watch the judges, do no spoil any information about the levels to them during their streams to keep their experiences fresh and deliberations free from bias. Any concerns, questions or commentary about judging process can be had in the Discussions & Question thread or on Discord in the judge-free #qldc-no-regerts channel.


Link Thread Closed