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Old-School Level Design Contest 2021 - RESULTS

ResultsLevel Design

Thanks once again Klug for the banner!

They’re finally here, the results for the Old-School Level Design Contest 2! This was one of our biggest events ever with a whopping 125 entries, the most of any non-VLDC contest (I’m pretty sure don’t fact-check me on this)! Let’s take a look at our judges’ favorite entries:

In third place, with an average of 53.75/60, without question it’s
? by Sixcorby!

In second place, with an average of 54.00/60, (My Sharona voice) m-m-m-
mycologic masochism by OEO6!

In first place, with an average of 55.75/60(!), don’t let the name fool you. It’s

(Say didn’t he just win the gold in KLDC8? :P This guy’s becoming a dang Olympian of SMW hacking!)

Congratulations to the top three! All three of you will receive special trophies, currently being revamped by admin  Eevee! As always, consult our other admin  Noivern for a prized game of your choice! (Surprisingly nobody called out the lack of prizes in the rules thread. #smrpg{gasp})

Full results for the contest can be found here. Note that a handful of levels had a scoring penalty for various reasons; read the comments on the rankings columns on the affected entries for explanations. We also had to disqualify 4 entries, either due to difficulty or being blatant edits of original SMW levels. For the levels not disqualified, you will receive a participation trophy, also being redesigned by  Eevee.

I would also like to thank our judges for playing, scoring, and reviewing this gigantic set of entries! This was beyond any of our expectations and I’m glad we were able to get through it all in a not unreasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, MrDeePay ran into significant computer trouble and personal commitments this summer and had to drop out of judging; I really appreciate the time he took participating in this contest and hope to see him come back for future events. For the rest of the judges, you can read their thoughts here:

K.T.B. | NopeContest | patcdr | Sinc-X

There’s only one thing left to talk about: the OLDC2 Compilation hack. Yes, it’s still happening, and it might be coming sooner than you think. However, there’s a few details I need to address with staff and the judge team beforehand, so it will still take a bit before I can come back to it properly. In the mean time, look forward to some beta testing (and maybe more??? #fim{:O}) once I’ve got something more tangible to present.

Thank you everybody for participating! I’m really happy with how this contest turned out; there’s so many cool entries, and I’d love to bring this back again in the future! Next time, though, we’ll be pulling out another old contest from the freezer…☃️
Lazy is getting too powerful, someone stop him for the love of God!
In all seriousness thanks so much for top 10 and GG to all winners
I suck at ASM and AMK

My Youtube

KLDC 2021

KLDC 2022

OLDC 2021

love u sincx

Serious Edit: Congrats to everyone who entered this contest! Personally, OLDCs are my favorite because I love working in limited resources. I hope that this contest can continue in future years!
Barely made it to top 30 with my silly and simple level, I'm happy!

Congrats to the winners!

e: seems like my secret exit was a true split between the judges. I totally understand the complaints, but I'm happy that both pat and Sinc found it endearing as I hoped.
congrats to the winners! I liked the post better when everyone in the top 4-10 had 48.63/60 :p
42º? wow, I'm happy for that.
HEYZOES, Unfocused Man at it again!!! AGAIN!

I guess I'm in keeping this unoficial superhero Mega Man name for a long time, given the "lacks focus" punchline appears on every single judging. Maybe I'll draw a Mega Man character concept for it next C3 right?

But also I feel like I can't seem to learn from my mistakes. But that's ok because that makes me special, is it? ISSIT? #wario{:'(}



I'm glad my bro OEO6 won silver here.
I'm also glad of the placement of Intangible Assets.

I'm thankful patcdr-sensei gave me a little more score and thus raised my min-max and my average score.

Thanks a lot to organization, judges and my fellow contestants for their hard work.

Congrats to top10, I'm looking up to you guys! #smrpg{:O}
Big congratulations to the top ten and a round of applause for anyone who entered.

I think I have some reflecting to do on my score. The judge's comments were very helpful and I clearly did not see how boring my level design can be.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
I really didn't expect to be second.
There were lots of fun and creative entries. It was a good competition.
Congratss everyone!

By the way, thanks quantuum for your nice thought!
I couldn't find anything to write :| By the way my Youtube channel
Can we be sure, that Lazy isn't paying the judges for his regular 1st places? 🤔
However, congrats, especially to OEO6, who came from nowhere and easily took the 2nd place. Really good job and I'm happy of being 6th too.
Thanks again to the judges as well, for their efforts #tb{:j}

28th place, not bad! But how in the heck did I manage to overshoot "Why Be Right?" That's something I wasn't expecting.
100% Orange Juice Playthrough:

VLDC9 Playthrough:

Congrats everyone, well done, and GG Lazy again!
Considering this was my first ever LDC and I joined with pretty much zero experience in standard level design, 24th is far better than I ever expected. I was pretty confident with the idea I had but over the course of judging I was getting less optimistic about the design and difficulty of my level, and to be honest I was expecting somewhere in the 80-110th range. Really glad with the result, and it was fun trying out my level building skills in a contest that (relatively speaking) was very restrictive with what could be done.
Didn't expect top 10 at all, nice #wario{B)}

Super satisfied with how my entry turned out overall, had a ton of fun working on it too (to the point where I'd say this year's OLDC pretty much brought back my motivation for SMW hacking).

Grats to the winners!
Congrats to all the winners! This contest had a solid batch of levels. Fan judging was fun, but I might actually try to participate next time.
Check out my WIP romhack!
34th place... You know, I was afraid something like this would happen, despite me placing a few hints within the level itself, particularly the blatant "YB→" in the blocks after the normal goal.

So, KTB and patcdr clearly figured out the gimmick, and gave me excellent scores. NopeContest didn't figure it out, but still gave me a decent score. And, to answer NopeContest's question (and anyone else who may be wondering), the gimmick of my level is to hold Y, B, and right to "semi-automatically" complete the level. There is also a "semi-automatic" way to reach the secret exit, which is hinted at in an optional bonus room.

And then, I look at Sinc-X's score of my level, which is a horrible 16. I'm sorry, but that HURTS. Not only did he not get the gimmick (and refuse to modify his score after learning about it later), but he insulted (yes, I'm saying "insulted" here) my general level design as a whole, which was meant to still play like a perfectly fine level even if the player didn't get the gimmick.

It especially stings because a fan-judge that had been a real judge in the past gave me a perfect 60 score, and that gave me high hopes that I'd do really well in this contest. I didn't expect to actually take first place with all 60s or anything, but I thought I'd be almost assuredly well into the top 10.

Sorry if I came off as salty in this post, but honestly, I kinda am.
I got an average spot, but I'm fine with that, really, and I agree with the critcism from the judges. I wasn't aiming to score high as much as I was aiming to make add a relaxing and fun level to the base compilation for a change of pace.

My only regret is making the level too long, I definitely could have scored a few extra points had the level been shorter.

Congrats to the winners.
54th place.. that ok, a bit better then my First OLDC level to me.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

27th place is pretty satisfying for me, I'm glad the judges enjoyed my level! Speaking of judges, big shoutouts to them for playing through 125 whopping entries in total! I also agree very much with Sinc-X's song choice for mine, it fits so much more than I expected it to.

Congrats to the winners and participants, as well as Deppy for hosting the contest! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the compilation hack too. #thp{!!!}
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
To place 52nd, knowing I’ve only done enough levels in 15 years to count on one hand, is exciting to me! It gives me the motivation to aim for even higher next time, knowing that my level design skills are okay enough to start with. I’m gonna work hard to bring out that further creativity and potential for any future hacks or contests I may invest in.

And I gotta commend the judges for all their hard work. I can’t imagine such a massive undertaking with this large and diverse of an entry pool.
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ResultsLevel Design