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Newer Super Mario World: A Super Luigi Adventure! (Cancelled or Paused?)


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Hello people in the SMW Central community. Here Julintendo, showing my first SMW project titled: Newer Super Mario World: A Super Luigi Adventure!

The story is simple, Luigi is at his house, a letter arrives from the Koopalings and Bowser Jr telling him that they have captured Princess Daisy. So Luigi, must go from quiet grasslands, to a relaxing beach, to a hot and very sunny Desert full of ruins, to a cave full of crystals and water, in a forest with a plum lake, climb mountains, fly and walk in the clouds, through a snowy valley, float through space and reach the secret cave of Bowser and his Koopalings.

The Hack will count from approximately 10 Worlds. Which will be ordered as follows:
Grasslands. Beach. Desert. Cave. Forest. Mountain. Skies. Snow. Space and Lava.

Picture time!

World 1 Grass Land:
A world of tranquil grasslands.

A simple and typical generic level.

A cave level with many mushrooms.

A forest level that introduces Yoshi for the first time.
The Switch Palace Yellow is found here.

And that's all for now. Soon I will show more content of the project, so stay tuned. With nothing more to add, I say goodbye.

(Note: Sorry for my bad english, Im use google traducctor)
This looks really well done! I love the idea of the Luigi adventure too. Can't wait for a demo of this.
Hi, wow thank you I'm glad you like it. I'm going to try to have a demo ready by the end of the year. So, stay tuned.
woah that looks really nice! i like how well mixed the beta elements are mixed along with other stuff as well

it would be nice if you uploaded the images to your filebin instead of google drive though

anyways, looking forward to this one for sure
Hello, thank you for your opinion and enthusiasm. As for the images, I will take it into account. I am experimenting, as this is all new to me. Thanks for the advice.#smw{:TUP:}
This hack looks promising. I'll keep my eye on it. 10 worlds? That's a lot of content. I hope you get to see it through to the end. There hasn't been very many hacks with over 60 exits as of late and I'd like to see that change.

Definitely looking forward to this.


Hello, thank you very much for the enthusiasm. I also expect the same from the Hack. It seems like a challenge to be honest, but I don't think I have a problem with that.
Comments like these motivate me and make me want to work with him more.
Although unfortunately I can't work that much due to school and other things in life lately.#smw{>_>}
But I'll do what I can to finish it.#smw{;)}

Time for an update guys and girls.#smw{O_O!}

1-4: Grassland

A quiet level of grassland by sunset.

But not so calm with those Chucks bothering you.#smw{¬_¬}

1-5: Grassland / The Goomba Spleeps Tonight

Another quiet level of grassland but at night.
Fun fact: The name of the level is a pun on the music used in the level.

As the name says, this level is packed with Goombas.

"In the grasslands, quiet grasslands. The goomba sleeping is ..."

And that is for the moment, it only remains to build the castle and finish Luigi's house. And we will move on to Lemon Beach.
Until the next update. #smw{:TUP:}
Looks pretty fun and rompy. I also like the asthetics, the colors blend in quite well.

Though, I must comment...

If there's a P-Switch at any point in the level, and the coin is collected from that Used Block there, there will be cutoff as the rope is no longer connected to anything.

Just a heads up.


Hello thank you very much. There is no need to worry about the P-Switch. Because the level has none. But I have it and I will keep it in mind. Thanks for the reminder.#smw{:TUP:}
Hello people in the SMW Central community.
I'm sorry for the lack of progress. (The school#smw{¬_¬})
And even though I don't have a level ready to display today I finished the Main World Map.

I await your comments and opinions. I say goodbye for the moment.
The map looks fine, though i would probably suggest checking on the ground color for the Beach World, Desert World, and Mountain World, as they all share the same or similar ground colors with each other. It's not bad to look at on the whole, but it's a bit on the plain side.

I'm not exactly an expert on the colors, but my personal advice would be to give each world their own distinct ground color. (For example, Desert could be gold, Mountain could be copper, etc.) That will most likely help your overworld stand out a bit more.

Hope this helps!


Arash. I followed your suggestion.
(Note: The beach world and desert world palette are the same due to the limitation of the palette.)

That's better? o Should I adjust them a little more?
I think that definitely looks better. I forgot how limiting the overworld palette can be but for the most part this looks good to go.


Surprise!!! #smw{O_O!}
After a long time, I can finally update my thread ...
This time a small gameplay from 3-1 of World 3: "Desert Ruins" ...
Well, sadly I only have this ready for the moment, but soon I will upload a gameplay of World 1: "Grassy Lands" or some other level.
So stay tuned for more... #smw{;)}
Greetings people from SMW Central!!!
I know I've been a bit inactive lately, but I have great news!
Well the first one: I have already finished World 1, so I will soon show previews of the levels of World 2.
The second news: It is also related to the levels, since although I haven't been very active here showing updates, more than 15 levels are already in process!
And Third News!: I have opened a YouTube channel where I will show my levels, progress, etc. I have already released a video showing the 1-1, so I invite you to give it a visit, like it, share it and subscribe to the channel.
And well, I think that's all for now. Here I leave the video of 1-1...
Hello SMW Central people!!!#smw{O_O!}
I'm very sorry for the inactivity here, lately I've been uploading more content on Youtube and Discord. But I promise to update this more often... #smw{>_>}
Anyway, what I really come to, lately I've been redesigning or adjusting already created levels. Because they did not satisfy me or to add new things, such as the use of layer 3.
A level that underwent an improvement or redesign, was 1-5: Goombas at Night! In its first version, I was not convinced by the music or the design, so I improved it...

I have also finished another level, here are 2-2 (I don't know what to name it. suggestions?)...

And that's all for now...
Edit: Sorry for the large images...
The part regarding triple posting... it reminds me of my thread. You've got 2 good screens and the underwater part especially so, Julintendo.#smw{:peace:}
Oh thank you Rykon! I agree with the posts in a row... #smw{^_^;}
I just hope that people will increase with comments, when I post it in the tester forum and then in C3.#smw{>_>}
Since I am taking great care of the level design and the choice of graphics and music. I hope to have such a degree of success.
Even to make a sequel to this. Which I've already been thinking about its plot. But it will depend on how well this is received. I think there will be a very good approval.
Greetings people from SMW CENTRAL! I have finished a new level!#smw{^_^}

See also the video I made about him...
With this finished, there are only 2 levels left to finish world 2!
I haven't seen many people here, so feedback is greatly appreciated!#smw{>_>}
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