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Playlist SMW Central Music files

I am pretty new here and I just started to create
my first SMW hacks for my niche.
I saw streamers which played the SMW Central music
while building on their levels.
I would really like to do this too.
But unfortunately I don't really find a solution
how to add all music files on SMW Central to a
random playlist on Windows and if possible also on
android Smartphone.
I found out it should work with Foobar2000.

Can somebody help me?
A lot of thanks in advance!
I've always been under the impression that the streamers you're talking about were just using YouTube playlists (or Winamp or Foobar, like you mentioned).

Doing some quick googling, there are apparently mobile apps for both Foobar and Winamp, but I'm not sure if the mobile versions have SPC support.

I'd say your safest bet would be to just use YouTube. There are a lot of YouTube channels and playlists that are dedicated to archiving ports from SMWC, so you should be able to find most of the really good ports that way.
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Okay. I will do it that way. Thanks you!