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Super Famicompo 3 [RESULTS]

MusicSuper FamicompoResults


Welcome to Super Famicompo 3! Super Famicompo is an open competition for SNES music of all kinds. As before, the competition is split into two categories, and you can submit as many entries as you want.


This category is for anything in the realm of covers. Covers of game music, non-game music, whatever you want, as long as it is a cover of something.

This category is for original songs of any kind. Anything goes as long as it's original work.


- All content must be made for this competition. You're free to finish up an unreleased old song or whatever, but if material has been previously released in any form, it may not be submitted. It follows, of course, that you may not upload somebody else's work (excluding collabs - see below). Your submissions must be kept anonymous and not be revealed until results are posted.
- You may collaborate with up to two others on any given submission. If you choose to do so, tell me as such when you submit.
- You may use any tool that generates SPC/SFC output, as long as it is not a tool that converts directly from source to MML (in the case of covers). This means no SPC2MML, nintspc, etc. Examples of tools that are allowed are AddmusicK, SNESGSS, IT2AMK, PetiteMM, SNESMOD, XMSNES, and so on.
- For the cover category, please refrain from submitting 1-to-1 SNES ports. While it may be technically impressive if you transcribe a complex Tim Follin song to MML, the SPC output is all that matters here, and a 1-to-1 port is not distinguishable as a "cover". You are of course still allowed to cover SNES songs in your own way.


All entries should be sent to me directly via PM on SMWCentral (this account), by DM on Discord (sincx#9611), or by email to s3x5samps youknowwhat All you should submit is either an SPC file or SFC file (either an audio file or a ROM file). If you choose to submit SFC, there is a size limit of 2MB, and it MUST be your own content, that is, it must not contain any copyrighted material - no Super Mario World ROMs or anything like that. You must also tell me which category you are submitting to, and if it's a cover, you must include the name of the original song and game (if applicable). You can submit as many times as you want and whenever you want for as long as the submission period is open.


There will be SMWCentral trophies available to the top 3 in each category, as well as participation trophies to the rest, for those who have an account at the time of results. If you don't have an account at the time of results, you will not receive a trophy. Note that if your account is brown-banned on SMWCentral, you will not be eligible for SMWCentral-related prizes (but you can still enter).

The deadline for submissions is October 17th 24th at 23:59:59 UTC. Feel free to discuss things in this thread, or join the Discord server at Have fun!
Updated the rules to clarify that submissions should be anonymous.
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Are music cover submissions able to be submitted to SMWCentral after the contest?
Yes, as long as they meet the section standards and guidelines, as usual. Only once results are over, of course.
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Super excited, I've been anticipating this day for a while now. Really looking forward to seeing what stuff other people come up with, and hoping I can make a decent showing myself. I already have a few ideas, so hopefully I can do those justice.
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Can you also create an unsampled port?

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
Originally posted by Infinity
Can you also create an unsampled port?

We can use any kinds of samples - therefore unsampled ports are allowed.
oh man it's here!
I'll have the time to enter.
Happy to see this happening again. Unfortunately, I most likely won't be able to join. But I hope I can atleast give some good feedback once again, assuming voting will be public.
Good luck whoever is entering! #smrpg{:D}
Very interesting, I hope I'll have time to join in and show how much I've learned from the previous music contest.
Good luck to everyone who plans to participate! #smrpg{y}
Would love to hear some of yalls' work.
I've selected a few tracks I could do, maybe 1 or 2 of them will enter.

I wanted to ask, is it big trouble if my song choice accidentally gives away my identity? I know I will submit anonymously, but last Super Famicompo, one of my songs was guessed widely, just because I seem to be the only person around who's still interested in Soul Blazer's OST.

In the same manner, my identity might be given away if someone sees the song answers to an active request, or if someone remembers a song I showed interest for on discord or on my profile.

If it is a problem, I'd rather choose songs that are not in my usual repertoire, or have been kept secret until now. Please let me know #smrpg{sick}

Originally posted by qantuum
I wanted to ask, is it big trouble if my song choice accidentally gives away my identity? I know I will submit anonymously, but last Super Famicompo, one of my songs was guessed widely, just because I seem to be the only person around who's still interested in Soul Blazer's OST.

I would say you should feel free to port whatever songs you want, regardless of whether or not people recognize them as something you would do. So long as you don't intentionally de-anonymize your entry, I don't think you should worry about it unless you specifically want to be hard to guess. Heck, if I have enough time, I too might be porting a song that people could easily trace back to me, haha.

(Someone who is wiser or more important than I can feel free to correct me on this if I am wrong)
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I assume the answer is yes, but for the sake of certainty I'll ask it:

I have some original compositions I made for a class last year, and while they were shown off in some capacity to classmates and peers they were never released to the internet at large. Would it be permissible to port some of them or use them as material for an original port for the competition if I so desired?
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Sure, that's fine. Main thing is that anyone who could potentially vote should not be aware of who made what outside of their own guesswork.
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Looks like it's time. Really excited to finally participate in this for once.

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The deadline has been extended by one week, until Sunday, October 24. Get those entries finished!
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And here I was stressing over the thought that I'd have to speedrun my entries in an already packed up semester. Many thanks, o gracious host.
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The deadline has passed! Please get any last-minute entries in ASAP (I'll do the final count in about an hour from now). Voting will begin in a few days at the latest!
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Can’t wait to hear everyone’s entries!
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Excited to hear what everyone's got for this.

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MusicSuper FamicompoResults