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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #1 2021 - end

MusicOther Contest/Event

View current set here.

-Bracket is viewable here.
-Voting periods last 48 hours, assuming nothing goes wrong.
-Pick the song from each battle that you like the most.

Welcome, everyone! I’d like to introduce to you all to SMWC’s First Annual Music Tourney! Here you’ll be voting on your favorite…

What’s that? You’re saying I’ve done this multiple times in the past already? I think you’re confusing that with the VGM Tourney, or perhaps the Non-VGM Tourney. You see, in this tourney, any type of music will be accepted for submission. Here’s how it goes:

  • You can nominate up to four songs total.
  • You can only nominate one track per artist, and only one track per album/soundtrack. Artists cannot have more than five total nominations.
  • Feature credits are not included in the artist total, and remixes are allowed; the remixer is considered the primary artist in that case.
  • Each nomination must have a working video link; while Youtube is preferred, Soundcloud or Bandcamp are also acceptable.
  • For Youtube, you can use this site to see if your video is blacklisted in any countries.
  • Please format nominations as [Artist – Song]. EDIT: This applies to video games as well; please list the actual composer instead of just the video game.

In addition to the above rules, the following tracks will be excluded from nomination, as they all have already won tourneys (thanks to  K.T.B. for tracking them all down):

Voting will be in the same style as the last tourney; first round will be picking your favorite two of eight songs, with the remaining rounds being a seeded bracket. Voting periods will last two days; be sure to check Discord for updates!

Nomination period ends Thursday, September 16th at 7:00 PM EST.
excited to finally participate in one of these, here's my nominations

Noriko Hidaka – Aim for the Top: Fly High

T-Square – Blue in Red: Knight's Song

Spiralmouth – Crash Twinsanity: Cavern Catastrophe

J.A Seazer - Utena: Internal Clock, Municipal Orrery
I choose to nominate...
Hideyuki Shimono and Akihito Okawa - Dolucky no Puzzle Tour '94 ~ Final Battle
Furby Mix - Witch Doctor (remix of a song originally by Ross Bagdasarian/David Seville)
Dean Evans and Keith Tinman - Cool World ~ Slash Club
Kenji Yamazaki - Super Drift Out ~ Normal BGM 1 (NOTE: This is a compilation video of the soundtrack: the demise of VintaGamers Paradise and other individual song channels makes these quite difficult to find in audio render format... the song in question in here is from 5:15-6:47 in the video, with the URL being copied from the current time.)
Two VGM, and two non-VGM.

The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night -- Legendary opening chord, and all-around an excellent song that never fails to get me hyped up.
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Tears of a Clown -- Partially written by Stevie Wonder, actually. I love the use of baritone saxophone in this.
Inazuma Eleven - Activate Burning Phase ~ Yasunori Mitsuda -- As celebrated of a composer as Mitsuda is, he has a lot of fantastic works that still fly pretty low under the radar. I'd put his work on Inazuma Eleven right up there with Chrono Trigger and Mario Party (maybe not quite as good as Chrono Cross, though).
Breath of Fire V - Electric Power Building ~ Hitoshi Sakimoto -- A very beautiful, very evocative ambient piece. It's just breathtaking. Pun not intended.
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Looks like I win this contest. Jk, just giving some of my favorites of all time.

(I recently got reobsessed with this song, love it so much.)
Ne Obliviscaris - Painters of the Tempest (Part II): Triptych Lux

(This one has always been obvious...)
Wintersun - Sons of Winter and Stars

(I have tons more favorites that I would love to nominate ;w;, but this one deserves more recognition.
Yes, you read right, this is a Bubsy song, and yes, the quality does not match the actual game's quality.)
Alastair Lindsay / Kevin Saville - Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales ~ Welcome to Wonderland

(This one deserves all recognition, all will be converted to the ways of the Dokkan Battle OST.
Also sadly does not have an actual song title, so I used the ingame character name that the song represents.)
Bandai Sound Team - Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle ~ Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by: (🔞 Warning)
It's come up a couple times, so I just want to remind people that game OSTS also need proper author credits. If you're unable to find the author, then please use a sound team credit.
Well, here they are. I hope everyone enjoy them. Most of these tracks are VGMs (except second). The format is [Artist | Game - Song] (or just [Artist - Song] for second):

1 ) Æsir (Ice and KIVΛ) | Cytus II - V.

2 ) Kamikaze Boy - MAN WITH A MISSION - My Hero

3 ) Ryota Nakano | Zenonzard - It's so beautiful for alternate video click me

4 ) M2U | O2Jam Analog - Gypsytronic

MusicOther Contest/Event