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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #1 2021 - end
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #1 2021 - end
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Motoi Sakuraba - Iconoclasm
Tsuneo Imahori - Stand Proud
tfw wouldve voted in the last round but i missed

Joe Jackson - I'm The Man

DJ Sound - One Wit A Trigga Two Wit A Bad Freak Bitch

DJ Sound - One Wit A Trigga Two Wit A Bad Freak Bitch | now this is genuinely the best shit of the round by far. the chopped and screwed scene is incredible and dj sound was always one of the goats. rip.
Opeth - Benighted | same sitch with dream theater but i think i like it slightly more so i guess i'll vote it.

Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch | i mean this with no disrespect to kevin macleod as a musician, the work he's done on increasing the amount of public domain music is crazy, but this kinda feels like the equivalent of submitting the wilhelm scream.
Motoi Sakuraba - Iconoclasm | i didn't really care about this.
Frank Klepacki - Hell March 2 | i kinda found this to be super generic personally, also not for me at all.
Joe Jackson - I'm The Man | mr jackson makes some fine rock, but i dont have much more to say about it.
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons (Live Scenes From New York version) | i'm already rather familiar with this track so i didn't relisten to it, but it is pretty good all things considered. it's not my fav longform dream theater track tho, so ultimately it's not where my vote is going to.
Tsuneo Imahori - Stand Proud | it is alright.

i kinda wanted to only vote 1 song (dj sound), but meh.

1. MOTOI SAKURABA - ICONOCLASM: Spectacular, energetic and cheerful. It also has some F-Zero X vibes (I love that game!).
2. JOE JACKSON - I'M THE MAN: Energetic and cheerful, it makes me feel like dancing.

3. Opeth – Benighted: Wow! I almost couldn't decide between this song and I'm The Man, it's such a well-made relaxing and calm song.
4. Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons (Live Scenes From New York version): The guitar player did an amazing job, but this type of rock music is not for me.

5. Tsuneo Imahori - Stand Proud
6. Frank Klepacki - Hell March 2
7. DJ Sound - One Wit A Trigga Two Wit A Bad Freak Bitch
8. Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch

My choices are:
  1. Motoi Sakuraba - Iconoclasm (from Baten Kaitos Origins)
    (Sakuraba Gang, rise up!)
  2. Tsuneo Imahori - Stand Proud (from Hajime no Ippo)
    (Let's get ready to RUUUMBLLLLLE!!! *Dempsey Roll intensifies*)

Honorable mention:
  • Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch
    (Actual gaming livestream music.)

“YAAAARGH!!! I can’t decide! I just can’t decide!!”
Holy heck, this is getting super hard!!
Not sure where to put here... or is it? (Also: Yay! Old layout!)
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
1. DJ Sound - One Wit A Trigga Two Wit A Bad Freak Bitch | Banger.
2. Opeth - Benighted | Not a huge fan of this. It's doomer music but for boomers, but I prefer this over the other songs in the set.

3. Tsuneo Imahori - Stand Proud || If I was a fan of the show or knew the context in which this plays I would probably like it. But because I don't this just sounds like bootleg Rocky music

4. Joe Jackson || This is okay but it is definitely not for me.

5. Motoi Sakuraba || This just sounds like generic boss fight music to me. Not for me.

6. Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons || Not a huge fan of Progressive Metal.

7. Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch || I'm confused as to why someone would submit this to a music tournament.
iconoclasm - classic and awesome
benighted - points for folkness, but a bit slow. poets of the fall vibes which is a bonus


a change of seasons - not my fav dream theater
hell march 2 - pretty good rock but not all that special
stand proud - not bad, doesnt grab me much though
i'm the man - its good for what it is i suppose

sneaky snitch - no comment
one wit a trigga two wit a bad freak bitch - eh. soundscape is hard on the ears and it goes on for way too long. hard pass from me

soundcloud / bandcamp / twitter / battle of the bits / buy our album / buy/stream my EP
Vote 1: DJ Sound - One Wit A Trigga Two Wit A Bad Freak Bitch | I don't know what to say about this one review-wise tbh; it's just a really really good song that I enjoy a lot. Definitely my favourite out of this set.

Vote 2: Joe Jackson - I'm the Man | Like idol, I also had a really hard time trying to decide another song that I would put a vote on lol; so between Iconoclasm and this I decided this one could use the vote. Despite being from 1979 (!) this song has a surprisingly modern feel, giving me the same nostalgia for early-mid 2000s rock songs, even though it still has very distinctly 80s rock elements (such as the background vocalists).


As for everything else, I like Motoi Sakuraba's composing style and the way he works with guitars a lot and while I enjoy Iconoclasm for that reason, it really doesn't stand out in a vaccuum and I personally would've submitted some other samples of his work for a music tourney. I also can't say I felt strongly towards Stand Proud despite being a Hajime no Ippo fan for a bit back in the day; while it's a good song it was basically just made to be a legally distinct Rocky song, and I don't see why you wouldn't just submit a song from the Rocky OST instead.

Benighted and A Change of Seasons were both really good but not my thing. Hell March 2 is just... a very menu-y song, while I don't know the context of where it plays in the original game, it just has that vibe of just background melody that doesn't really go anywhere. And Sneaky Snitch? lmao.
Joe Jackson - I'm The Man
DJ Sound - One Wit A Trigga Two Wit A Bad Freak Bitch

very heavy rock set, but two picks are what vibed with me the most. hell march was a very close third. also absolute joker move to nominate sneaky snitch

My votes:

1 - Motoi Sakuraba - Iconoclasm
2 - Joe Jackson - I'm The Man
Opeth - Benighted (10)
DJ Sound - One Wit A Trigga Two Wit A Bad Freak Bitch (8)(tiebreaker by Koopster)

Motoi Sakuraba - Iconoclasm (8)
Joe Jackson - I'm The Man (8)
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons (Live Scenes From New York version) (6)
Tsuneo Imahori - Stand Proud (6)
Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch (1)
Frank Klepacki - Hell March 2 (1)

Preliminary Round: Set O
Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her?
MEDUZA, Becky Hill & Goodboys - Lose Control
Lena Raine - Awake
David Bowie - Young Americans
Bloc Party - The Good News
Peyruis - Rebirth
Silentroom - Rainshower (potential epilepsy warning)
Odezenne - Chat Suicide


boy we're getting some weird sets lately


1- Peyruis - Rebirth
2- MEDUZA, Becky Hill & Goodboys - Lose Control
1. Silentroom - Rainshower
2. Bloc Party - The Good News

3. David Bowie - Young Americans
4. Odezenne - Chat Suicide
5. MEDUZA, Becky Hill & Goodboys - Lose Control
6. Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her?
7. Peyruis - Rebirth
8. Lena Raine - Awake

Some average stuff but some good stuff too.
(also that Bowie nomination is not questionable lol, it's a critique of American culture)
This set's pretty good. The first few songs are boring, but it picks up VERY quickly.

1. Silentroom - Rainshower: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Odezenne - Chat Suicide: One of the most laid back songs I've ever heard. This song is a vibe
3. David Bowie - Young Americans: To be honest, I'm not super familiar with David Bowie's music, but this song is pretty good. Looking into it more, though, I found a cover of it by a group called Durand Jones & the Indications that I think is way better.
4. Bloc Party - The Good News: This is okay but it kinda just sounds like movie trailer music
5. Peyruis - Rebirth: This song's alright, nothing mind-blowing.
6. Lena Raine - Awake:
7. Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her?: There's a really old unsampled port of this song that I unironically like more than this (no offense).
8. MEDUZA, Becky Hill & Goodboys - Lose Control: I'm actually familiar with Becky Hill (she was on The Voice UK, which I've seen a bit of), but this song is extremely generic EDM.

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1. Peyruis - Rebirth - My entry so it's obvious I'd pick this. This is one of those trance songs that I heard first on Soundcloud that remind me of gaming streamers I used to watch a while back. Anyways, this song gets me hyped and pumped, and the processed vocals sound superb to me and I love it.
2. Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her? - BRUH... HOW!? I never once thought unsampled SMW music would ever go this far! Holy hell this is actually impressive. The @2 + @3 combo sounds like a music box, which is an instrument I've struggled to repliacate just with SMW samples. and whatever else is being used on that main melody is technically impressive and very new to me. Also yeah, I'm biased cause I enjoy SMW samples. I probably wouldn't ever pick U.N Owen Was Her in any other scenario.

3. David Bowie - Young Americans - This is one of those "feel good" songs that hits the heart in just the right way, and sure enough, it did the same for me and I smiled. Love the vocals in this. It's a nice tune to relax or vibe to.
4. MEDUZA, Becky Hill & Goodboys - Lose Control - Have I heard this song before? Can't tell... it sounds like something that would play on my local radio station just from the vocal parts alone. This is certainly not bad song at all, in fact I liked it! However I have other favorites that fit in with this genre.
5. Silentroom - Rainshower - Literally synth art. With how much is happening at once, this is quite the adrenaline rush for me, especially with how the song sounds cluttered for the most part, except for the end.
6. Bloc Party - The Good News - The beat and rhythm reminds me of Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London, only that this is less upbeat sounding. I guess it's an alright song.
7. Lena Raine - Awake - Clean, calm, and pretty. It's a bit too simple though, and parts of it sound sad. :<
8. Odezenne - Chat Suicide - Not a fan of these rap-esque songs.
1. Official Celeste Original Soundtrack - 04 - Awake: god damn, those crunchy notes, that dragging rhythm, this is nice.

2.驟雨の狭間 (Rainshower) / Silentroom × Shun: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ok ok its fine ok oh my god oh mYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [mod edit: don't stretch the tables


3. Odezenne - Chat suicide - Sans chantilly: def a vibe, the competition is just too tough.

4. Bloc Party - The Good News: feels like a Cage the Elephant b-side

5. Peyruis - Rebirth: As a child i always wanted to be loved. i met this girl in class, funny, smart. it was everything. i asked her to the school dance, she said yes. but when it was time for the dance, i lost my confidence. no longer cool but a boy in a stitch. I was unable to profess; to progess, and to digress, i dissected what little love i had to a prompt depress. i dont like the song.

6. David Bowie - Young Americans: feels like an interlude.
تسقط أمريكا إن شاء الله

7. MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Goodboys - Lose Control: where tf is Pitbull

8. Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - U.N.Owen Was Her?: oh i get it its a mario forum #wario{>:|}

pre-review jam: kanye west - homecoming: OH now im coming home again#tb{:)}

moor mother & billy woods - Rapunzal: Sky face wistful, I had a fistful of fucks ground to the gristle

mid-review jam: kanye west - Stronger: You should be honored by my lateness That I would even show up to this fake shit So go ahead, go nuts, go apeshit
驟雨の狭間 (Rainshower) / Silentroom × Shun - at the beginning it was getting and losing me, but by the middle to end i was hooked

Bloc Party - The Good News - really good vibe
Odezenne - Chat suicide - Sans chantilly - i liked this one a good amount

MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Goodboys - Lose Control - good energy

celeste - good piano arrangement - though id like it better seeing the game and the context surrounding this piece

MID REVIEW JAM: Kanye West - Stronger - kanye west's still got it

SMW Custom Music: Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - U.N.Owen Was Her? - my main complaint was the instrument choice, which makes me feel like the original is worth listening to.

Peyruis - Rebirth - this is the discord theme

David Bowie - Young Americans - i cant listen to tracks made by pedophiles

PRE SET JAM review - Moor Mother & billy woods - Rapunzal - pretty fun, really enjoy the beat
VOTE #1: 驟雨の狭間 (Rainshower) / Silentroom × Shun | When this song started, I really wasn't sure on it; I felt the buildup and then the start of the drop was really really generic dubstep. However as the song went on it just kept getting procedurally better, and once that saxophone kicked in and just absolutely killed it, I was sure this was nomination material. Overall, past the intro this song is amazing.

VOTE #2: Bloc Party - The Good News | The vocals are really nice, the sound design is good, and when those guitars kick in with that chorus? Oh man. It just creates a really good vibe, overall.



-Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her? | Why in the world would you not just submit the original.

-MEDUZA, Becky Hill, Goodboys | This has good vocals and a really nice beat but it doesn't really stand out to me compared to a lot of pop songs in a similar style. It's pretty good but I wouldn't listen to it on my own very much, maybe if I was a bigger fan of this artist I'd listen to it inbetween other songs but in a vacuum it's something I'd only relisten if they played it at like a mall.

-Lena Raine - Awake | Celeste has a lot of fantastic songs, but it also has a lot of songs that are way too contextual to work outside of the experience presented by the game and imo this is one of them. Without being familiar with the situation it plays in, this is just a really good, slightly haunting, piano arrange that doesn't overstay its welcome... But doesn't really stand out.

-Kanye West - Stronger (MID-REVIEW JAM) | I have a long history with this song, and it's how I first got into Daft Punk. I think the use of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger as a beat is clever and executed well; and Kanye West just has a really good flow with words and a certain cadence to his bars that make this just a really nice listen. Since this song, Kanye West has made much better stuff, but this song is simple, easy on the ears, and catchy, and sometimes that's all you're looking for in a song.

-David Bowie - Young Americans | Bro what young americans is he talking about, the white ones??

-Peyruis - Rebirth |

-Odezenne - Chat suicide - Sans chantilly | This is chill but it doesn't really speak to me. The beat is basic and the vocals don't really stand out to me, though maybe the fact I can't understand what they're saying has something to do with it, since it means I'm basically relying on the feeling, and I'm just not vibing with it that much.
My picks...
  • Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her?
  • Lena Raine - Awake

These two picks came basically out of process of elimination: four of the other songs were deadlocked in two different groups (with me being indecisive on which one to pick, causing both groups to lose out), and I wasn't interested in two other ones to take these slots.

And some other commentary...
  • A different port of Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her? was provided to me as a test case for AddmusicKFF.
Wakana - U.N. Owen Was Her?

Lena Raine - Awake


I couldn't find anything to write :| By the way my Youtube channel
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