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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #1 2021 - end

MusicOther Contest/Event

Originally posted by DeppySlide
It's come up a couple times, so I just want to remind people that game OSTS also need proper author credits. If you're unable to find the author, then please use a sound team credit.

Dominic Ninmark ~ Mega Man X Corrupted - Crystal Caverns (Crystal Rafflar's Stage) (my favorite song of all time)
Taro Kudo ~ Axelay - Mother (my favorite SNES song)
RetroSpecter ~ Game Corner Remix (kinda the thing that inspired me to port the Game Corner theme)
Kevin MacLeod ~ Sneaky Snitch (me and the bois about to steal diamonds in Minecraft)
The YT Checking site didn't work for me as well, so I hope the videos are okay. #smrpg{y}
The amount of already-submitted tracks that I know and believe will all win is, frankly, super surprising and heart-warming to me. But I want to specifically point out:

Originally posted by Medic

Win. Please. Win harder. You've already won the tourney in my heart. Also, damn you, I wanted to submit this (maybe a different rendition but still). Win harder, damnit.

On a more sane note, this does beg the question: who needs to be credited? I personally find that (at least) the performers should be credited, probably together with the composer. If there's anyone who knows Ten Holt's music, it's Jeroen van Veen. Anyway...


The YouTube restriction checker is unresponsive on my end (no matter what I try), but I either have no reason to believe they're restricted, or have alternative sources.

I'm going for something fresh. My nominations:

Zhea Erose - Glitterdance [YouTube]
Clark - Secret (ft. Martina Topley-Bird) [YouTube / Bandcamp / SoundCloud]
Tigran Hamasyan - Hov Areq sarer jan (live at La Roque d'Antheron 2011) [YouTube]
Buunshin - Sterven [YouTube / Bandcamp / SoundCloud]

Not even any Techno. Didn't expect that.

Glitterdance is my obligatory xenharmonic pick, but boy howdy what a pick. The xenharmonic branch of music is often criticised for being too clinical, too occupied with technicality to be emotive. Sure, Zhea Erose has technical proficiency in spades, but she is about as far from clinical as you can get. If you want your mind to dance, stick around.

Clark owns the leftfield. There is little semblance of convention in his music, and it continuously moves through different palettes. Secret has all these trademark qualities, adding strong notes of familiarity in folky vocals and guitar. The whole is so very human, with lopsided beats, bright textural imperfections and carefree progression. It's a secret worth smiling to.

Tigran Hamasyan is an Armenian pianist extraordinaire, easily one of the best in the game in my book. He has a distinct style of jazz, often math metal-inspired (he's often compared to the likes of Meshuggah), but is also known for his touching classical outings. Hov Areq sarer jan is one such outing, an adaptation of a deeply somber traditional Armenian song about a man who entreats the mountains for some wind ("Blow, Dear Mountains").

Finally, Sterven (Dutch for "to die") is a truly abrasive piece of industrial-sounding drum & bass. Despite its imposing sound and its dominating energy, it's still immensely spacious. This track, like all of Buunshin's work, is a masterclass in mixing and sound design. He made waves instantly upon entering the scene, and not without reason.

...nice impromptu music reviewing lol
Hiromi Shibano - Klonoa 2 - MOONLIGHT MUSEUM Ver.1
Hayato Asano - Atelier Sophie - Spring Wind Skylark

Anamanaguchi - Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game - Subboss Theme

Terry Scott Taylor - Skullmonkeys - The Theme

To be honest, I have so many favorite songs that it is very difficult for me to choose the music to submit, but since this is my first time participating for this kind of tourney, I have chosen two songs each for Japanese games and games from other countries.
⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
I really enjoyed last year's tourney! As weird as it sounds, I have some fond memories of it - stuck at home, a gray and misty fall outside, with the ritual of checking the new round of songs every other day, eh I don't know it was pretty cozy.

Let's see how these will do:

R.E.M. - Find The River
Last time I went for Carnival Of Sorts which is hard to top when it comes to early R.E.M., so here's a more elaborate and melodic song from the midpoint of their career.

The Decemberists - The Legionnaire's Lament
Went with this last minute - it's not my absolute favorite of theirs but it seems easiest to appreciate in this setting.

Bosse - So oder so
Something German for the hell of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RednGreen - Breakbeat Darkness
I'm not about to play favorites with the APFAS soundtrack, being the one who requested it (all the songs are great and I'm really grateful for every single one) - it's just that from what I've seen this one seems to have resonated with a lot of people, so maybe it's best suited as an entry.
(fun fact, this song wasn't made specifically for the hack - RednGreen had already had it finished when I approached him about the soundtrack - so even though it doesn't matter here, I guess you could argue whether it counts as VGM or not?)

A lot of nominations from a lot of people this time, and almost none of them are songs I've heard of before! Curious to see how this one will play out, and how long it'll take.


MusicOther Contest/Event