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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #1 2021 - end


I need to pay better attention to this contest.

1. Passport - Dreamware: A neat jazzy tune. As a jazz fan I approve. The guitar solos really guide the song.

2. Yukihiro Jindo - The Boy Who Had Wings: Another song with beautiful strings. It's what Japanese tunes do so well. The melding of acoustic strings and electronic backing tracks just sound amazing.


Kenji Ito - Grassland (The Wind and One Who Presses Forward): The strings are soothing and in combination with the percussion this song is just easy listening.

Toshihiko Horiyama - Jet Stingray Stage: This song makes me want to run really fast.

Dennibro - 9+10=21 [Trap Remix]: no

Ryota Nakano - It's so beautiful: I really like her voice. Over the electronic music she sounds great.

Paul Hardcastle - Killing Machines: This song was interesting. I sense metal inspiration as well as electronica. I do like the sound of the guitar, but my favorite part is the percussion section.

Fearofdark - Exit Plan: This song uses sounds that I find really appealing in electronic music and reminds me a lot of playing games like VVVVVV.
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1. Passport - Dreamware (fuckin' cool as heck, holy shit; loving the slap bass parts and synth work a ton, all around very solid stuff haha)

2. Paul Hardcastle - Killing Machines (oh yeah, this is heavy alright, totally fuck with this lmao)

3. Fearofdark - Exit Plan (honestly, I was going to put this in, but it kind of dragged on for a bit too long for my tastes, which certainly took it down a few pegs in my eyes; but yeah, it's definitely a cool track and I still enjoyed it a ton despite it lol)

4. Ryota Nakano - It's so beautiful (oh, this is cool as well, always enjoyed this kinda uplifting trance/EDM type of sound, even if it's poppy as all hell lol; actually kind of reminds me a little bit of Dreams of an Absolution from Sonic 06 oddly enough, although tbf it really could just serve as a early 2000s pop song more than anything... but yeah, sadly this kind of music can only go so far without anything to set it apart from other tracks of this kind, and unlike Dreams of an Absolution, it just sounds a tad too generic and thus isn't as good as it can truly be, so yeah. :V)

5. Yukihiro Jindo - The Boy Who Had Wings (honestly, I was going to say how the PC Engine and Mega Drive versions of this song would be more acceptable for me, but I actually quite enjoyed this particular arrangement... too bad the original track isn't nearly as good to me anymore lol (also unrelated, but I kind of like the fact that the sound design for this arrangement sounds like something I would do, what with all those reverse cymbal and impact sounds, and even the snare build-ups as well, that's kinda funny to me for some reason))

6. Kenji Ito - Grassland (The Wind and One Who Presses Forward) (honestly, I would've likely thought of nominating this if it had at least something more going for it, cuz it actually sounds pretty cool, but yeah, it didn't grab me nearly as much as I thought it would; Kenji Ito is still a cool composer tho #tb{:)})

7. Toshihiko Horiyama - Jet Stingray Stage (yeah, there's much better choices for a MMX song you could've chosen IMO, even when comparing it to X4's other tracks; also this fucking level was a pain in the ass to play for me and definitely one of the worst parts of X4 IMO, so there's that as well lmao)

8. Dennibro - 9+10=21 [Trap Remix] (welp, it definitely could've been worse at least LOL)
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Passport - Dreamware (delicious, finally some good fucking music)
Fearofdark - Exit Plan (they tend to do pretty good in tourneys already but i think it's for good reason)

the boy who had wings was good, other than that who cares
Passport - Dreamware (10)
Fearofdark - Exit Plan (9)

Toshihiko Horiyama - Jet Stingray Stage (3)
Kenji Ito - Grassland (The Wind and One Who Presses Forward) (2)
Paul Hardcastle - Killing Machines (2)
Yukihiro Jindo - The Boy Who Had Wings (2)
Dennibro - 9+10=21 [Trap Remix] (0)
Ryota Nakano - It's so beautiful (0)

Preliminary Round: Set V
Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (version A)
Mike Geno - Zavodila
Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta
Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji
Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower
LudoWic - Overdose
Kurt Hugo Schneider & Rebecca Black - If We Were a Song
Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade


There was no delay after all. #wario{O_o}
Mike Geno - Zavodila

Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower
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Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower
Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (version A)
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Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji
Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade

1. Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta
2. Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade

3. Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower
4. Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji
5. Mike Geno - Zavodila
6. Kurt Hugo Schneider & Rebecca Black - If We Were a Song
7. Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (version A)
8. LudoWic - Overdose

Top 2 surprised me.
Kurt Hugo Schneider & Rebecca Black - If We Were a Song
Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade

List Soundtrack - List Hacks

Mega Man X3 OSTs
This set wasn't bad.

1. Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji: Pretty good! The instrumental part at the end went on a bit too long, though.
2. Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade: I like this one. I wonder if it's from a game or a movie or something, because it sounds like it.
3. Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower: I'm already VERY familiar with this song...and how much it gets stuck in my head every time I hear it.
4. Kurt Hugo Schneider & Rebecca Black - If We Were a Song: A lot better than I was expecting, that's for sure.
5. Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (Version A): It's okay.
6. Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta: Not bad, but not something I would go out of my way to listen to again.
7. LudoWic - Overdose: Not a huge fan of this one.
8. Mike Geno - Zavodila: Better than the average Friday Night Funkin' song, but still not particularly good.
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Here are my picks...
  • Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (version A)
  • Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower

And some commentary...
  • I debated between Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower and Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade for one of the slots. I chose the more relaxed one execution-wise this go round.
  • Was Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji's ending inspired by what the Beatles did with I Want You (She's So Heavy)? That's what I think of... however, the playback style is different.
1. Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta
2. Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade
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Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (version A)
Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower
Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta
Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji
Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta | this is fucked up good, probably one of the best tracks of this entire tourney so far. obsessed.
Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji | my pick, love this song.

Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (version A) | it's alright
Mike Geno - Zavodila | being honest i'm not too sure what friday night funkin is, but this is a kinda straightforward goofy edm track. it's fun, but not mindblowing to me.
Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower | classic great track, pmd ost is insane.
LudoWic - Overdose | kinda regular as far as synthwave pseudo-drive ost things go
Kurt Hugo Schneider & Rebecca Black - If We Were a Song | rebecca black rocks but she cannot defeat the top 2 of this set. also the instrumental of this is kinda generic
Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade | cute edmcore stuff i suppose but i didn't get much out of it
yatra-ta - oh fuck yes this is the good shit
sky tower - obviously


my jinji - the processing/filtering/whatever it is on this is really annoying but the underlying song is pretty good
seasonal beauties a - not bad
hoshifuru machi no shitade - pretty decent, but not particularly standout especially for this style

overdose - pretty boring but its not like offensive
zavodila - once again, sounds like every other fnf song
if we were a song - eh...
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Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji
When this one started playing, I instantly groaned. I could never have expected to love it as much as I ended up doing, so kudos. This really made me vibe.

Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower
I hadn't heard anything of the Rescue Team DX OST yet. I was worried that it'd sound overly modern, but it doesn't! Got a few issues with mixing imo, but other than that, solid. Great progression. Worthy entry in the PMD series' music.

All by all this was a great set. It took me a bit to land on my 2nd pick. If not Sky Tower, I would've probably picked Overdose. Really like dark, synth-heavy phrygian-scale music like this.

Love the mixing on 星降る街の下で, but the composition has nothing of interest to me.

I really like the 5/8 parts of Yatra-ta, but that aside it's not my favourite kind of jazz.

I was really happy when If We Were A Song was finally over. Maybe that's harsh, but to each their own. Great if you get something out of it; I hope to never hear it again.
1. Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower (ngl, I was kind of worried at first when I saw that this was based on the DX version and not the original, mainly since I haven't heard it yet, but it's pretty faithful to the original instrumentation-wise, so not bad at all lol; but yeah, what can I say, this is just a fantastic track from a game that I hold tons of nostalgia for, and honestly the mere fact that it's a fairly faithful remaster done with higher-quality instruments and the fact that the violin doesn't sound like ass this time is pretty much a instant vote in my book lol)

2. Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta (damn, pretty fun jazz tune over here lmao; liking the piano and some of the harmonies/chords a lot here, and honestly in general I just like how playful this sounds, you can tell the band members were having a lot of fun here haha)

3. Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji (definitely enjoyed this a lot more than I expected lol; it didn't wow me enough to vote for, but yeah, wasn't too bad of a listen for sure, all around very solid 3rd place, which honestly it really just feels like the "man I wish I didn't have to only vote for two entries because this actually kinda slaps" placement at this point :V)

4. LudoWic - Overdose (it's synthwave. fairly basic and generic sounding synthwave, but it's still synthwave, and if you know me, I do love me some synthwave. synthwave synthwave synthwave.)

5. Noriyuki Kamikura - Seasonal Beauties (version A) (it's whatever I guess)

6. Smith - Hoshifuru Machi no Shitade (fairly cutesy sounding fakebit chiptune thing in the vein of Anamanaguchi or most of the more really popular chiptune artists out there. not too much of a fan of this kinda stuff, but it isn't bad I guess, although when it comes to fakebit in general there's certainly much better stuff out there IMO)

7. Mike Geno - Zavodila (ehh, it's pretty generic sounding FnF music honestly. really not a fan of this style at all if you ask me)

8. Kurt Hugo Schneider & Rebecca Black - If We Were a Song (meh.)
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Trio Töykeät - Yatra-ta (very cool)
Keisuke Ito - Sky Tower (good arrangement of a great pmd song)

Might've went with My Jinji but kinda felt the second half dragged. Rest was okay.