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SMWCentral Official Annual Music Tourney #1 2021 - end


another good round, but honestly not my favorite, some of the songs just didn't click with me

so my rankings from best to worst are

1. small

2. eccentric games

and as for the rest
spring wind, satellites, yinni bo, easy, passacaglia, faceshopping
Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo
The Animalhouse - Small
Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia
The Animalhouse - Small
Casiopea - Eccentric Games
The Animalhouse - Small

Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia
Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark

1. Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia: I loved this. The soft piano mixed with a jazzy bass and light drums was just a wonderful combination. Despite the quieter overall volume and softness of the piano notes, it has an urgency and speed I wasn't expecting.
2. Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark: Has a real light-hearted JRPG battle vibe, which fits the Atelier series. It's very pleasant to listen to overall. I appreciate the occasional string guitar in the background as a different instrument to fill out harmony.

3. Casiopea - Eccentric Games: Yeah this is right up my alley. Love this kind of music. Although, that said, it doesn't really evolve or change that much throughout all 5 minutes of it, and by the end I did feel like I was ready for it to finish up, which isn't a great sign.
4. Son Lux — Easy: A very unique combination of instruments and beat, with ethereal, sparse vocals. Enjoyed it a fair bit.
5. Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite: Has a cool beat. I appreciate old tracker music a lot, but this one felt just alright to me.
6. Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo: A lot of my enjoyment from rap and hiphop, and other genres like them come from understanding the lyrics, so this one's harder to judge. I think it's fine but it's not standing out much to me. The music video was really neat but we're not really judging those aspects.
7. The Animalhouse - Small: Pretty funky instruments, gives a real 70s vibe. Actually, it almost feels like Cage the Elephant to an extent. That said I think it's merely okay to me. Not exactly my kind of thing but not really bad despite being where it is in my list.
8. SOPHIE - Faceshopping: Just feels completely discordant at times. I can tell there's a structure going on in it but it's just so unpleasant to listen to. The part around 2:30 was nice, but we're voting on them as a whole. Not my jam, sorry.
Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia
The Animalhouse - Small
1. Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark (LOVE this one lmao, not many tracks out there that can immediately grab me like this, but this one certainly did a pretty good job at that haha; reminds me a little bit of some Pokemon tracks as well, in particular some of the music Hitomi Sato makes, and I love her music a lot so this is certainly a big yes from me right from the get go, just all around solid tune with a ton of energy #wario{:peace:} also man, I'm really going to have to sit down to play the Atelier games at one point ain't I; if only for the music because god damn)

2. Casiopea - Eccentric Games (this one was surprisingly harder to choose than I was expecting, because there was a ton of solid songs here that could've totally gotten chosen, but I ultimately went with this one because this gave me one hell of a stank face, like damn, the bass goes nuts here lmao; plus I'm eternally biased in favor of jazz fusion like this, so yeah. hate me all you want, idrc #smrpg{mlem})

3. Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia (this was another one I was willing to choose here, but as I said, the Casiopea one wins out by a slight margin for me; still tho, this is pretty solid stuff, and has a similar jazzy sound that I also dig obviously)

4. The Animalhouse - Small (very cool as well, loved some of the drum work here especially, nice and driving beat with tons of syncopation, just the way I like it; love the chaotic vibe of this one in general as well, dig this sound a lot haha)

5. Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo (this one was also much cooler than I was expecting, and the music video was also cool, reminded a little bit of the style TAWOG goes with it's animation, what with it also having cartoony looking characters that are put in realistic looking backgrounds and all that; would be nice to understand what's being said here tho :V)

6. Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite (I normally tend to like this sort of music, but compared to some of the others, it didn't impress me as much sadly; plus I feel like it's a bit too repetitive for it's own good, which seeing how the music sounds I guess it's supposed to be the point, but still)

7. Son Lux — Easy (pretty cool. not much to say about it tho)

8. Sophie - Faceshopping (...nope, still don't know how to process wtf did I even listen to LMAO)
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Sophie - Faceshopping | rip sophie, ur music will never be forgotten
The Animalhouse - Small | kind of a lowkey sucker for this eclectic alt rock, surprised to see this is just the guy from shoegaze band ride lol
Casiopea - Eccentric Games
The Animalhouse - Small

Really saving the best for last this set. I appreciated how out there Yini Bo was although I can't fully appreciate its lyrics. Yuki Satellite was also alright.

Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite
i would study to this

Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia
this song makes me feel like my head is empty and then slowly being filled with grains of sand


The Animalhouse - Small
this song has trouble transitioning

Sophie - Faceshopping
i respect this quite a bit but i cant imagine myself listening to it

Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo
it has... a personality


Casiopea - Eccentric Games
it feels like im time-traveling

Son Lux — Easy
stranded on the road to nowhere

Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark
i can think of a song that would work as a great replacement for this in any circumstance
I'm running out of things to say for each track, heh.

Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia
- Absolutely gorgeous and memorable all-around. I love it.

Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark
- This pulled me in immediately - it's a very pretty track, melody and all. It's always great when a track almost makes me want to play the game.

The Animalhouse - Small
- Very good!

Casiopea - Eccentric Games
- Great atmosphere.

Son Lux — Easy
- It's cool and chill. Not very memorable otherwise, though.

Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite
- Very nice, and has a lovely beat. It goes on a lot longer than I personally would have made it, but I guess the whole point is that it's supposed to be ambient background music, so.

Sophie - Faceshopping
- I like what this song tries to go for, but it just doesn't really resonate with me.

Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo
- Pretty upbeat and lovable. I feel like this one also goes on a lot longer than it needs to, though.
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My picks are...
  • Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark
  • Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia

Some commentary...
  • Sophie - Faceshopping... what in the world was this!? Certainly falls under the more bizarre entries. Then at around 2:30, it somehow becomes... well, it's briefly completely different, to say the least. Unfortunately, with only two slots available, this kind of execution doesn't always win out in the long run. Irregardless of case, it is not directly competing with any of the songs (which, as a result, means that it's a group of songs versus this one since the group tends to have some similarities in execution. When the group wins, then the group competes for the spot.).
  • Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia is a nice, relaxing, jazzy little tune. I like it!
  • Combat-wise, The Animalhouse - Small is defeated by Casiopea - Eccentric Games, which in turn is defeated by Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark, which gets one of my two slots.
Sophie - Faceshopping
Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite

tough round, kind of, actually never mind
1. Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite - Out of every one of these songs, this was the only one I loved listening to. It's a tracker song, and it actually sounds lit! Song has pseudo-echo, clever chords (especially in the choir aahs), constant synths everywhere, catchy beat... there's just lots of ideas bunched around. Need me to say more? It's so technically impressive!
2. Casiopea - Eccentric Games - I liked this one! This sounds like Mario Kart music, and Sonic music at the same time. The bass is pretty slick, and the horns get me pumping. Nothing bad at all!

3. Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia - Oh wow, nice upbeat ragtime-styled music. The piano is boss and it's real soothing to my ears. This is some fine art!
4. Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo - Huh, this was actually a lot better than I was expecting. The drumbeat is probably why I just so happened to enjoy it, kinda hype. Reminds me of some of the Latin songs my Mom would listen to a lot.
5. Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark - Interesting instrumentation! It's a nice cute tune to listen to, though it does loop and repeat the same thing over and over, ugh... it needs more creativity!! But regardless, it's good for what it is.
6. The Animalhouse - Small - It sounds like rock... I think. I duuno, it sounds like it belongs in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. It's alright for what it is, but I've heard better songs that fit this genre.
7. Son Lux — Easy - Not terrible, but it's too mellow for my liking.
8. Sophie - Faceshopping - I don't know hoy to feel about this. It sounds like some kind of alien music. It's just way too odd and I can't feel a single beat in my system while listening to this song at all

HAYATO ASANO - SPRING WIND SKYLARK: It has a positive, serene vibe thanks to its vigorous rhythm, its beautiful melodies and the different instruments we can hear there.

CASIOPEA - ECCENTRIC GAMES: This song has also a positive vibe and its melodies and rhythm are really exciting.
Hmm, Casiopea... I remember there is a turtle called Cassiopeia (Casiopea in Spanish) in a book called Momo.

Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite: It can create an interesting, groovy atmosphere.
Lars Danielsson – Passacaglia: Jazzy, groovy, elegant.
Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo
The Animalhouse - Small

Woah, this is starting to get harder, haha!

Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia
Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite

The Atelier track was pretty good too, but overall too "C major" cheery for me to put it in the top 2.
Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark
Casiopea - Eccentric Games
Casiopea - Eccentric Games (13)
Lars Danielsson - Passacaglia (12)(tiebreaker by Underway)

Hayato Asano - Spring Wind Skylark (12)
The Animalhouse - Small (11)
Rymdlego - Yuki Satellite (5)
Sophie - Faceshopping (2)
Le peuple de l'herbe - Yini Bo (2)
Son Lux — Easy (1)

Preliminary Round: Set D

Inkie - Oblivion
Lucius - Wildewoman [alt link]
msx - time tripping
Masashi Hamauzu - Soaring Wings
Sacha Collisson - Symphony Number Vibe
György Ligeti and The King's Singers - The Alphabet
Luis Miguel - Ahora te puedes marchar
Jun Chikuma and Hirohiko Fukuda - Stage 5, Electro


I guess people took that competitiveness remark as a challenge, because we already had our first tie! #smrpg{gasp} Since I need a specific amount of songs by the end of the preliminary round, I'm going to have someone break any ties rather than let all songs pull through. (And you can't say I'm rigging it because if I was, I would've had Small go through.)