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Super Mario World: Prototype Edition
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Hello everyone! Professor Parabeetle here, (currently a bit new to forums). I am here to let you all know about a recent gem I found, Super Mario World Prototype Edition. This is a hack that takes the giga-leak sprites/assets and applies them to the current Super Mario World. Things like flat-face Mario are back, as well as newly edited levels that attempt to recreate beta screenshots.

The original creator of this hack is not me but by Jonathan Retrogamer, a very obscure but great hack creator. Please, check this out if you can as it is a very great hack. I have left the download link below.

SMW Proto Edition 1.5 Patch:

-The Original Patch on the Channel is in ROM format and this thread is here to spread it in an efficient, and legal way. Do not get mad at the creator, as it was unintended by the creator to spread them like this.
-This is version 1.5. You can find the original in my File Bin as a ZIP file.
-There a a few bugs and changes, I have made a list below.

-Some enemies change palettes in certain levels, such as Big Boo. This is most likely to stay as it is not too much of a problem and is more of a cosmetic change
-Luigi is not in his beta form yet but 2 player works as intended
-On the title screen, don't wait too long, as there is a bug that Mario will die to a Koopa Troopa and you will be stuck playing the Demo Stage. Reset your way out if this happens.
-The Orcas Replace the horizontal Dolphins in Vanilla Secret 3 but not the vertical ones. This is because they never had vertical graphics so for now it's the dolphin's job to give you the head bump.
-In Yoshi's Island 2, there are a few bugs:
-There is a Piranha plant ready to troll someone behind one of
the bushes. This is unintended and is a tiling error.
-If you jump of a Koopa Troopa correctly, you can see the top
of the trees, similiar to the glitch in Forest of Illusion.
It's quite the challenge to do.

-Forest of Illusion's Levels have a brand new tileset
-Multiple Special World Stages have been reverted to more closely resemble the original stages
-Title Screen and Yoshi's Island 1 background have been zapped by Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Giga-leak-inator.
-Soda Lake has been fixed to feature the Torpedo Ted Boxes again.
-Rocks are no longer blue on the map :(

-Giga-leak enemy graphics
-Giga-leak item graphics
-New stage arrangements
-New tilesets
and most importantly...

Anyways, make sure to check it out and thanks for reading my 5th grade biology essay.
Looks good!
you're gonna add more things? like, the Beta Cape Feather or Tanooki?
Version 3.0!

Hey all, I'm back. The original creator released 2 updates recently, and this one includes version 3.0 (or update 3, according to the video titles.) I have included the download, and the notable change list. Make sure to check it out!

-Morton and Roy now shoot fireballs. I am not sure where the creator got this patch from but it was most likely made by someone else, as it is identical to another patch of the same topic I saw in the Super Mario World Beta Hack Overhaul Thread. Credit goes to the one who made it, if this is the case.
-Reznor, our best boy, now has prototype fireballs.
-Multiple levels have had changed tile sets and backgrounds. For example, Yoshi's island 3 now has yellow "grass" instead of brown "grass".
-Star World and Special World are "100%" fixed/reverted.
-2 player has sadly been removed however Luigi has been retextured to be flat-faced again. (This patch was most likely by the user Yoshi Master as the title screen in some videos on YouTube starts out with Yoshi Master's name in place of Nintendo's.)
-I got tired of re-adding lakitu and the blue bird so they probably won't be in any further versions.
-Flip Blocks act the same but now have brick textures. This means when they flip the brick blocks look like brick panels. Again, these were probably taken from someone else most likely so credit goes to them if this is the case.
-Multiple Bug Fixes
-Some enemy palettes/graphics are corrected.
-Torpedo Ted is no longer in a pipe and now lives in a generator.

-There is a tiling error in Yoshi's Island 4 with the Mushroom platforms and this may be the case in other levels. I will try to fix this and update this message.
-Seaming Backgrounds on levels like Vanilla Secret 1

-My back hurts I've been using Lunar Magic too much

-3.0 Patch:
This feels like a whole new game, but with exactly the same levels.

Originally posted by DavidAshta
you're gonna add more things? like, the Beta Cape Feather or Tanooki?

Currently I got in touch with the creator and he's going to add the Tanooki Leaf in replacement to the cape feather.
i've finished the 1.5 version, now i'll play everything again on this 3.0, looking forward to more things about this BETA Mod, i really appreciate it, would be amazing if someone could do a mod with the BETA Maps too which is avaliable on Gigaleak

Very low quality preview for the Tanooki Leaf on Jonathanā€™s Channel. Sorry for potato quality!
looks amazing
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