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MAP16 Question!

Hey everyone. I'm new here, so hopefully this is the right place to post! I am having a problem of my own design (literally) - I made a custom palette and mapping for my overworld, as well as some of my levels. The problem I'm running into, however, is that the file "ExGFX83.bin" is related to BOTH mappings and palettes - meaning that only one works at a time. If I replace the "ExGFX83.bin" with the one I want at the moment in the "ExGraphics" folder and import, it works on that particular one, while completely wrecking and pixelating the other with a separate "ExGFX83.bin" file. Any recommendations on a workaround? Thanks so much! :)
Welcome to SMWCentral! I think this is the appropriate place to ask this question.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by ExGFX83 being related to both mappings and palettes, but I think you may mean that certain tiles are using colors that work for one level, but not for another. If this is indeed your problem, you can rename your different copy of ExGFX83 to any other unused number, say ExGFX84, then use that one in your alternate spot.

Let me know if this isn't quite your issue, and feel free to follow up with some screenshots of what you're trying to do. #w{=)}
Thanks for the response! :) You are understanding correctly - the MAP16 file related to files both utilize tiles and palettes that are completely different. I renamed one of them to an unused number (ExGFX95), but that did not correct the problem. Perhaps I need to somehow edit the coding for the MAP16 or overworld mapping? I received this error when I imported the graphics: "ExGFX structure 08e: structure too large" and "recompression of structure failed". I guess I'm rustier than I thought, hah!
Can you please post either the files or pictures of the files, and talk about where you're trying to use them? If you're trying to use one on the Overworld and another in a level, the actual filesizes may need to be different.
I figured it out! Appreciate you taking the time to listen to me ramble, hah!