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Two factor authentication is the worst thing ever...

Do you think that Two-factor authentication is the worst thing ever?
Despite being useful, it can be troublesome when you have a phone.
You know, most social network like twitter uses Two factor authentication for safety purposes.
Am i the only one that have that issue?
Any sort of account that holds assets should be protected by 2FA at a minimum. This includes banks, investments, credit, etc. If the only reason you don't like 2FA is for the inconvenience, just consider how inconvenient it would be to have to file a fraud claim or dispute credit issues that were caused by poor security practices. Even if you don't have a phone to receive 2FA codes, it's not that difficult to get an email and type it in. In my opinion, we should be looking for even tighter security measures given how vulnerable our information can be and the damage its misuse can cause.
2FA is very important. The only reason I don't use it everywhere yet is because I'm not a phone guy. I don't carry my phone everywhere with me, I'm not good at using my phone, and I don't have internet on my phone at most times. This makes using 2FA really tough for me. However, it's definitely a necessity, because stealing an account without 2FA turns out to be shockingly easy.
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There was a time that I absolutely hated 2FA. It always felt like more of an obstacle than a help. Especially for things like Steam where I'm logging in and out everyday. But it wasn't until my account was hacked that I started to take security measures a little more seriously, and these days whenever I have the option to enable 2FA, I try to.
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Two-factor authentication is pretty good ONLY IF you use an app such as Authy or Google Authenticator or anything else of the sort, though Steam Guard does 2FA by itself for example and it works well. 2FA through SMS is often not as secure as people make it out to be, though I guess better than just using a normal password.

In reality, 2FA is only really needed for your core accounts, such as your e-mail or any other website where you purchase things from. The rest can simply just rely on that e-mail that has 2FA enabled, and then the 2FA for your e-mail "carries" over to the other websites (as long as they have their own account system properly configured to handle that).

It can be annoying but this is just the future we live in. Account security is important. I also think that some sort of backup code is always necessary (phones can break at any moment), and websites that offer 2FA with no backup get a huge yikes from me.
I hate when companies roll out their own 2FA instead of using TOTP that can be used in any app, whether it be on smartphones or PCs. Watching this video confirmed my suspicions that it's yet another way to track users.