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Wolfs Multipurpose Tileset by Wolfguy423

File Name: Wolfs Multipurpose Tileset
Submitted: by Wolfguy423
Authors: Wolfguy423
Type: Original
Purpose: Foreground
Slots Used: FG3
Palette Rows Used: 2
Description: I made this for my upcoming hack and figured I'd share it :)

this is my very first tile-set so if there's anything i can improve upon just let me know!

Uses the FG3 slot and Palette Row 2.

Hope you Enjoy and Happy Rom-hacking!

Give credit if used please.
Tags: grassland
Sorry, but I'll have to reject this graphic, this are the reasons.

Breaks some of the guidelines

Originally posted by "General Guidelines"

3. The sample level must not use ExGFX files that aren't present in your submission.

Your level asks for the ExGFX99, But I don't think your sample level needs the SP2 graphic if it is a FG. Please check that your level only ask for the required graphics.

Originally posted by "General Guidelines"

8. Please use the palette space wisely. Do not overwrite colors unused by your submission itself.

Your graphic uses row 2 for its palette, but it also uses 0,1,3,4... for nothing else, why? Please, only add the required palettes, not anything else.


Your graphic needs a lot of improvement to be accepted on the site. You need to improve on the details, like the dirt (it looks too simple), the shading (the dirt could use a little of it), etc.


For the most part, the map16 is fine, it could do a little better, but the part that need more optimization is the .bin itself, there is not a lot of graphic in there, but it definitely, it could be optimized a little more

Other Stuff

Try adding more decorations to your graphics, like bushes, trees, different kinds of rocks, I don't know, something to make your graphic look more alive, experiment a little. In this state your graphics looks too simple and empty. If you need some ideas, check other grasslands graphics, search some images, ask for feedback, anything that could help you improve!

The Graphic forum or Discord are good for help too.
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.