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Powerup expansion kit


This is a work in progress project!

Powerup Expansion Kit
Makes possible to expand the maximum amount of powerup states.

Check the issues page to know what's missing from the project.

Misc info
  • Powerup and GFX insertion determined by list files
  • No bloat/powerups included other than the default powerups
  • No dynamic powerup items and projectiles (this sucked so much omg)
  • List parsing powered by asar (no external programs needed = no need to support too many things at once)
  • Easy to understand folder structure, everything customizable is contained in two folders
  • Automatic handling of pointers, data insertion, freespace management and other stuff
  • Literally better than the horrible mess that the Custom Powerup patch was

I have zero intentions of providing support to people who are 100% clueless about programming for the SNES, this project is made to fulfill my own purposes and I'd like to keep it that way. However, I will provide assistance to those who want to study the code I made for the project regardless of their intention. I also don't really care if you borrow code, hijacks, ideas or whatever from this repo, it's public after all. File organization and other things are subject to change.

  • Asar 1.81 (idk if I'm using features from it, might as well force people to update their Asar)
  • DSS v2.00 (might not be very needed, but this is my project and I need it :D)
  • PIXI v1.40 (whenever it comes out, also I don't even know if I use some of the new features lol)

I may not keep updating this post, but I'll try to answer as many replies as possible (if there are any lol)
It's finally done.... after almost a year since this post was made, it's completed.

Of course I'm only talking about the rewrite, which consisted on automatization of a lot of things and making the code better.

All that's left is porting a few powerups from the old patch to this one so I can test how easy is to develop things for this kit... and creating docs for its usage, which honestly has very low priority. Writing docs is painful.
Holy hell, it's happening

The definitive replacement of the Custom Power Up thing, now easy and dynamic.

You once again conquer.

Have a frost day~
I hope they will release in a future to test it out
My released ROM hack: Yoshi Saves Summer Vacation