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Announcing SMW Central HackJam!

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What is HackJam, the mysterious event whose existence at the tail end of the event calendar has tantalized many since the very start of the year (and the PR team for even longer)? Well, worry no longer. The SMWCentral HackJam will be underway in just one week--on October 23rd at 12:00 PM EST--and it's rather different compared to traditional level design contests!

HackJam shakes up the format quite a bit, so to get everyone prepared for it, we're pre-announcing some of the biggest differences you can expect with this event:

  • Teams of 2-5 people are REQUIRED. That is to say, solo entries and entries by groups of 6+ people are not allowed. To help potential entrants group up, we will provide a Discord channel and a thread in this forum for grouping shortly after this announcement is posted. Using the channel/thread we provide is not required; you can form teams however you'd like, publicly or privately. A person cannot be on multiple teams.
  • Teams are not restricted in making just a single level, and we heavily recommend entries be longer than that! Maximum suggested length of two hours. Submissions are still one patch, so spice up your level transitions! All parts of an entry will be considered.
  • Entries can be standard or kaizo. Each team can only submit one entry--standard or kaizo--and difficulty is declared in the submission post. Standard and kaizo entries are played by separate judges.
  • Kaizo entries must be Kaizo: Light.
  • Teams will NOT be anonymous. Neither will judges. Due to the required team nature of this event, and the steps we're taking to facilitate creation of groups, it's nigh impossible to enforce anonymity.

And here are your judges:

1)  Amethyst
2)  K.T.B.
3) JamesD28 (JamesD28)

1)  GlitchCat7
2) katun24
3) lungfish3000 (not on the site)

Details are always subject to change between now and the start of the event.

We still have a week to make sure everything is set up, so if you have any ideas or feedback for the PR Team after seeing this new format, let us know in this thread so we can be sure to see it as we put the final touches on the event.

HackJam begins on October 23rd at 12:00 PM EST! You can use this thread to discuss the event, as well as #hackjam-discussion on our Discord server.
is that 2 hours to beat deathless or 2 hours overall?
Originally posted by Valentine
is that 2 hours to beat deathless or 2 hours overall?

Two hours overall. This is a consideration made with respect for the judges' time, so the two hours is meant to encompass a judge's single first playthrough. Any additional playthroughs, including any deathless runs, are decided by the judges on their own.

Keep in mind that this is a guideline and not a hard rule; if a judge takes longer than two hours, you're not going to instantly be disqualified.
I cannot participate this time but I'll be glad reviewing some entries, see what the community comes with.
I'm an awkward mofo so joining a team might be difficult for me. But this seems like an interesting little thing.

But I definitely would like to participate if I could!

I need to try to be more active on Discord. Can we start discussing teaming up in the available Discord room now?
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Originally posted by VinylHeart
Can we start discussing teaming up in the available Discord room now?

Yes, otherwise #hackjam-team-formation wouldn't be a thing in the first place :P
How gorgeous, this looks like a fun event to join! But unfortunately, I couldn't join the SMWC Discord server (because I got banned for something...?) right now, but I can't wait to see how many people working together as teams.

Can't wait to see some projects soon!
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i thought you said judges wont be anonymous??? can you please define the custom sprite listed as the third standard judge? thanks
The third judge is JamesD28, which you can see by hovering over the name. The user links (idk what their official name is) are just pulling from the holiday names but will link to the actual user.
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