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HackJam Team-Building Thread

Hello and welcome to our very first HackJam! We have created this thread to help users form teams before and during HackJam. Please note that it's not mandatory to use this thread to form teams, and that this isn't a sign-up thread (as in you don't have to post here if you already have a team).

Some team-building guidelines/etiquette:
  • Try to have good synergy in your team. If you're good on level design and graphics but need help with music, look for a music partner!
  • On the other hand, don't be too picky when building a team. This isn't a ranked contest, so use this as a chance to connect with other users!
  • Make sure your teammates or those interested can easily connect with you! This is supposed to be a cooperative event, so make sure you all have a place to chat and share resources.
  • Remember, you only need two people on a team to submit your entry, so don't spend the whole event looking for partners!
  • No one is required to join your team. If someone says they're not interested, leave them alone! If you harass other users to join your team, you may receive a punishment as per site rules regarding harassment.

Don't forget, you can also connect with users on our Discord server in our new #hackjam-team-formation. And always, be nice and have fun!!
I am pretty standard at graphics, palettes, and levels, yet I'm pretty decent at Overworlds. If you need someone like me on your team, feel free to add me.

UPDATE: I am now teamed with Zavok and Green Jerry. If anyone else would like to join us, let us know. We could use someone who's good at music and/or ASM.
Works in progress (No proper forum... yet)
I am more of a graphics and level guy. Discord is Lightning#0439. Feel free to PM me if you want to invite me.
Hey! :D Looking for a team to collaborate with, in the jam! I'm most familiar with level design, kaizo specifically, but pretty decent with pallets too.

Just shoot me a dm on discord if you want to collaborate. (detdu#5079) I'm happy to work with anyone, whether you also are a level designer, like to do graphics, music, etc.

Here's a couple of levels I've made if you're curious what my general style is:
Looking for a creative level designer to work with! I'll take care of the baserom, overworld graphics, and any ASM we're allowed to use. I'm not the best at writing ASM or custom music, but I'm comfortable with taking whatever is available and tweaking it. Kinda going off the assumption all bets are off, so if you want something complex to work with (Custom powerups for example) hit me up! I'll even set up .json files so you can view custom sprites in lunar magic. I'm comfortable with either standard or kaizo.

If you're curious about what kinds of things I'm capable of, see Cool Zone / Lil Mallow World, or this WIP hack I'm developing currently.
I'm looking for people with ASM and music knowledge. Right now, the team is made of me SF - The Dark Warrior, who is abled in graphics and level design, and me, who is abled in ASM and level design. Our plan is to create an overworld-less hack with five levels (including final level) with focus on exploration and not too difficult levels (think of Yoshi's Island).
You can contact me either per site PM or per Discord DM under the discord tag MarioFanGamer#7813.

Before you ask, why we're looking for an ASMer despite the team already featuring one: A second hand doesn't hurt, does it?

Edit: codfish1002 and  icrawfish have joined already.
Hello SMW Central community folks. Here looking for people to do maybe a project in the style of Yoshi's Island. I am looking for anyone who can draw and / or extract graphics, who has knowledge of music and ASM.
I can take care of the overworld and level design (if you also know to make levels you can help me with that but I prefer that you also know to do some of the topics mentioned as "Graphics").
And that's it (I guess). Anyone who wants to join or ask, feel free to PM me.
I am looking forward to getting started on this.#smw{;)}

So far the team is made up of:
1- Julintendo (Levels and Overworld Designer)
2- Rykon (Graphics)
3- TheOrangeToad (Level Designer)
4- Ahrion (Music)
5- (Undefined)
I would like to participate in this if I could. I'd need to stick with level design. So if anyone is looking for a level designer hit me up!

I'll do my best!
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hi! im kek, some of you may know me in the smwc discord server. so far i have a team of me, AntiDuck, and Shining Hero. We are looking for someone that is good in graphics and in overworld design. feel free to DM me @ sad boy#8421 or feel free to DM soul-warrior#9015 (Gloomy Hero) on discord.

btw heres my yt of you need to see my skill level and stuff.
Want to support me? Check out my YouTube Channel:
Why hello there!, I’m looking for someone 2 people 1 who can do both asm and level design, and someone who can just do level design if your interested dm at Picayune#5914
I into level designing so feel free to PM me or DM me on Discord TheOrangeToad#4772 (TheMissingToad#4772 this halloween) if you want me for level-designing.
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This HackJam Seems Interesting. Please anyone explain me what hackjam actually is?.
Greetings, fellow Centralites! Although my SMW hacking skills are in low level, I may have the chance to participate. But if there's someone interested in ASM/Music/Graphics/Level Design/etc., feel free to send me via PM or via DM using the Discord tag kamekku14#2079.

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The Hacking of PuyoPuyo. Come join the fun, friends. 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
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Hello I'm Kitikuchan I have a team of me and This Eye o' Mine (ASM partner)

We are looking for someone who is good at GFX or level design.
Feel free to DM me Kitikuchan/きちくちゃん#1868 on discord if you want to join the team.

I can make music, and levels.
My music is here:

My level for my current project

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
Hi, I'm looking for a team! I have never published any hacks (except for a VLDC entry from last year), though I have a few years of hacking experience. I'm mostly a level guy, though I can also do graphics and some very basic ASM.

Feel free to send me an invite on Discord! (name and tag should show on my profile here)
Hello, My collaboration hack is "Nature Challenge" and Standard category, I like design overworlds with pretty graphics. We want to support levels including Music, and Graphics. If you want to join this team, Please DM Polytrane#8283 as "Add Friend" or send PM here!

Current Teams:
1. Dispace
2. OrangeBronzeDaisy
3. xyz600sp

Sorry for that late..., We have been changed only 40 levels per 7 worlds for this hack but no need more worlds.
*Full worlds list has been scrapped into C3 Winter 2022
C3 Stuff:
Music Request, Graphics, Ports, Mario Kart PC Custom Tracks, Overworld, Mario Kart Tour Fans Club, DT's Music, Clothes and Certificates, MIDI and Coverarts

Tonight.. tonight..

Join Discord server now: DT's SMW Hacking Server

My YouTube Channel: Dispace Troblex

Contact: DT Music and Gaming#8283
Hello. I haven't made a finished hack, but I have been designing levels for fun for over a decade, mostly very hard/kaizo-light style. If you want me join your team, just DM me here.

Originally posted by AmanSah12
This HackJam Seems Interesting. Please anyone explain me what hackjam actually is?.

It looks like a collab fest.
sexy single trying to meet in your area (yoshis island 1!)

ive gotten trophies for participating in many contests
ask me if i give a f*ck...