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HackJam Resource Sharing Thread

This is not a request thread!

Want to share any of your music, graphics, ASM, or other resources with teams? HackJam is intended to be a community event, so even if you aren't on a team, you can still contribute by posting any resources you've made here! Couple of guidelines:

  • I highly recommend showing samples of your work and providing a brief description. (Also definitely provide a readme if you're presenting a complicated resource.)
  • Make sure that any team has access to the resources you're linking. Remember, any external resources you use must be publicly available, or that creator is considered a teammate!
  • If you're a part of a team, and you would like to submit resources you made for your entry to this thread, make you sure you have the permission of your whole team to do so.
  • You are not required to submit these resources to their respective site section, although it is recommended that they follow our guidelines.

Have fun!!! :)
I'm staying on the sidelines for now, so I'll share my resource here. My fork of AddmusicK, AddmusicKFF (with a 1.0.9 release candidate, though I have a bit of an analysis paralysis with regards to going through the entire collection, mostly because I have to do a good deal of scripting just to catch possible edge cases) is present with four different compiled Windows binaries for your convenience (recompiled whenever I update the code):
AMKFF_latest refers to the master branch. AddmusicK1.0.9_latestRC is directly based off of this particular branch, with some updates to the versioning info and a changelog. In particular, they have better compatibility with AMM and AM405 ports than older AddmusicK versions.
AddmusicK1.0.9_latestRCbeta contains a few extra fixes that affect music playback: namely, the order of writing to voice DSP registers on instrument, using rests in the middle of arpeggios (arpeggios themselves received a major fix in the 1.0.9 release candidate), using per-channel transposition on the target note of the $DD VCMD, and last, but not least... looking inside subroutines and loop sections during readahead.
AMKFF_latestbeta is my bleeding-edge branch, and it contains the latest and greatest and then some. In addition to all of the changes from AddmusicK1.0.9_latestRCbeta (other than versioning),

And, of course, this lovely little thread contains a huge list of what I've done so far, as well as other contributions, and there is a Github page containing a copy of the source and all of its changes since 1.0.8 if you either want to make additional changes, or even revert some of them (your mileage may vary).