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Demos that you played that you wish they were completed?

Over the years i played a lot of demos, some with some level of potential, others not so much. I was hoping that after some time they would be completed, but i came to the realization that this probably will never happen (often because the hack's author is inactive for a very long period of time), so, like the title asks, what demo you played that you wish it was completed?

super kitiku mario, also known as brutal mario is a Japanese hack that was pretty cool, and had unique asm and level design. sadly it was never completed, i think the creator just lost interest and decided to move on.
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There were a few older hacks that I wish had been finished. The Tale of Elementia, Bonni's Quest, and Mario's Keytastrophe come to mind.


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For me, it's Mario's Exodus To Death. It has incredible graphics and music. Especially the atmosphere and the horror vibe in each level was great. But unfortunately he never finished it. 
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Quite a few, but Super Legendary Bros sticks out, it's just pure polish from start to finish, hope they go back to it.
Definitely Brutal Mario, also pretty curious on what the final boss of VIP 6 would be if it was finished.
Here are some demos that I liked. I haven't kept up with the SMW hacking scene for years (outside of what JUMP Team makes), so these are pretty old.

Mario's Lost World: This was the first hack I remember that used the Redrawn graphics. I liked the prehistoric theme it was going for, which it pulled off much better than the original game. I've always wanted to see this one finished.

Super Mario TKO: I recall this one having some strange music. This hack gave off some weird vibes, which I liked, and I wanted more of it.

Also, way back on the 2006 version of SMWC, I remember following a thread about a hack with Yoshi's Island graphics. Basically, it looked like YI translated directly to SMW and it looked amazing. I think you controlled a Yoshi and you could flutter? I'm pretty sure it was made by A Yoshi, but I don't remember the name of the hack or if there even ended up being a demo of it.


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Mario's Lost World and Super Mario TKO will always be my top answers.

SMW EX Series by KT with up to dates standards.
I wished Brutal Mario was completed back in the day. I know there's Kitiku Mario with its awesome bosses and all, but I really wanted an independent hack as a full experience.
Another hack that sticks out is Cool or Cruel. I remember the last finished level being Tubular, and it's been on an eternal hiatus ever since.

Also, the obligatory Keytastrophe mention.
Brutal Mario and Tale of Elementia, baby!

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Super Mario World - Blue Flamingo is easily one that I really wished was finished. That hack had such a good aesthetic, and it sucks that it didn't get to reach its fullest potential.


Originally posted by Hooded Edge
Super Mario World - Blue Flamingo is easily one that I really wished was finished. That hack had such a good aesthetic, and it sucks that it didn't get to reach its fullest potential.

i agree, truly truxton_md had a masterpiece on his i'll never know what happens to luigi....... #wario{:'(}#wario{:'(}#wario{:'(}

ALSO not sure if this counts (because it was never released lol) but I still wish that worldpeace had finished his SMW Loop2 project. This was one of the hacks I was most excited for back in the day, even now the design is still insanely impressive and inventive.
Super Endoplasm World was an interesting one. Would have been cool as a full game

I would've loved to see Sunny Side World get finished