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Mr. Witchy's Trick or Treat! - Discord Event

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Hey-hey! Remember me? Well, I've been popping up around SMW Central here and there the last few days, and I felt it's time to bring some "Halloween fun" to this place! I hereby present...

Mr. Witchy's Trick or Treat!

Yep, you read that right! Mr. Witchy! I've gone and got all dressed up for Halloween. Spooky, huh?

So, what is this "Trick or Treat" all about? Let me tell you! I've made a game. A highly addictive game you're going to love. If candy and slots are right up your street, then this is the game for you!

Have I sold it to you? Great!

Mr. Witchy's Trick or Treat is a slots game you can find over on our Discord server. And the currency you'll be gambling in is 🍬Candy. You'll find two new channels in the Events category over on the server. They are:

#trick-or-treat - this is where the fun happens, and you can play the game! Little bit more on that below.
#trick-or-treat-chat - this is where you can gossip about the game, your winnings, and hang out with your fellow Trick or Treat gamer friends. This way, all the exciting chat doesn't spill over into the more serious channels, such as #general or #world-of-insanity.

Remember, as it's a Discord-only event, you'll need to be a part of our Discord server! Now, that's all fine and dandy if you're aged 13 or over. But, if you're under 13, then I'm afraid you're going to have to sit this one out, because as per Discord's Terms of Service, you have to be aged 13 or over to be a Discord user. Sorry, but those are the rules!

How to Play

To enrol to play the Trick or Treat game, you'll need to send my Discord account a DM simply saying Play!. You'll see me fairly close to the top of the user list, in a fetching shade of yellow. Alternatively, you can also write Play! in #trick-or-treat-chat (in fact, all the commands I'll talk about here work in DMs and #trick-or-treat-chat). Once you've enrolled, I'll give you 🍬100 to get started with.

Games happen approximately every 2-3 minutes in #trick-or-treat, and you all play together! To join in a game and gamble some 🍬Candy, send a message saying Play! [Number] (eg, Play! 50) in. The channel will tell you when it's open for bets - it's very simple! All this happens in #trick-or-treat.

Now, there are a few different symbols in my slots. Different matches will yield different winning results, which I'll call "multipliers" as you'll win back your bet multiplied by this number. Simple mathematics. Here we go:

= 2x multiplier
= 3x multiplier
= 6x multiplier

= 4x multiplier
= 5x multiplier
= 7x multiplier

= -0.5x multiplier (you lose your bet, and half as much again!)

= Any other symbol

If you ever want to know your current 🍬Candy amount, you can use the Candy! command. There's also a leaderboard too! Now, I've anticipated a lot of you will want to play this game, so a full leaderboard isn't really possible (it would be huge)! However, the Leaderboard! command will display the top 20 players, and your position on the overall leaderboard.

If you run into some bad luck, and lose all your 🍬Candy - fear not! I'll take a look around and see if I can find any for you. This usually takes a couple of hours for me to find some spare 🍬Candy, so be careful!

The game will run for 72 hours, from now!

Oh, and watch out for Frenzy Mode, too! Things can get a little exciting there...

All this information is on the Discord server as well. If you get stuck, you can ask one of those Public Relations Team people (I hear Tahixham knows a lot about my game, somehow...) Don't ask me, I won't reply as I'm too busy running the slot machine!

Have fun! ~
Hey-hey! Boo! That sure was a fun weekend, huh?

Well, after a whole 2079 games, it's time to see who come out on top!

1st: @stev: 🍬1050000
2nd: @Gate: 🍬1000000
3rd: @Tahixham: 🍬798719
4th: @bebn legg: 🍬781099
5th: @Magikey: 🍬90420
6th: @Sophia: 🍬76295
7th: @underway: 🍬12345
8th: @RPG Hacker: 🍬9001
9th: @CrypticTheCrypt: 🍬6666
10th: @TickTockClock: 🍬5000
11th: @JamesD28: 🍬4800
12th: @Dark Prince: 🍬4419
13th: @DeppySlide: 🍬4380
14th: @NopeContest: 🍬3372
15th: @Soonz: 🍬3297
16th: @Acko333: 🍬2957
17th: @gbreeze: 🍬2759
18th: @FrozenQuills: 🍬2219
19th: @solgaleo35: 🍬2218
20th: @totorin: 🍬1982

Those were our top 20 players, who finished with huge amounts of candy! Our top 20 all receive a special, shiny, absolutely gorgeous...

... Rainbow Mr. Witchy Trophy!

But fear not, if you didn't reach the top 20, you still receive a...

... Plain Yellow Mr. Witchy Trophy!

And the best part is, they say your finishing placement and how much candy you finished with! Even if you were bankrupt at the end, fear not. You still get a trophy!

Now, let's talk about some funny things.

Did you know? A total of 6045 bets were made.

Did you know? The user who played the most games, 420 games in fact, was Soonstar.

Did you know? The user who went bankrupt the most times was Koopster, going bankrupt a whole 22 times (you silly goose!)

Did you know? Between you all, you bet a massive 🍬4914074. Huge.

Now, I'd also like to talk about your attitude towards me, which has left me a tiny bit upset. I received a ton of abuse from some users when they went bankrupt. Which, if I were not a nice guy, I'd consider not giving these users a trophy. However, I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to name and shame a few of you...

I've removed the naughty words - they upset me. Don't look if you're sensitive.

And that's that!

Thank you for having me again, SMW Central. I may pop up again, or maybe not. Who knows. Glad you had fun.

Look, I better get outta here... I feel like my gambling antics may cause some trouble with the law enforcement...
At least I haven't gone bankrupt any time #wario{$_$}

That was fun! Congrats, gamblers.
We hate Mr. Switchy!!! Let's get this guy!!!!!!

hehe im both in the collapse box of shame and the top 20
gotta say, gg's to everyone (except stev, eat the rich)
it was fun, i made lotsa money after 2 bankrupts in the last day and somehow won a war against segment as well

uh that's i guess
Noooo! Sorry for being mean, Mr. Witchy! I love you, man! 😭❤️

That's one pretty, shiny rainbow trophy. I don't deserve something this nice, but I'm very thankful!

This were a fun couple of days. SMWC managed to, once again, gift me with a sweet gambling addiction. I'm pretty impressed by how well everything worked within Discord. Seeing those three wheels spin always made the dopamine in my brain go brrr.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
So long and thanks for all the debt candy #smrpg{mlem}
Too bad, I didn't participate this event
(because I got banned from the Discord server?)
, but congratulations to all who got a bunch of candies during Halloween!
(Wait—was this event endorsed by Lemres himself? LUL)

Can't wait to see more Discord events soon. Keep up, Mr. Switchy!
I'm officially now on BlueSky! Follow me at for updates! 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
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