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Luigi's Misadventures 4: Galactic Kids Next Door (BETA TESTING) (100% Completed)

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Don't do LP my SMW hack neither submit my stuff until they're released.
So, I don't have much feedback to give this time. There's a lot of levels for sure, but for the most part, I didn't encounter any bugs, issues, softlocks in general. Most of the levels have a fun gimmick and idea. Your thematic is kinda interesting and a brave move, since making a hack that long focused in space isn't something easy to pull off. Very unusual hack and I'm curious to see where it will go. With that said, I have some feedback to give about some minor stuff.

Expanded Levels (mostly the space road levels): They have a bit of slowdown. I know you have made a lot of progress, but since most of your levels are horizontal expanded and / or have tons of sprites, I suggest you to move your project to SA-1, where you will have a lot more of power and less limitations to use whatever sprites your heart desires. You will need probably to convert some resources, but I heard it isn't so hard and few resources nowadays are incompatible with SA-1. I've made some levels with SA-1 Maxtile and I can confirm, it gives amazing freedom with level design, allows way more stuff in screen and no slowdown, which is great. For now, this is the elephant in the room.

For example, issues like this probably would disappear. I mean the tiles disappearing from one of the sharks in the screenshot. This particular water level has a small bit of slowdown, by the way.

Naming of some levels: For the most part, the level names are fine, but two exampls caught my attention.

Star Road is not a bad name, but it reminds me of vanilla star warps. I would suggest you to tweak this name to something else.

While other planets have a name like "Planet X", this particular one is called Funnylol Planet. I would suggest to keep the name of planets a consistent format. Either you say "Planet Y" or "Y Planet". It's just for the sake of consistency.

Now for one particular thing I didn't enjoy that much.

This enemy:

I think this enemy is way too nasty. It falls way too fast and can lead to unfair situations where the player can do nothing, but accept death. You can fix it by letting the player escape by wiggling out. I get what you're trying to do, but in my opinion, feels cheap to take longer for the enemy to disappear. Or make the fall slightly slower, so it's a tiny bit easier to react. So yeah, aside from that, I'm okay with most of the level design.

And that's it for now.

There are some levels and bosses under progress.
Feel free to report any issues.
Well, about the playtesting feedback this time, I don't have much to comment about level design, but I want to talk about quality of life patches and grammar mistakes. But before I do that, I'll say some things I really liked. This hack is sure getting tougher.


Evil Brain Boss

This boss is very clever. I enjoyed it a lot, but, you need to make it a bit faster. As it is now, it's a very easy boss. I love the concept, though, so I incentivize you to make it a bit harder, since it's boss of the world 4.


Killing snails with salt was very funny and clever.

Now for the grammar stuff.


It should be "This place belongs to the Galactic Kids Next Door".

Here it should be "Do you refuse to leave?"
If someone refuses, they refuse TO DO something.

It should be "I'm an agent from the Galactic Kids Next Door".

I'm not sure what you're implying here. My suggestion is to rephrase it to "By the way, the five determination disks don't work against me".

Sector Z is singular, not plural, so it should be "out of their misery".

It should be "Do you remember that Kuroro took away the Delighful Children's Essence?

Their pure essence were converted in this evil core."


Instead of "have", it should be "has".

It should be "Are you able to do it like a ninja?"

Also it should be "icy", instead of "ice", since the wall has ice on it.

And finally, two things that need improvement.


Apply the walljump / note block fix patch

I died here because I acidentally wallclipped through the wall. Be sure to apply this patch, since you can avoid unfair deaths like that. Avoiding clippings through walls and note blocks will make sure you keep the challenge of your hack, while avoiding the player from dying in unfair situations.

This specific boss

I've fought it like four times in the demo. Encountering this miniboss once is fine, but you repeated him like three more times with little variation. I suggest you add other minibosses so it doesn't end like "oh wow this boss again".

And that's it for now. Looking forward for the next demo.
Today is my birthday!

World 7 is almost finished.
This update isn't too big, but i hope to enjoy testing it.

Edit: Link change
Very solid demo, overall. Difficulty is getting very high from world 6 onwards. Some great ideias like Kuroro platforms. It has been a very wild ride for sure. Nothing else much to say in regards of level design, only one weird stance. Now let's get for the grammar stuff.


"Numbuh Vine escaped, but Luigi knows that he will fight her..."

Instead of "fight her", it should be "fight her again", since Luigi already fought once against Numbuh Vine.

"You proved stronger than me"

The correct is "You proved to be stronger than me", since if you proof something, you have to proof it to someone.

"He will fight him somehow..."

It should be "He will fight him again somehow...". Since this is not the first time the player faces Kuroro.

Instead of "will", "wants to" would be more appropriate in this context. Since it's not guaranteed that Luigi will stop the galactic menace.

The first sentence should end with "?!", so it sounds dramatic and sounds like a question at the same time.

"Their pure essence were" is incorrect, it should be "Their pure essence was", since essence is one thing, not multiple things. Essence is a singular word.

"He will fight her somehow" should be "He will fight her again somehow". Because Luigi already fought with her at least once.

You can remove the "you" before "tell" because it's redundant. "Don't tell me you fought" sounds more natural than "Don't you tell me you fought".

Empty bonus room in TRI-FLAME SPACE

Did you forget to put something in this bonus room? This bonus room is found in the area that becomes accessible after collecting four dragon coins.

And that's it for today. Overall, very fun hack, I'm curious to see where it will end.

My SMW hack is almost complete
Few levels left to be completed

Very solid demo so far. I don't have much to say this time, except that I found some really concerning issues in some levels and more grammar typos. The hack sure is getting even tougher. Anyway...

Grammar issues

"Luigi knows that he will fight her again..." is what you mean. You only need to add the word "again" to the end of sentence.

Instead of "doesn't", it should be "don't", since the subject, the five determination disks , is in the plural form.

Instead of "Can you able to do like a ninja?", try "Can you do it like a ninja?". Sounds more natural and confident.

Level design related stuff


I'm really confused why there's a lot of pick a door sections. The final one is notorious because it makes you skip one room by choosing the second door. Also, the background looks a bit weird without the HDMA. I recommend you update the background with this one that includes the HDMA.


I would recommend that you use a more appropriate door than a normal one, because the next part of the stage the player fights a boss.


I suggest changing the shade of blue of the skewers / crushing pillars to a more appropriate color. Since it's a HOT place, a shade of orange or yellow could make it look better in this environment.


This very specific platform despawned because I moved too fast. A suggestion of mine is to either adjust the sprite placement or quantity. This despawn shouldn't be happening, since it hinders the ability from the player to progress.


This saw despawns when I reach this area too fast. This despawn is detrimental because hinders the player progress. I suggest to find a way to fix that like the issue above.


Check your pipes properly. Some of them have exit-enabled but leads to level 0. Also, some of them lead to the second half of the level, which should be obtainable only by hitting certain blocks, which are the gimmick of this stage.

Also, the player can fly over the level very easily. I recommend finding a way to stop that, since it can skip almost everything.

Now for something I enjoyed seeing in this new version...

Rouxl Kaard boss. Very creative fight, could be a bit harder, but anyway., I hope you give him justice and do some proper pre-fight cutscenes for this guy.

And I guess that's it. Looking forward to the final version.
Hello Roberto I just started testing your new masterpiece with the latest rom.

Well, in PLANET TAIYANG-FX I can shoot the heat meter in order to survive... Weird isn't it?

No more bugs yet, but I am ready to test the full version for sure!
7 years using I think that's not enough.


3 levels left to complete this SMW hack.

-Two bosses added (World 6 and 7)
-7 levels added (plus a hub with 2 minigames with normal exit)
-Few minor edits

Finished playing the latest demo, so far, the new levels are quite good and you did fix most of the mentioned issues, looking forward for the final release. The bosses were quite fun and the lore was very entertaining. The minigames in the HUB area where quite an interesting way to farm lives and the HUB area itself is fine. Curious to see how it will look in the final version. I'm really glad you fixed almost all of the issues I mentioned before.

With that said, there still stuff that needs to be fixed.


I mentioned it before and you didn't fix it. It should say: "Numbuh Vine escaped, but Luigi knows that he will fight her again..."

I suggest you rewriting some parts. For example, "It's me, Merla!" sounds more natural and convincing than "It's Merla!".

For the last paragraph, it should be "You have made this far traveling through space and trying to stop my schemes!"

A small typo in the first line of dialogue in this cuscene. In this case instead of "on", it should be "in".

For the next part, it should be "The Galactic Kids Next Door need me for their ultimate plan".

In this case, it should be "Did you think that you won?"

"Numbuh 1 left the area" sounds more appropriate.

Instead of "Luigi need", it should be "Luigi needs", because Luigi is a third person subject (he).

This time, I have found very few grammar issues, so, great job. Now I will talk about something really serious related to level design.


The spinies and goombas generated by NUMBUH VINE are immune to fireballs

For some weird reason, the enemies can't be taken out when the player is using fireballs.


For some weird reason, the conveyor belt blocks aren't working in any level that have them. In the first and third screenshots, it makes the levels easier, because there's no pushing. In the level Kammy in the City, the player is forced to take damage. Please fix and check all the levels that use conveyor belts, these issues hinder the level design by making it easier or some sections more unfair than they should be. It's a really glaring oversight that should be fixed as soon as possible.


For some weird reason, these piranha plants aren't using the scissors sprite robot graphics. They usually use these graphics when are found in space / base levels, so it should be easy to fix.


The top tiles of the background are glitched. Make sure to fix them.


This pipe leads for the secret exit, when it shouldn't. Make sure to fix it.

This pipe leads to level 0.

Make sure to check ALL OF YOUR PIPES in this level.

Also, the player can still fly over the level, skipping huge portions of level design. Either you put those "no cape allowed" signs or block the ceiling.

And...that's it. These were the issues that I found. Hopefully, all of them are very easy to fix. Looking forward for the final hack.
98% Completed

G-Drive link

The levels are completed, but only two bosses left.
With this, Luigi's Misadventures will be fully completed.
Originally posted by Roberto zampari
98% Completed

G-Drive link

The levels are completed, but only two bosses left.
With this, Luigi's Misadventures will be fully completed.

Does That mean its The Last Story Hack of The Missadventures Then Congratulations on nearly Complete this Huge Story :D
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

Getting close to the end... I guess two bosses left - I mean Waluigi (Lapan-8 Castle) and PewDiePie (Curious Insanity).

Oh, and I thought about something in the dialogues while I was fighting Numbuh 1 - "to use Secret Trump Card" means "to transform into an ultimate trueform".

And I remembered all three phases of final battle with Numbuh 1:
- standard form, but accompanied by Diagonal Podoboo
- Derik data form
- Ultimate Legion trueform

And about the testing, I'm still waiting whether the missing bosses are complete or not.
7 years using I think that's not enough.

(Click here)

However, don't do LP yet until this SMW hack is released in the SMW Hacks section.
I might release it in C3 Summer 2022 or earlier.
I have really enjoyed all the lore bits so far. The new two bosses are very fun to fight against. And it's really nice that Rouxl Kaard got some fun dialogues, as well. Overall, a very fun adventure, albeit with some tough and tricky enemies on later levels, which is a very fine experience. With that said, I have some problems with it that should be addressed.

GRAMMAR STUFF (and some lore stuff)


I think you made a mistake. The Kindness disk is used TWO times in the story, even though the friendship disk is never used in the adventure at all. I recommend changing one of these to "Friendship Disk", so your lore doesn't contradict itself, since you said that Luigi only has one chance to use each one of the disks.


It should be "await" instead of "awaits".

It should be "Prepare" instead of "Prpare"

It should be "tricks up my sleeve" instead of "tricks in my sleeve".

It should be "when we meet again", instead of "when we will meet again"

It should be "what's funnier" instead of "more funnier".

Also, I suggest changing "This place will be your grave" to "This place shall be your grave". It sounds more natural that way.

It should be "I was waiting", instead of "I'm waiting". Since Numbuh One was already expecting Luigi's arrival.

It should be "travelling" instead of "traveling". Consonant, vowel, consonant rule.

It should be "sacrificial" instead of "sacrifical".

How are you is a question, so you should replace the "!" with a "?".

It should be"I obtained Derik's power" instead of "I obtained the Derik's power".

It should be "I transformed into Derik", instead of "I was transformed into Derik".

It should be "It seems that Derik's power" instead of "It seems that the Derik's power".

It would sound better if you wrote "I have no choice, but to become a vessel to this new body", instead of "I have no choice, but to become a vessel to that body".

It should be "to seal Derik's power" instead of "to seal the Derik's power".

It should be "he will", instead of "he would".

It should be "you had fun", instead of "you have fun".

It should be "travelled" instead of "traveled", for the same reason I mentioned above about the consonant, vowel, consonant rule.

Instead of "for retrieve", it should be "to retrieve"

It should be "Luigi only has", instead of "Luigi only have".

Once again, it should be "travelling" instead of "traveling".

This second paragraph could be written like "The Delightful Children were originally the Sector Z from Kids Next Door before becoming evil because of Father's influence". It sounds more natural.

It should be "travelling" instead of "traveling".



This pipe leads to the level 00, make sure to use the correct pipe type. Oversights like that can make the player lose progress.


While the Yellow and Green Switch doors work as intended, the same can't be said about the red and blue ones. Completing the red switch doesn't unlock ANY door at all, while completing the blue one unlocks both the red and blue switch doors. Make sure to check your blocks and etc and solve that as soon as possible.


I replayed the semi-final level twice and it's weird. This boss sometimes show some glitched sprite graphics, sometimes not. While you can just delete these graphic tiles to mask this issue, I would recommend talk to someone who understands of ASM and try to find a solution for this weird graphical glitch. It also happened mid battle when everything seemed alright. You must fix this sprite as soon as possible.

-- x --

Now, for a small suggestion:

This submap looks quite empty. You could add some funny memes in the middle of the map. Or a cool character. Anything to symbolize that this is a special world. Just a suggestion, though, if you don't want to do that, you don't need to.
Finished testing - I also agree with Anorakun. Maybe you can make this: the Friendship Disk will be used to wipe out Sector Z (EMPAT-4 Castle), while the Kindness Disk can seal Numbuh 74.239 (LAPAN-8 Castle).

Also, the special world needs some minor decorations. And some grammar stuff needs to be fixed. And, you can change the properties of Switch Doors in Zero Start Station.

That's all for now!
7 years using I think that's not enough.


Standard: Normal