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Yoshi New Island themes.


Hello everyone, thank you very much for reading.
I wish I could have a song from the N3DS video game "Yoshi New Island".

Track Name
OVERWORLD - From Yoshi New Island


Audio Reference

Note Data Reference

Thank You

Sorry I can't use the language, but I had a hard time understanding some things. I am correcting the post, in case it is canceled, will I be able to request it in a month?
Originally posted by arkondx
Hello everyone, thank you very much for reading.
I wish I could have a song from the N3DS video game "Yoshi New Island".
I like overworld theme but especially underground theme.
Thank you.

I hope you can help me ... greetings!
It may take some time before your request is claimed. Please be patient.

My advice would be to choose just one of those songs. Saying "I'd want either of these" is vague and not a whole lot to go on.
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Thank You.

So I went for the Underground theme by Yoshi New Island from the 3DS.

I appreciate that you are helping me !!
You need to stop bumping your thread, if someone is interested they will claim it if they aren't interested it won't be claimed.
Now speaking of your thread you are not following the rules for a music request as outlined in the music request rules thread
Originally posted by Rule 2.
2. Provide a MIDI, SPC, tracker file, or some other form of readable note data.

Originally posted by Rule 3.
3. Provide a link to the song.

You have not included either of the above to your post along with not following the format.
If you do not fix your thread within the next day or so it will be archived.
Sorry. It has been a bit difficult for me because of the language because I am not a native English speaker and I must use a translator. I will stop requesting the topic to avoid being sanctioned. Thanks.
Your request has been automatically canceled and archived as it is older than 30 days and has not been claimed. More information on why this happens can be found here.

Please feel free to re-request it again by making a new thread, or request something else.