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Bird from Yoshi's House Fix by Alcaro (submitted by Ayami)

File Name: Bird from Yoshi's House Fix
Authors: Alcaro
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: Makes the birds in Yoshi's House be able to be used in levels without copying and pasting themselves to each subsequent panel.

Also makes color dependent on initial X position, rather than the order in which the sprites (not just birds) are loaded. Finally, it lifts the limitation of only having 4 birds.
Tags: bird from yoshi's house, lorom, sa-1, sprite, tile
A highly similar patch with the same core function was submitted and approved. As this patch does change a couple of additional properties over the new patch, it was given a re-test to better gauge if one or both of these patches would best be hosted. As it turns out, this patch doesn't work with Lunar Magic v. 3.00+ big levels, something that seems to have been missed when this patch was remoderated 2+ years ago. All things taken together, it was thus decided to host the more functional version alone.

A backup of this patch is available here if desired.