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Underwater levels: Mario 64 water level music
Hmmmmmm, tell me wat ya think
i'll add one.

desert levels! ( if u r using them ) - gritzy desert
Just back here to browse a bit.
"Cupcakes all the way! XD"

Sounds great if it can be done.

"I'll probably make a mushroom backround for the sky stage, and I've already planned on being able to jump down to the forest (To get to the midway. :P) Cave I'm not sure yet though I think I'll use YI cave. (I dont care if its overused D:) or SMW cave with mushroom ledges."

SMW cave graphics are some of the worst graphics in that game, including the underground ice levels. The YI cave is a lot better. I also love the jumping down to the forest(almost like a crash-landing from a plane, see Air America, Murphy's Law).

"Music selection:
Sky levels: ???
Forest Levels: Kirby's Adventure - Forest Stage. Due to the fact I'm the author of this track, I'll be fixing it up. :P
Undergound Levels: YI Cave music, because its awesome. :P
Underwater Levels: ???
Bridge Levels: ???
Castle Levels: Will probably each have thier own theme. :P
Magma/Lava Levels: M&L:PT Thwomp Volcano"

Hmmmmm, it is good that one of the musics is from a game that I've never played. I loved M & L: Superstar Saga but never played Partners In Time. I also love any Kirby music. For the question marks, may I recommend Cloud Man's stage for the sky levels(I am a huge sucker for Megaman), Torpedo Octopus for the Underwater levels and Elec Man for the bridge levels?

"Of course some levels will stray from their music theme... Please help me fill in the ???s. D:</div></div>

Ah that is mostly done with my hand.

I am not a hacker by trade, I am an observer and I can be very observant. I tend to lurk around here to prolong the good experience of playing the original SMW. Whatever can add onto it is something that I will definitely do when I am bored which is often. And I will rarely post and give praise when needed to the hacks that may make me interested to relive memories.

My worst enemy in Mario isn't Bowser but my controller that keeps on getting disconnected from the inside. Might be my memory count.
I'll just bump this with all my recent screens. :P

And, an update! :D

Ooooooooooooooh, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Nice screens Boing, It's lookin totally awesome!! xD can't wait to play it :P
I would have liked more criticism, unless you guys all think this hack is absolutely perfect. <_<

Yay, fancy goalpost!

What do the star blocks do? SPECULATE NOW!
Screen 1 - that goalpost is strange.
Screen 2 - you could add more details on the dark waterfall. And the star blocks, uhh... I don't know.
I think the goalpost in screen 1 is unique! Whats so bad about it?
Someone's got to ask it eventally.

What does the Blue paratroopa do?
I'm a rubberducky in the shape of a 2 ain't life grand!
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Its an edited horizontal flying green parakoopa. I figured it was unfair for green koopas to have 2 flying varieties (bouncing and flying) so I made one blue. If only I had the ROM address to make it fly the same speed as a blue koopa.

BTW, I'd like it if nobody else took this idea, but there is nothing stopping you from doing so. Still, I'd appreciate it if nobody did.
I'm pretty sure you can Tweak it to make it move faster.

I think that's been done before.

Did you make sure to change what it turns into in Lemetaal?
Your layout has been removed.
I changed what it turns into with a hex editor. ._. I don't you can change speed in Tweaker, but I didn't look for it specifically.

Edit: I just tried the move faster option but it didn't work.
Boing - that's pretty clever with the Blue Koopa Paratroopa. When I started working on my project, I wondered why the Blue Koopa got short shrifted too. I want to steal this, but I won't since you asked nicely. ;)

For my part, I like your tree goal tape. Very creative. It's nice to see something different with that.

Also, I like your star blocks. It's nice to see a block with a hole in it. What do you need to pass them? So many custom blocks look like junk that could be made in MS Paint, so good job with this!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Actually, I made that in MSPaint. XD

If you guys really want to know what the star blocks do, quote my post. But it'll ruin the surprise when its released. D:

Edit: Now you don't know what they do, it was a limited time offer. :P

Man those are nice waterfall gfx...STAR BLOCKS SPEAK TO ME!!
Kawaii !!

I like your creativeness with shading the waterfalls.
Also,that overworld is win.
I'm expecting to see more updates of this hack.
Originally posted by Boing
If only I had the ROM address to make it fly the same speed as a blue koopa.

I don't know... blue koopas are fast and tough guys. Maybe they spent so much time working on their arms that they neglected their wings and they can't fly very well. =p

Originally posted by Boing
BTW, I'd like it if nobody else took this idea, but there is nothing stopping you from doing so. Still, I'd appreciate it if nobody did.

I've already seen a couple people play with the flying koopas, so you aren't the first.
hey Boing, I got an Story idea for you hack that you are making like this: Mario and his friends(luigi,Yoshi,peach)are taking a vacation to
another island called: (insert name of the island here), but when a giant ball monster called Boing (that reminds me of your avatar and layout) appears from the ocean kidnapps peach and causing invasion to all the island, killing everything, now mario and his friends must rescue peach and destroy Boing before the island gets destroyed!.
Sorry, I've had a story since LOOOOOONG ago. ._.
well, but PM me the story of your hack please!.


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