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Krack's Kafe ~ a TEAM AFORETIMES Project


Me and Faro, fashionably late as usual. Now with friends!

amhunter, Daizo Dee Von, EvilGuy0613, Jamie, and scooter102089


TEAM AFORETIMES presents a spiritual successor to Krack The Hack, based on a formula found within Daizo Dee Von and Mellonpizza's "100 Rooms of Enemies", Stego's "Mario's Bizarre Adventure", and Lush_50's "Nightmare Cafe" series. Krack's Kafe plays like Krack The Hack where you collect 4 keys to progress to the next level, but now in a bite sized package filled with one-screened rooms. Almost everyone contributed levels for the game, with the exception of voice lines provided by Scooter102089 (aka "Chaser the Ultimate Gamer").

There is no real theme to any of the rooms, we basically made whatever.

15 years after Krack The Hack, Krack gets kicked out of a local bar in Noahna village, and had to get dragged out by his brother Daizo. After being picked on, Krack is determined to get the funds to build his very own cafe! To do this, he must get his hands on pure gold keys in Jinker Bolts' latest attraction: the "Key Hole".

The images you see above you do not reflect the release version.

We also got a brand new boss! However, we'd like to save it for when you play the game!

Why are we called TEAM AFORETIMES? Because we had another project idea that we started, but it was slightly too ambitious to pursuit for Hackjam. So instead, we figured Krack could have another adventure! This time...more wacky and weird.

WARNING: Even though it's not intended to be Kaizo, it's still ended up being extremely difficult. There is a checkpoint per room, but expect to struggle a fair margin.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

The download is now available! And just on the nick of time too!
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Because this entry was approved by our hack moderators as Kaizo:Beginner, we decided to move this entry to the Kaizo group to be given to the Kaizo judges. The tag for this thread has updated accordingly.

(Note that this decision happened weeks ago, and the entry has already been judged by all the Kaizo judges, so there's no delay in results because of this. I just needed to update the thread tags for user voting.)
Hey, it's Faro. That one guy from the team that PROBABLY caused this entry to be moved to Kaizo lmao (sorry)

I just wanted to pop in and say that the team and I really, really appreciate everyone for having played Krack's Kafe. Despite being super rushed and definitely could of used some tweaking, I think it came out really damn well! This was technically the first hack I've ever "released" and I'm happy it was Krack's Kafe.

Thank you for playing our lil 5 day entry. We really appreciate it.

Much love -Team Aforetimes