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Super Sickos World


A 12 level Standard: Very Hard experience by:
 Heraga (Coordination / Design)
margot (In-House Graphics / Design)
 Nanako (In-House Music)
Nitrogen (In-House ASM / Design)
 RussianMan (In-House ASM / Design)

The readme was done last minute as I forgot that had to be included, I'm very sorry if I missed someone. Everyone who contributed In-House as well as all external resources used are featured in the credits.
Had a ton of fun testing this entry! The
DKC3 lever level
had some really cool obstacles :) Great job, everyone!
I think that's a softlock:
Level: Mole Hole Mountain

Just in case that's something you wanna fix.

Now that I have finished my playthrough, I can say: Thank you for making a really cool, fun, (mainly) fair, and partially quite challenging standard hack. We need more of this.
Great hack! Really enjoyed it. It's nice and chill, very reminiscent of hacks like Slurdgery, Of Jumps and Platforms, and Mice with its linear styling and creativity. My favorite levels were probably
Mole Hole Mountains, Adolescent Plumbing, and Level Pull Lounge.
But every level was quite good.
If I had to offer a critique, I would say that the boss could do with a timer on screen so you know how quickly you need to beat it, or just a way of removing the timed aspect altogether. Minor issue though, otherwise the boss was a really neat idea (and snorkel fruit dealer is very good. I'm glad he gets to take a nice vacation from the factories in Tubular).
Great work everyone!
this is a nice hack. great setups, so far very satisfying to play while not being too difficult
i just got to the level with the key
. it seems like a lot of time was spent to get everything to feel just right: i personally appreciate that a lot. looking forward to completing it.