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lost mario


Mario got lost in a weird place (credits list)
Also, here's the resource pack, which should include all the custom assets made for the hack.

Team members:
brickblock369 - Music
meatloaf - ASM and level design
solgaleo35 - Graphic and level design
Lightning - Level design
mori + meatloaf - Overworld design
Thanks brickblock, forgot to put those in last night. Added to the op
Nice work folks, the hack looks cool. If your entry has public resources, I'd recommend to add a credits list (editing the first post) with the authors of those external material you used.

I'm so proud to get this out. You all were an awesome team. There was a mistake in the previous ROM, this has a completed version. Thank you.
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

This was an amazing team to work with. Hyped to see the results!