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Super Sauce Search


-=Download Link=-

Edit: We've made a lot of changes to get rid of the bugs and gotten the whole thing fixed up and functional now!

Princess Peach's sauce supply has dried up, and it's predictably up to Mario to go to the spooky kingdom where the tyrannical Nowhere King is holding up the supply lines.

This is a hack with one large, sprawling single level with a total of 6 (mostly c;) original bosses, 50 dragon coins and 10 health upgrades to collect across ten areas with varied challenges and designs.

You can dodge enemies, solve puzzles, talk to npcs, explore small sidequests and backtrack across the entire land if you so wish, all on your quest to hit all of the Progress Switches and obtain... The Sauce.

Here's a taste of one of the delicious levels:

Trailer coming soon (ETA 14th)

This was produced as a collaboration between myself (Organizer, Level Designer), LucasRCD (Organizer, Level Designer, Artist and surprise porter), Falconpunch (Level Designer) and Giga (Level Designer).
That's right, it's level designers all the way down.

Hope you all enjoy!