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Mosts 2021 ~ Results


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I’m sure you all look like this, eagerly awaiting results.

This thread can probably win Most Awaited. It's time to close off another year on SMWC with the Mosts. Let's see if we can truly find out who's the most.

This time around, comments are provided by a whole duo of people:
███ -  bebn legg
███ -  Doctor No
Text colour indicates who wrote a comment.

Without further ado, let's get started!

1) Best Regular Site Member
Place Vote Count User
1st 18 Koopster
2nd 6 Vivian Darkbloom
3rd 5 WhiteYoshiEgg

Koopster once again claims his throne because he's nice and kind and we love him so much. So too, does Darkbloom, our beloved, also being nice and kind and whom we also love so much. And similarly with WhiteYoshiEgg, who is nice and kind and whom we love so much. It's gotta mean something that all three of y'all have won this award more than once. 😳

2) Best Newcomer
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Friday_D0nat
2nd 8 Segment1Zone2
2nd 8 icrawfish
3rd 6 Ahrion

Talk about hitting the ground running: between our four honorees, there are already five submitted hacks (including two collaborative projects between D0nat and S1Z2), 19 graphic submissions and 157 (!) music submissions to the site. And I thought my 2021 was productive.

3) Best Staff Member
Place Vote Count User
1st 29 bebn legg
2nd 16 NopeContest
3rd 14 Tahixham

bebn, of house legg, first of their name, does so much for the music section, Discord server, and overall atmosphere of the site and community that it's legitimately hard to imagine this place without them. Nope has been a mainstay on our Twitch channel and helping on the PR team, and Goose brought us all KoopaCraft and Mr. Switchy this year to keep you distracted while we did secret staff things. I love them all, and so should you.

4) Most Likely to Become Staff
Place Vote Count User
1st 15 Segment1Zone2
2nd 11 katun24
3rd 9 Alex_X8
3rd 9 Kevin

Two are helpers, one is ex-staff, and so that leaves katun as the surprise winner. All of them are good at what they do, and the community wants to see them bring down those large queues. No pressure though.

5) Best All-Around Person
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Vivian Darkbloom
1st 6 Koopster
2nd 5 Kevin
2nd 5 crm0622

Each of these people may not be the most skilled in, say, Vault or Floor Exercise, but they've got the skills, the personality and the friendliness to be the best at all the apparatuses we judge for. Although I do hear Darkbloom has a particularly impressive double layout.

6) Best Standard SMW Hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 26 WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd 6 lolyoshi
2nd 6 Lazy
2nd 6 GbreezeSunset
3rd 5 Rilla Roo

A very deserved Most for All Seasons goes to WhiteYoshiEgg, after the release of a magnum opus of a hack on top of contributions across the board to standard hacking. Recognition is also well earned by lolyoshi, Lazy, Gbreeze and Rilla Roo - not only are they all amazing standard makers, but you can see them all starring in Fast and Furious 10, coming to theaters and streaming services in 2023.

7) Best Kaizo/Pit Hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 GbreezeSunset
2nd 11 BabaYegha
2nd 11 MiracleWater
3rd 10 Lazy

Gbreeze, that lovable scamp, takes pole position amongst the Magi. Between them, however, BabaYegha washes in like a mighty wave. Congratulations to all, and remember: like Odd Sands through the hourglass, nothing’s free in Waterworld.

8) Best Non-SMW Hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 15 RussianMan
2nd 3 Selicre
2nd 3 GbreezeSunset
2nd 3 Gate

SMB3, SMB2, SMBX, there’s a bit of it all here. For RussianMan (who takes this for the second year in a row), Selicre and Gbreeze, hacking isn’t just limited to one game. Heck, it’s not even limited to games at all. Which reminds me, you may want to change your password. Just saying.

9) Best Level Designer
Place Vote Count User
1st 16 Lazy
2nd 12 GbreezeSunset
3rd 7 lolyoshi

Consider this another Level Design Contest for the year to add to Lazy’s trophy list after pulling off a Standard/Kaizo two-pack from OLDC and KLDC 2021. Congratulations on a monster year, and also to lolyoshi and Gbreeze for contributing some of the best levels we played this year across all difficulties.

10) Best Graphics Artist
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Deeke
2nd 16 Magi
2nd 16 Anorakun
3rd 13 WhiteYoshiEgg

The masters of Map16, the prodigies of the palette editor, the experts of the 8x8 editor... but even Lunar Magic puns aside, these people delight our eyes with their taste and ability to make some of the most gorgeous art we've ever seen.

11) Best Musician
Place Vote Count User
1st 25 brickblock369
2nd 24 Hooded Edge
3rd 19 Kevin

The top two here are the same ones who won Best New Musician last year, so that's gotta say something about how well they've captured the hearts and ears of SMWC. And Kevin has 363 ports submitted to the section alone, so there's gotta be something in there to your liking.

12) Makes the SECSEIst ASM
Place Vote Count User
1st 19 Kevin
2nd 17 Sonikku
3rd 14 JamesD28

From Sonikku's silly escapades captured in GIF form, to Kevin's endless pile of QoL ASM, to James's lovely Phillip, these three are beyond phantASM, full of cytoplASM, hiding in a chASM, showing enthusiASM, with some sarcASM.

13) Best Tool Programmer
Place Vote Count User
1st 22 dtothefourth
2nd 18 Atari2.0
2nd 18 Vitor Vilela
3rd 14 FuSoYa

It's cool to make tools. They are no fools. Like a collaboration pool. Sitting on a stool, right after school, they truly rule.

14) Best New Hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 Friday_D0nat
2nd 9 TheBourgyman
3rd 6 FYRE150
3rd 6 mmBeefStew

”New” hacker, sure, but try convincing anyone who saw their work in 2021 that D0nat, Bourgy, FYRE and Stew were making their debut this year. Take a look at these names now, and remember them; there’s a good chance you’ll see them in future Mosts for their hack submissions, too.

15) Best New ASMer
Place Vote Count User
1st 30 Friday_D0nat
2nd 8 Squirrelyman157
3rd 4 NerDose

From Fishe to Moley, to slings, to even becoming a moderator, these lovely friends of ours show us that it is never too late to delve into the world of funny letters and symbols for a language that's more than three decades old-- and to rise out of it with wonderful things to show!

16) Best New Musician
Place Vote Count User
1st 21 Segment1Zone2
2nd 12 Ahrion
3rd 11 FYRE150

It's always lovely to see how far those new names you see popping up in the music queue go! These three are lovely people with lovely ports, and with pretty good tastes in what they port too. In fact, go listen to CHIP02.mid, Zue, and Collision Chaos Zone (Past) while you keep reading the results!

17) Best New Artist
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 MokaCraft
2nd 4 Friday_D0nat
3rd 3 DynastyLobster

The three gives us terrific tilesets: from Moka's gorgeous geometry, to Donut's polished plains, to DynastyLobster's variety of visions. Seriously, keep an eye on #showoff to see what they'll come up with next!

18) Best Standard Hack of 2021
Place Vote Count User
1st 52 A Plumber For All Seasons
2nd 27 SMW: Gaiden
3rd 9 SMW Remade from Memory

2021 was truly a year of multitudes. Within the top Standard Hacks of 2021, we have: a 10-year passion project that wowed us with beautiful graphics and deep gameplay, an homage to difficulty that pulled no punches and showed no quarter, and a thought experiment that turned into something much more memorable. Congrats to WYE, Gaiden Team and to the entire SMW from Memory crew on making hacks we will be talking about for years to come!

19) Best Kaizo/Pit Hack of 2021
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 Odd Sands
2nd 16 Waterworld
3rd 12 Things.smc

The Three Amigos/Musketeers/Stooges, however you wish to refer to them, take the top kaizo spot with their collaborative piano arrangement of Yankee Doodle. Congratulations as well to BabaYegha for his dedication to proving water levels were fun, and to Sweetdude for taking us all on a technicolor journey through the mystical world of Boon and Friends!

20) Best SMW Graphics Release of 2021
Place Vote Count User
1st 2 Salt Flats and Crystals
1st 2 Enhanced Outlined Mario

"Salt" and "Mario" are probably words that'd make you think of like, pure rage at a hard level, but in this case, they're actually a super pleasant combination, because both of these submissions look absolutely gorgeous. I've also admittedly been staring at the first GIF on the Outlined Mario submission for a good 5 minutes now because of how satisfying the transitions are. Mario Visits the Salt Mines, coming to a SMW Central near you in 2028.

21) Best SMW Music Release of 2021
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Deltarune - NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A
2nd 6 Damp Dugout
2nd 6 Cencho Shoji - Dissolution
3rd 5 Tempest - Acidjazzed Evening

Truly the "I've heard this in 17 different hacks before-- OH, that's where that's from" of the music section. All of them are those songs you can just put on in the background and lose yourself in before realizing it's been 3 hours. (I may or may not be doing that with Damp Dugout while writing these comments, heh.)

22) Best SMW ASM Resource of 2021
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 b4vwf - BG4 Variable-Width-Font Text Boxes
2nd 6 NPCs v4
3rd 5 Overworld Warp Menu

If these results show us anything, it's that people love text. Reading is generally beloathed in school, but quite bleoved in SMW hacks apparently! The more words, the better, and now you have all the material to write your master's thesis in a b4vwf message box-- and to give it some extra flair with NPCs for figures, and an OW Warp Menu for chapters!

23) Best Title Screen of 2021
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 A Plumber For All Seasons
2nd 5 Luminescent
2nd 5 R-ACK
3rd 4 Mario's Bizarre Adventure

If you want to make a strong first impression with your hack, you have a lot to be inspired by in this year’s title screen winners: sprite art, custom typography, fully-imported graphics, exanimation, and Jojo’s references! Truly, something for everyone.

24) Best Boss Fight of 2021
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 SMW: Gaiden
2nd 9 R-ACK
3rd 7 A Plumber For All Seasons

You had your choice of antagonists this year, but the ones that stood out from the rest? Maou Koopa, a rather annoyed goal tape, and a Bowser with a knack for controlling the weather and really slick clown car. If you beat them, GG! If not, at least know you fell to a Most-winning Boss.

25) Best Site Contributor
Place Vote Count User
1st 24 Kevin
2nd 13 Telinc1
3rd 5 RussianMan

SMWC would probably fall apart if it weren't for these three. They are the glue that keeps the website together. Or the sand that fills the buckets. Or the water that fills the tub. Or the papers that fill the tray. You get the idea. Feel free to adapt that metphor to your interests.

26) Most Creative
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 GbreezeSunset
2nd 8 Lazy
2nd 8 Sweetdude
3rd 7 Daizo Dee Von

Whether it's the levels they make, the resources they contribute, or the ideas they bring to the table, if these users are showing you something, you're very likely to never have seen or heard anything quite like it before. You may never see or hear anything like it ever again, either.

27) Smartest
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Maarfy
1st 8 Kevin
2nd 6 Atari2.0
2nd 6 Selicre
3rd 4 dtothefourth

You may be thinking "This makes sense - these users are all encyclopedias of knowledge about SMW, from sprites to tools to music and everything and between," and that's true! But did you know these are also the Street Smartest users as well? If you're ever stuck in the big city without cab fare, you know who to DM now.

28) Nicest
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 bebn legg
2nd 9 crm0622
3rd 8 Koopster

It's one thing to be a decent person, but it's another thing to go out of your way to be welcoming, kind and helpful to both those you know and those you are just meeting. bebn has been the North Star of Nice for SMWC for many of us, and crm and Koopster both do more than their fair share to make our little corner of the Internet 1% less worse for being here.

29) Hardest Worker
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Kevin
2nd 7 DeppySlide
2nd 7 Koopster
3rd 6 Doctor No
3rd 6 Telinc1
3rd 6 Tahixham

F is for Effort, and these 6 lovely people are no stranger to it-- from ASM deep-dives, to PR work, to site coding, to encouraging Mr. Switchy's illegal activities. Now, for a fun activity, try to figure out who I was thinking of when typing those things.
The Hardest Working Person in Romhacking, who also saw his university workload ramp up this year, Kevin cranked out some of the year's most memorable songs, levels, patches and moments while still working on the same time-space continuum as the rest of us, allegedly. Koopster manages to find ways to be productive and helpful in most every facet of the community, and a special shoutout to Deppy, Telinc and Tahix for the recognition of the boatload of work they do for the site, seen and unseen.

30) Most Mature
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Doctor No
2nd 6 Maarfy
3rd 4 bebn legg

Today, I looked in the mirror and remarked to my husband "Huh, there's more gray in there than I remember." I don't know if Maarfy and bebn have beards, but if they did, I'm confident they would be only the most majestic gray and wizened beards reflective of the sage purveyors of maturity they are. (My husband's response was "Yeah, you're old.")

31) Most Optimistic
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 Friday_D0nat
3rd 2 OEO6
3rd 2 crm0622

The Power of Positivity! If you don't have enough sunshine in your life, talking to these users will be sure to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

32) Most Underrated
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 MokaCraft
2nd 3 MiracleWater
2nd 3 VecchiaZim

If you had a t-shirt for any of these users before these awards, you can rest assured that we will know you were a fan before they got their mainstream shine. Don't be one of *those* fans, though, because going big isn't going to change them.

33) Most Serious
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 SF - The Dark Warrior
2nd 3 TDWarrior
2nd 3 Anorakun

Annual reports are in, and in matters of maintaining topical rigidity and adherance to task, these users excelled compared to prior year performance. Due to their performance, productivity rates remained constant and overall workflow demonstrated synergistic growth.

34) Coolest
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 idol

As always, the real cool is staying in school! Sonic says, if you want to be more like idol, be sure to always finish your homework and listen to your teachers because they know best. Nothing makes you cooler than an education!

35) Funniest
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 idol
1st 8 GbreezeSunset
2nd 7 Bench-kun
3rd 6 Magikey
3rd 6 Morsel

There is only one way to settle this - idol and Gbreeze must compete in a banter-off at the top of a mountain at sunset on the Spring Equinox. Bench, Magikey and Morsel may serve as attendants and witnesses.

36) Most Fun to Talk To
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 bebn legg
2nd 5 Vivian Darkbloom
2nd 5 Koopster
3rd 4 Eevee

A good story, a fun joke, a kind voice. These users are the ones who say "stay awhile and listen," and you pull up a chair by the fire and settle in for the story.

37) Most Changed for the Best
Place Vote Count User
1st 2 Roberto zampari
1st 2 Vivian Darkbloom
1st 2 Segment1Zone2
1st 2 Rilla Roo
1st 2 crm0622
1st 2 DeppySlide
1st 2 Mr. MS

The Absolute Value Award - this doesn't mean you were bad and are not bad now, it just means you moved the furthest away from bad in the past year. Good people who get even better are still changing for the best! Congrats to everyone here for going from good to double-plus-good in 2021.

38) Most Addicted to SMWC
Place Vote Count User
1st 3 S.N.N.
1st 3 Friday_D0nat
1st 3 Segment1Zone2
2nd 2 Infinity
2nd 2 AmperSam

Thanks to these people, we're proud to introduce parental controls for SMWC in the coming year, so you can limit your child's access to various parts of the site. Normally I'd say that it's good to log off and go outside, but y'know, there is a pandemic going on, so rather, I'm glad the site can provide y'all with an escape! Always good to see your names around.

Site: bookmarked. Discord server: notifications on. Koopacraft: real estate mogul. If there's a way to get SMWC, these users are there and not shy of being seen. Next stop: SMWCond Life.

39) Best Vibes
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 crm0622
2nd 5 bebn legg
2nd 5 NopeContest
3rd 4 Amethyst
3rd 4 Devazure
3rd 4 Vivian Darkbloom

Good vibes is more than just a thing you can do, it's a state of mind and being. It's about the energy and the mood you contribute to the world. Bottom line? I'm digging what y'all are putting into the universe, users.

40) Most Likely to Still Be Here in 10 Years
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 S.N.N.
2nd 5 idol
3rd 4 Roberto zampari
3rd 4 Mr. Switchy

I have no idea who any of these people are, but I'm sure looking forward to finding out once I check back in on the site on December 7th, 2031.
**The year is 2031. The Internet has been coopted by capitalism and nationalistic forces. Society is fighting for scarse resources as the world comes to grips with the harsh reality of climate change. Somewhere, in a server on the remote corners of a connection long forgotten, S.N.N., idol, and Roberto all gather together for C3 while Mr. Switchy loiters in the background, silently observing as they carry out the biannual ritual."

41) Most Informative Posts
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 DeppySlide
2nd 6 GbreezeSunset
3rd 5 Maarfy
3rd 5 Thomas

Did you know that, in 1857, famous author Hans Christian Andersen literally overstayed his welcome in visiting fellow famous author Charles Dickens, showing up for a three-day welcome and staying for five weeks? They ended up really disliking each other, with Dickens apparently so glad to have Andersen leave that he wrote multiple people complaining of his former guest's language skills and odd habits. Some scholars think that Dickens uses his experience with Andersen as the basis for Uriah Heep in *David Copperfield.*

42) Best Avatar
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Bench-kun
2nd 3 idol

D'awwwwwwww lookit the avatars they are so cute I just want to hug them

43) Best Post Layout
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 Tahixham
2nd 2 Hooded Edge

The people don't just want the post these days, they want pizzaz! They want sizzle! They want action with their content! Tahix and Hooded Edge know what the people want, and that's some of the ol' razzle-dazzle with their forum comments!

44) Best Username
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 super mario pineapple

What we've established here is that, yes, SMWC is pro-Pineapple on Mario. I'm glad to see the community take a stance on this issue, and I hope we see more examples of pineapple being embraced on other Mushroom Kingdom denizens in the coming months.

45) Most Addicted to #world-of-insanity
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Magikey
2nd 10 Bench-kun
3rd 6 Stivi

I'll let this image speak for itself.

46) Best Reviewer
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Morsel
2nd 5 Segment1Zone2
3rd 4 DeppySlide

Kaizo to right of them, Kaizo to left of them, Gaiden in front of them volleyed and thundered; Stormed at with Boo and shell, Boldly they wrote and well, into the jaws of Hacks, into the mouth of Standard: Very Hard wrote the reviewer.

47) Wrost at Spelllings
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 MokaCraft
2nd 3 idol
2nd 3 Bench-kun

Thease usres wear colectively choasen bye te cammunity az hte wrost spelllers off eth buntch, adn i, four oen, stant inn solidariaty wiht theme! Their's noo sheme inn speling how evar your wnat!!!
Whlie tihs awrad may feel lkie more of an isnlut tahn a copmleient, look on teh brgiht side: poeple stil wnated to here what you were sayng! Besdies, your gonig to get a trpohy out of it, and thats alwyas fun, yea?

48) Most Likely to Perform a Real Life Yump
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 LouisDoucet
2nd 8 tjb0607
3rd 5 Arisendead

Full transparency here: everyone seems to have voted for this award with the idea that skill in Mario jumping equates to skill in real-world jumping. I can't personally confirm this to be true, but I choose to believe it to be true and look forward to Louis, TJB and Arisen IRL shell-jumping to the top of El Capitan before being arrested for animal cruelty.

49) Most Likely to Lie for Mr. Switchy
Place Vote Count User
1st 16 Tahixham
2nd 10 Mr. Switchy
3rd 9 bebn legg

Of course, Mr. Switchy will lie to the ends of the Earth for themselves, and bebn is physically incapable of telling a lie for any reason. But Tahix would go to jail and serve hard time before narcing on Mr. Switchy. May we all have a goose who will bury our bodies as deep as Tahix will for Mr. Switchy.

50) 👡👡👗👜🐴🔥🏋️🚑🏥🔨💀
Place Vote Count User
1st 15 idol
2nd 10 Bench-kun
3rd 7 Devazure


Great job reading up until here! Here’s your reward:

And that's it for another round of Mosts. Hopefully y'all had fun! Get vaccinated, wear your mask, and see you next year!

(Trophies will be awarded in the near future. Maybe you'll even have to wait until next year... #tb{;)})
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
the mosts are rapidly dying
Congrats to everyone-- lots of well-deserved mosts. What an amazing and hilarious read!
what hinalyte said

(Congrats to everyone who won things! It's been a pretty good year!)
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Unsurprising best misc hacking trophy, surprising best contributor. Then I shall continue contributing thigngs and treat you with misc hacking goodies.
Congratulations to everyone that got placed in one of the many categories! Wishing everyone checking these results a healthy & happy new year in 2021.
Hello. I'm Hatsune Blake. I do mostly SMBX stuff, but I am interested in learning Lunar Magic.
You can find my SMBX account here.
Have a good day!
moists aren't real

congrats btw
I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Thanks y'all for the nice votes #smrpg{<3}
Congrats to everyone on here! Whiteyoshiegg in my opinion made the best 2021 SMW Rom hack!!!
Originally posted by Hinalyte
the mosts are rapidly dying

Agreed. You guys had to replace Hina's obligatory category with this Mr. Switchy bullshit. This year's campaign train was such a trainwreck, it made me quite sad.

Thanks everyone for the votes! I'm heartwarmed with every vote I got, as well as my wins (very suprised with Most Fun to Talk To, that one's a first!) #smrpg{:3} I'm not sure how I fooled you guys well with Hardest Worker though LOL, I am not a hard worker. Unless I'm particularly passionate about a project I guess. Has this been the case this year?

Anyway, this was a nice way to close off 2021. Here's to a better 2022! #smrpg{:D}
First year I was here for them I got 1st place in one category, then this was my second year and I got 2nd in two categories...

Congrats everyone :)
I know I have said this a few times on Discord but I'll make a post here for posterity purposes on people confusing me with another person when voting me in whatever categories you felt it was appropriate to vote me in.

I recognize it is an honest mistake that people do confuse me with the other person since we have similar usernames, but for the record I am not this user, TDWarrior as I do not generally make kaizo hacks. I am myself and ive been calling myself The Dark Warrior since 2017 on my SMWC Discord presence (those of you who are on SMWC's Discord can verify it themselves). If you intend to vote for me in future Most categories, do add in the "SF" before the rest of my username so you don't be confused again.

Thank you, have a nice day, enjoy your mosts, and have a Happy New Years, if it applies.
On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

Wow, look at all those Mosts! Congrats to all who received their very own well-deserved votes and trophies!! Especially super mario pineapple, who most definitely has the username of all time.

It was neat to see the comments laid out through a dual effort this time as well, big thanks to Bebn and Doctor No for wrapping up this year very nicely! Does this mean 2022 will have even more comments from a trio? Maybe even a quartet?

Originally posted by bebn legg
I’m sure you all look like this, eagerly awaiting results.

Wholeheartedly terrifying
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?

Wasn't expecting to get 2nd place in both the best musician and best post layout!

Congrats to everyone who got placed in the mosts, and I hope everyone else had fun too!!!


I got a Luigi is unlock reward. Yay~!

Congrats, everyone! The dual comments for the categories made reading them even better LOL. I want to see another one of these. #smrpg{:3}

Here's to next Mosts and 2022!
I wish I should've won the "Best Post Layout" award, but never mind. Oh well, thanks to those who won at The Mosts!

Oh, and to super mario pineapple as well.
Panty and Stocking—and Pop Team Epic, evidently—are coming back. Once again. Yes, I'm counting on you. 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
Help us raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. #ДопомагаємоРазом / #HelpTogether
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
Honestly, I didn't expect to win a trophy, neither to be voted in the others categories. Thank you so much to all the lovely people that voted me, including those votes that didn't get to their respective podium, I feel so honored and I hope to be able to support the community and its members even better during 2022. I hope you all had fun!
I feel like I don't deserve this, but thank you to everyone who voted for me. This really made me fike I'm properly part of this community, which is honestly just heartwarmimg to me.
I've been in this community for almost a year now... it was fun, I had fun! I hope the next year will be just as fun! Knowing the community, it most likely will be.
Again, thank you to all the kind peoole, and I hope you all have a Happy New Year!
Oh geez, what a way to end the year. Thanks for the support, everyone! I'm glad you all enjoyed my hack. #tb{:)}

I genuinely wasn't sure if I was going to take gold this year, and then I take two? I'm very humbled. Good commentary all around, and very well deserved trophies for everyone!

There's no need to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it's curious that the Salt Flat tileset won gold for me when the Hollow Knight one exists; I thought that one was a shoo-in. Oh well, ce la vie.

Originally posted by Friday_D0nat
I feel like I don't deserve this, but thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Who deserves it more than someone who does as much as you so soon after entering?

Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!
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