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The Adventures of Batman & Robin - No Green Peace (Poison Ivy's Hideout) by Rykon-V73

File Name: The Adventures of Batman & Robin - No Green Peace (Poison Ivy's Hideout)
Submitted: by Rykon-V73
Authors: Rykon-V73
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background
Slots Used: BG1, BG2
Palette Rows Used: 1, 3
Description: While it is a hideout, it seems to be a plant laboratory. It's useful for a forest area. The way the tree's cut is like in the original game. So either add a ceiling there or make it like in the screenshot below.

It uses palettes 3 and 1. I fought with the BG colors a bit and you can use the SMW status bar colors as well.

Recommended BG scrolling: either Horizontal: Variable and Vertical: None or Horiontal: Variable and Vertical: Variable, as you can extend the BG.

It's my 256th submission.

Have fun using it!
Tags: forest
This background is not acceptable to be approved for the following reasons:

Sample Level:
1) Your sample level wrongly includes a ExGFX99 on SP4, which obviously isn't part of the submission
2) Some colors of Palette D are overwritten (probably related to previous issue)
3) Given the settings provided in the sample level, the background looks like this when entering the level:

So it's needed to adjust it so it isn't cut, at least, from the standard setting. Either moving the background tiles up (then filling the blank tiles at the bottom) or setting correctly the level entrance (re-positioning it should fix the background automatically due to recent versions of Lunar Magic using the "Set FG/BG relative to player" setting, which for some reason your sample level isn't using)