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What current SNES emulator is good for rom hacks?

I know that there are incredible SNES emulators at there that play SNES games accurately. My question is: What SNES emulator is good ROM hacks? Or do some emulators just better for hacking in general?
I have two recommendations, each for different needs.

The first is SNES9X. It's super reliable, works perfectly with SA-1, and is really easy to set up.

However, if you're interested in playing kaizo, you may notice that SNES9X introduces some input lag, which makes gameplay feel ever so slightly more cumbersome. For this reason, I've been using RetroArch for the past few months, with the SNES9X core. RetroArch is very customizable, and lets you get rid of input lag pretty well. The problem with its customizability is that it's very easy for things to break with it. Also, it doesn't work with SA-1. I might give bsnes a shot soon, it promises reduction of input lag with SA-1 compatibility.

Both are possible to setup as the default emulator for Lunar Magic, although RetroArch requires a reference to some .dll file, iirc.
Wait, does Retroarch really not work with sa-1?

That's what I've been using and haven't had an issue with any hacks so far, but maybe I just got lucky and haven't tried any sa-1 hacks...
I doubt that very much. RetroArch just wraps other emulators via DLLs, be it Snes9x, BSNES or whatever. By using the respective core, you should absolutely be able to get SA-1 compatibility in RetroArch.

Also note that while it's possible to reduce input lag in newer versions of BSNES, this feature is not enabled by default. In fact, I find that with default settings, BSNES/Higan have some of the worst input lag. Only by enabling RunAhead the input lag becomes tolerable, though RunAhread requires quite a bit of extra CPU power.
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Awesome! Thanks for the reply!

That's what I thought Retroarch did, just work as a platform for emulators, thus running a core would be pretty much the same as running the emulator itself.

Particularly, I use the 9X core with Run Ahead of 2 frames (if G.G. is interested in knowing)
My main recommendation on this topic will always be SNES9X. Latest version, as far as I know, is 1.60, but if it doesn't work correctly, you could try any previous versions between 1.51 and 1.55

Personally I don't like the runahead feature. In my humble opinion, it gives a false perspective from accuracy in your gameplay or at gaining skills, and honestly you don't need it to learn and play kaizo (even less in standard), but if you like it, go ahead with that. Good luck and have fun.
Are you sure that SNES9x 1.51 to 1.55 is good for ROM hacks? I always assumed that the latest version was the best.
Originally posted by Alex_X8
Personally I don't like the runahead feature. In my humble opinion, it gives a false perspective from accuracy in your gameplay or at gaining skills

I'd argue the opposite. Using Run-Ahead actually gets the latency closer to what you might expect to see on CRT TV, thus making the game more accurate. That's of course unless you configure it too high, in which case you'll get choppy animations.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
well i get no input lag on my pal snes but everything runs at 50/60 speed which is a bit of a bummer especially with music cues, which run at normal speed
I use bsnes (v115) for playing all SNES games and ROM hacks, and it does a fine job for me.


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I don't know what's the best, but snex9x seems to work fine for me.
I use Snes9x 1.60. I've been on Snes9x ever since ZSNES stopped being a standard, so I'm used to the input lag it introduces and you can probably get used to it too. It's lightweight and very simple to use.

I don't like to use bsnes too much because it's slower, but if you're programming ASM gimmicks, especially when using SA-1, it's good to at least check if everything's working fine there, since Snes9x emulates a few things incorrectly.
I use ZMZ, which is ZSNES but more accurate, especially if you like ZSNES' interface.

I tried Snes9x once, but I didn't get used to it and gave up. I might give it another try at some point, though.
I just use Snes9x 1.60 (even while I am moderating music submissions). It's reasonably accurate, runs fast on low-spec computers, and has a straightforward user interface.
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Probably SNES9X
ZSNES is a sh*t emulator
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Either Snes9X or BizHawk, depending to my taste.
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I mainly just use BSNES/higan since it's by far the most accurate emulator out there, but since it's fairly intensive it's definitely not for everyone; thankfully Snes9X is fairly close and used to be the emulator I used the most along with ZSNES (yeah, I was one of those; have since learned the error of my ways tho), so yeah. use BSNES/higan if you have a good enough computer to run it, if not (or you just fuckin' hate the UI for it), use Snes9X instead #smrpg{cool}
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snes9x is the way i go usually
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BSNES+ / bsnes (for casual play, retroarch works fine)
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bsnes is my go-to. It's the most accurate to the snes, and has a nice visual filter that I like to use.
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