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Scary Bosses and Nice Sprites (aka EPIC)

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Hi! This has been my project the last year and a half. You might knew about it as EPIC, as I codenamed it that way in previous C3. It has finally been named!

Scary Bosses and Nice Sprites is a hack focused on both bosses and sprites, while still retaining a lot of platforming action. It contains some kaizo staples, such as complete power up starvation, but it also has a lot of standard elements, such as having more than one way to overcome setups. It is aimed at both experimented standard players and kaizo beginners as I feel the difficulty will be comfortable for both of them.

The hack features a total of 10 exits and 4 completely custom bosses (coded by me). Each level is focused around a sprite (the big majority of them are also completely new sprites coded by me, with some exceptions). I really, really want to thank all of the people that contributed to the project, via testing (there was a lot of testing due to the bosses being hard to balance, really) or otherwise.

Story: Bowser has summoned enemies from different dimensions to defeat Mario. Make sure to kick them out of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Download link:

Scary Bosses and Nice Sprites
Bar none one of my alltime favorite hacks. I love the mixture of normal standard design with focus kaizo setups. A must-play for anyone who loves platformers, I'm so happy I was able to test this.
This hack does a great job at keeping the gameplay and gimmicks simple, but varied enough that they serve an engaging experience. Glad to see it finally released!

Big recommend to anyone who enjoys Standard: Very hard hacks or wants to play something as a good transition into Kaizo. It's not too tense on mechanical knowledge, but still offers a fair amount of challenge for most players.
Dang, this looks awesome! Also this is probably the best hack name ever
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I remember seeing some of these awhile back the bullet bill assembly is definitely my favorite.

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Goodness, there's some crazy sprites being shown off! I don't know how I'd ever get past some of these obstacles. >_>

Did you just name your hack after a Skrillex song? That hack's name is very familiar, I didn't notice this until now.

Anyway, great job!
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As a tester of this hack, I may be a bit biased, but I can't recommend it enough. It has a lot of flow in its setup. It feels kaizo, but the execution is way more lenient, which makes conquering each section like a rewarding experience. The boss battles are very creative and demand the player to read well each boss pattern. The custom sprites are the main attraction. Most of the stages use them in very clever ways. Thanks for the hack, it was delightful.

I can't wait to see people play this. I think this is gonna make a big splash. Congrats on your release! #smrpg{y}
The bubble shooter where it traps the sprite and relocates it is freaking genius man.
Hacks like these show me that I may just be missing something by not experiencing a lot of the newer Kaizo-style hacks. The setups in these GIFs alone look really fun, and the way you describe this hack's difficulty sounds like it may be something I can actually conquer with enough effort. I'll definitely be playing this one later on!
Congrats on the release! As a tester, I have been wanting to talk about this hack for some time now lol. This is an absolutely amazing hack, as a kaizo player I was able to clear it in one sitting, and I think folks who play more Standard hacks will have a solid, but doable, challenge ahead of them. I can't wait to see this played around Twitch!
I really enjoyed Of Jumps And Platforms, and this too was a joy of a hack with some really clever (and amusing) setups and all the new sprite were neat with inventive usage. Congrats on release! #smrpg{:D}
Originally posted by Klug

Did you just name your hack after a Skrillex song? That hack's name is very familiar, I didn't notice this until now.

Anyway, great job!

Yep, it's a reference to that album/song (it's funny though because while I loved the name and the pun in general, I don't particularly mind Skrillex really).

I didn't expect such a great reception really! Thanks a lot for the kind words, everyone. It means the world to me that streamers, players and hackers get to play and actually enjoy my hack (and laugh at their goofy sprites and bosses lol).

The hack has been such a huge endeavor, but it serves to fulfill one of my goals when I started hacking Super Mario World: making a hack full of new sprites and bosses. As such, can't see myself making another one of this caliber, at least not too soon (also, real life). I will still be here on the site/discord and participating on various contests/collabs, just probably not making a hack for the time being. That said, after this break, I already have a pretty good idea of what kind of hack i want to make...
This looks awesome Darolac. Of Jumps and Platforms and your CLDC2020 entry still stand out to me as brilliant combinations of ASM gimmicks and challenging platforming, so to see that trend continued mixed with a variety of new sprites has me real excited to play this.
It's nice to see this hack finally release!

As a tester since the very beginning, i've seen this hack grow a lot!
From a few simple level ideas, going to a full fledged hack with such high quality sprites and level design, it was a joy to be part of this whole journey!

It features a great middle ground between a difficult Standard hack and a moderately easy kaizo, which just strikes a great balance that allows it to be enjoyable for seasoned kaizo players, while also being feasible for Standard players to enjoy.
This hack definitely has some great design, you're able to bring out a lot of the potential from your own sprites in super clever and original setups, while also retaining some of the action platforming seen in Of Jumps and Platforms.

It's hard to say what is the highlight of this hack, since everything about it is really good. But, if i had to say, the bosses are indeed something else!
All of them are super unique in the way they're designed, their attack patterns and the way to approach them! It really serves as the cherry on top for this great hack!
Modesty aside, i'm really glad i was able to help shape these boss fights in reaching their full glory!

It's really a joy to replay them all, and i don't hold back in saying the last boss is probably the most fun boss i've ever played in a SMW hack! The way it
stays super active, using a plethora of different movements and attacks, keeping us in our toes throughout the entire fight
acts so quickly it's almost like it predicts our movement
really make it one of the most enjoyable challenges i've had with a boss fight! It's a fight that constantly keeps us on the move and paying attention to what his next move will be!
And that's not to say the other bosses fall short, they're also really well crafted and fun to play, having a great variety of attacks and managing to be challenging, fun and varied. It's just that the last boss goes above and beyond lol
(I also still keep the unnerfed versions around xD)

Overall this is a great hack that i can't recommend enough. It's a great example of how a simple concept can make for an amazing result!
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I'll have to give this a try as long as the bosses aren't too brutal.

It shows how much work you've but into this as seeing all those new enemies seems like it'll keep each level fresh and different.
Those Quicksand Hands look terrifyingly delightful as obstacles.

I'll be looking forward to playing this Darolac. #smrpg{cool}
This hack is a masterpiece. I really appreciate how it stays on its lane in regards to the difficulty, with not so long sections in the later levels. Despite me technically being used to kaizo expert, beating this wasn't nearly as draining. Honestly, I hope people start recommending this hack whenever newcomers ask around which kaizo hacks they should start with. This doesn't have any of the funny tricks, but I think it's a great starting point for learning endurance, and it's really creative too.

Dunno if I ever told you this but you're a huge inspiration for me, since I also love making sprites (despite being way less productive, lol) and it shows how much love went into each of the ones presented here. The bosses are also greatly designed and it really shows how much work went into their balancing.

One general criticism I can give is that it would be cool if you could Start+Select out of a level then save. I just beat the final 3 levels of the hack in one session, but to be honest, by the time I got to the final one and past the first section I was already a little tired and wanted to take a break, but I had to beat it if I didn't want to lose my progress.

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