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My newest SMW hack: Untitled

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsWork in ProgressDemoResource Release

After 2018 I was always trying to create a good SMW hack, but i didn't know what exactly made a hack good,
so the results until 2020 didn't reach the level of quality expected.
In may of 2021, I've finished "Luigi's New Quest", then I decided
to take a break on SMW hacking. After about one or two months, I decided it was time to return and try
to make something new and better.

By the end of 2021 I started developing "Untitled", it started with the idea of trying to create
a more polished and easier hack (but still trying to do something creative and fun).

The reason of being "Untitled" is because I thought that every idea of title I came up with was generic
and so I decided to simply call it "Untitled".


As a bonus i'm gonna release a Castle tileset i made based on a tileset made by Carld923 (i got permission to release it).


Ooh, I like that castle tileset. I might actually use it myself...also, great hack screenshots. I like the use of more obscure gimmicks like the SMB2 rocketship.
Check out my WIP romhack!
good luck Mr Ms
All of these preview screenshots look very visually pleasing! I especially like the screenshot of the level above the clouds.
I wish you good luck in finishing the hack!

Greetings. My name is Blake Izayoi. I love Sakuya very much.
I enjoy Super Mario World, Touhou, and Vocaloid.
Have a good day.
That's a really good variety of levels you're showing off! I like your castle tileset too. Nice work!
As a tester from your previous works, I'm curious to see what ideas you are bringing to table this time. Your hacks are tough, but they're really fun. Also, I'm really fan of how you combine aesthetics so well. The castle tileset is a nice bonus, as well. Can't wait for when you release it. #smrpg{:3}

From what I've seen you showcase before this thread I can tell that the levels seem pretty fun, and they're packed with great aesthetics - the overall style in graphics of this hack is very pleasant.

Hope we can see more of this soon, maybe even a demo!
I really love the palettes on this one, they look vibrant and fit with the style you're going for!

The castle tileset is beautiful, it looks like you inspired more from Rilla Roo's tileset than Carld's tho.

Can't wait to play this demo. Good job MS!
Kirbo was here
The palletes and aesthetic are wonderful especially the space bubbles great work #tb{:DD}

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

A demo version is now available with only world 1 playable, check the OP. Currently there's no boss added to the castle (also keep in mind that this is a demo and it might possibly have some bugs and problems, even thought it was tested).

Holy does this look good
Every dream is but another reality, never forget…

My In-Progress Hack

That was a pretty fun demo. This hack sets a quite good first impression with the nice map and first level, and I enjoyed going through the other available levels, especially the sky one. As I had said previously, the graphics style in this is pleasant.

I hope this gets finished in the near future. It was short but sweet!
I'm always for hacks that can both have well designed levels in terms of how the play and they look in terms of visuals.
Also kudos for swapping out the Mario GXF. Always helps hacks feel less like SMW by giving Mario a new look.

I'll have to play or heck even moderate this sometime! #smrpg{mlem}
I really enjoy the look of a lot of those screenshots, a couple of my favorites being the cloudy grassland level and the two(?) snowy levels you showed. The palettes for that set look really appealing to the eyes, I love the cool blue. Difficulty looks manageable and I enjoy the chill vibe this project gives off from what I can see.
Visuals look fantastic, such nice palettes and tilesets.

I'll also say - as someone who currently has the name 'Super hack name not yet decided world' on my title screen and have half jokely said I might keep it, Im totally feeling this title.
This hack looks amazing! Good name lol
Very sexy looking hack so far! Your screenshots are some of the most good looking I see anyone post lately.

I gave the demo a try and the levels are pretty nicely done. I'd just advise you to make sure the levels flow well for a first run. The first and second levels have a few spots that weren't so nice on first encounter (off the top of my head, the first chuck in level 1 just comes right at your face, and the first green plant in level 2 has a very tight timing for how high the jump is). Other than that, they're good levels. Keep it up!

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsWork in ProgressDemoResource Release