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Sicari 2 - Level sampler/videos/screenshots
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Sicari 2 - Level sampler/videos/screenshots
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Hi hi - some updates on the hack - without making promises, I am trying to get it out by the end of the year, since it's coming along quite well. Not gonna stress it too hard, but with any luck, you should soon see the full playable thing!

To tide you over, and since I don't want to release another demo, I've instead thrown together a small level sampler, featuring five different levels from across the hack.

You can download it here! Give it a peek, I hope you like what you see c:

Moreover, I plan to do two level showcase videos this C3, so expect to see them in the coming days!



Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

I'm definitely going to give it a try this weekend!
Are the level samplers all new, modified older levels, or just a 'greatest hits' compilation?


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!
Originally posted by Deeke
I'm definitely going to give it a try this weekend!
Are the level samplers all new, modified older levels, or just a 'greatest hits' compilation?

They're basically the levels as they are right now in the hack, just with secret exits removed for simplicity, barring any future changes of course

Can't wait to play this Eevee!!!!! I've been waiting my whole life for this moment. :D



I don't think I've ever played a Sicari level before, so this seems like a good opportunity to try a few. I played through all five levels, alternating between Sicari and K-16 and switching characters at the halfway point of the last level.

Thoughts about each level:

Oil Spill: Okay, the autoscroll in the fire chase sections is way too fast. It's almost impossible to react to what's coming in time if you don't already know, and it's tricky even if you do, especially around screen 05 of the second one. Eventually, I just decided to ignore the enemies and run through them if I had to. (I seem to damage-tank strangely often in this hack, actually...)

Into the Trash: Are the fire-spitting things supposed to be immune to projectiles? They weren't blue and metallic, but K-16's shots didn't seem to affect them.

Mystic Grotto: The bouncing Chucks are very difficult to react to when you're on the timed platforms, and the powerups go behind the background. Also, for some reason, the music in this level kind of sounds like a cross between Kirby and Copy Kitty, maybe with a pinch of MegaMari.

Around the Clock: This level definitely needed another checkpoint, and there were a couple of what I thought were unfair hits, such as from the double statue on screen 03. Powerups go behind the background here, too. Nice use of Lunar Magic 3 level sizes, though. This was probably my favorite level of the bunch, though I feel like I should have played it as Sicari because her spin jump probably would have been significantly more useful than K-16's plasma shots.

Change of Space: Some obnoxiously strict jumps here. This one also desperately needed more checkpoints.

Overall, I think I liked what I saw, but it does feel like there are an awful lot of cheap hits that can't easily be reacted to in time (I realize that you can take 5 hits before dying, but still), there is often a lack of room to dodge enemies, some levels seem like they have too many precise movements required in sequence, and some of them really would benefit from having more than one checkpoint. The last level was particularly bad about this; it was not only long, but the level design was just tricky jump after tricky jump. I'd be curious to see what the rest of the hack is like, but it definitely could stand to give the player more room for error.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.

Here's the first video, "Life's a Witch." This is the second Anna broom level!
Always been a huge fan of these "Total Conversion" type of hacks, and Sicari is high on that list for me. Literally the only reason I can tell its a SMW ROM hack at all is the decade's experience I have on the matter. All the changes to small things like the coin collecting sound, and the animation work show a lot of care and passion for this project that's admirable. I don't currently have the means to play these levels with the care they deserve yet, but these sample videos will be a blessing on that front at least.
Your hack keeps getting better and better. It truly feels like a game of its own.
I don't play hacks much anymore, but this is probably the only one I'm going to play when it'll be out lol.
Good luck with it and please don't rush. #smrpg{<3}
I really can't wait for this anymore. Really awesome!
I remember seeing you post this in the server this is really cute can't wait until it's finished.


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

This looks really dope. Some elements of it look super polished and could be from an official SNES release. I especially like that little animation when jumping on the broom. It's such a smooth transition.

Also, custom sound effects immediately give this so much personality. I wonder why this is such a rarely used feature, it will almost immediately make a hack 100% more interesting. Plus, SMW's vanilla sound effects end up fitting really badly in a lot of SMW hacks.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I'll definitely be trying this out!
I worry that I'll have played most of the game before it even comes out.

Please pardon the eye.
Great sonic music, wonder what samples are you using?

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
Originally posted by HammerBrother
Great sonic music, wonder what samples are you using?

Which music? o: I'm not sure I'm using any Sonic music in this sampler!
Anyway, tomorrow or monday, I'll be showing another level video - still working on the level itself, but here is a preview of what to expect;

Level's name is Celestial Entropy, and is a late-game level so you can expect quite the challenge going into this. Here you venture into the place that the previous Sicari hacks established as the Void of Illusion, a strange bubble of reality that exists outside of the universe. Hope you like what you see, I'll be showing more!

And thank you for the comments everyone, it's appreciated :3
Originally posted by Which music? o: I'm not sure I'm using any Sonic music in this sampler!

Live's a witch, the instrument used in the music.

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
aesthetics, esp the palettes, on both these levels is fucked up levels of good. really loving the space level
This showcase is beautiful! #smrpg{<3} I've been seeing the bits you've been sharing on Discord already and I am very much looking forward to when this comes out. Sicari was an amazing game and I'm sure this one will be as well with all the time and care you've clearly put into it.
Here's the other level video I promised!

Celestial Entropy. Yes, it's as scary as it looks ;)
The levels felt fantastic to play. I disagree with some stuff that imamelia said. The fire chasing sections were fine for me. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff that demands way more reaction than platforming, but I'm fine with this design philosophy. The characters feel great to play and the levels are tough, but they felt rewarding to play. Some mean moments here and there, but I enjoyed every minute trying to beat the levels. My favorite is the clock tower one. Very Castlevania-esque.

I have found some problems, though, like the fire spitting enemies causing slowdown in the trash themed level. You may want to investigate that and fix it. The bullet cannons in the space level are a bit camouflaged with the gorgeous scenary, but the level was very much fun otherwise.

Can't wait when you release the full hack.

As others have said it's looking good and with that I can say Very Good.
I think I say it nearly every C3 that you showcase your progress that the sheer amount of time and effort in this really does shine through.

I'll be happy to see it finally finished but its cool to be able to play some of the levels now to try it out.
I quite like the the Broom levels as they remind me a lot of various shooter sections for many games.

As always Great Work Eevee! #smrpg{cool}
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Sicari 2 - Level sampler/videos/screenshots

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