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Rykon-V73's Yoshi's Island GFX thread - Day 5 - BG with 2 animations - released
Forum Index - Important - SMW Central Creativity Convention: Winter 2022 - Rykon-V73's Yoshi's Island GFX thread - Day 5 - BG with 2 animations - released
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Hey there. It's me. If you think I'm going to launch many C3 threads, like last year, then you should know you're mistaken. While I did switch games and was also bored, you should know I have nothing to show in terms of layer 3 converted rips. Again, bummer.
I did draw some things that required a lot of time.
If you did watch this link, then you should know what tileset comes now.
I'll be covering a lot with this one:

Yoshi's Island - Metal Tileset

I did like the wooden, the stone and brick tileset. This is the reason I went for a metal version. A lot of work went into this. Here's layer 3:

For this one, I based it on the Big Stilt-Guy fight from YIDS, but you already know this. The tiles were not copied. I drew them.
Also, comes with 2 other palettes.

Now for GFX, in case you're interested:

It uses 41 tiles in total. And it uses palettes 0, 1 and 3.

Now for layer 2:

There are 3 references here: 1 is from Yoshi's Island, 2 is from Sonic 2, such as pipes, pistons and reactor things, but what's number 3? The pipes that are Yoshi's Island style came from Ninja Warriors.
This also has 2 palettes:

Time for GFX:

It uses 125 tiles. There is little bad news here. This BG uses animated tiles from ExGFX60. I did that, because I needed the other free tiles for the FG animations.
Now for map16:

It uses 122 map16 tiles.

Now for the FG. It's the main highlight you know:

The start. Spikes can be added.

Time to explain. Since lava bubble animations use palette 4, I thought to myself: is this possible with just 4 colors? The result did turn good, so I'm satisfied.

Walls can be places like in Yoshi's Island.
Blocks are included for the Yoshi's Island switch block and the deactivated version.

Water is ExAnimated.

Goal blocks can be placed in front of walls.
Now it's time to explain about choice types.
You can have line guides for your level. All you have to do is apply the Line Guide Acts-Like Fix patch and then change the GFX in header to either Rope 2 or 3 and you're good to go.

Or you can also have underground slope interaction. You can see very steep slopes to the right. It is set as default in my sample levels.

I forgot. There are blocks included for the insta-kill spikes.

You see custom metal triangle blocks to the right.

I included train track blocks, too.

Last thing is the 32x32 special block drawn by me.

Now for Map16:

There are 520 map16 tiles total.

Download: Click me #w{=D}

Before I move to the next tileset, you should that Yoshi's Island - Metal tileset can be downloaded from here.

Before I start, look here.

Shame the author didn't convert this to YI. He showed screens, but that's about it.
Most of you think that, but the tileset is 100% complete.

Yoshi's Island - Steampunk Remake

I thought of converting my steampunk tileset that took last place into a Yoshi's Island version. Hopefully you'll be pleased. Layer 3 please:

If you did compare, then this should satisfy.

The layer 3 BG uses 100 tiles. The flying ship has been replaced with a flying pirate ship. Layer 2:

It looks like it, with no updates, exceot graphically.

BG uses 56 tiles.

There are 89 map16 tiles total. Now for layer 1:

The start. All redrawn.

Grey blocks can also be placed.

The lightbulbs and jutting pipes have returned. They animate differently.

In addition to the generic pipes, the steampunk pipes are here, too.

I've also drawn connector blocks, both 16x16 and 32x32. The results are good.

No need to say anything here. Blocks are included for the insta-kill spikes and YI switches.

Again, nothing to say here.

Steampunk blocks were drawn as best as I could. The worst was the '!' sign. It was quite hard to do.

I added slopes, darker blocks and gears that spin in a direction.

Here's the lightning and chains. Blocks are included for the horizontal chains, made by edit1754.
All animations are organized in 1 GFX file. Map16:

There are less then 512 Map16 tiles, 461 to be exact.

Download: Click me #smw{:peace:}

Yoshi's Island - Steampunk remake can be downloaded from here.

Here's the thing that I'll show. There will be a lot of screenshots. The submission file has less.
First, let's examine this link.
There it is. While it has the good ones, you'd wish there'd be more.
Fret not, as I'm the answer to it.

Yoshi's Island - Cave Tileset

Originally ripped for Julintendo's hackjam hack, that got cancelled, but might be released at this C3, I decided to make it available, since his thread isn't present.
If he does make his thread, then I'll upload 2 other things, compatible with the FG.

Now let's get to the pictures:

The beginning. The ground edge planer tiles have been drawn by me.

I was testing the switches.
Blocks have been included for activated and disabled ! switches, insta-kill spikes and slope fix blocks.

You can stand on top of the sideways spike.

Just like the other Yoshi's Island tilesets, this one also has colored goal blocks.

Time for version 1:

You can place trees.

You decide the colors.
One thing I made available for both versions is that both have underground regular and steep slopss. Yoshi's Island only had that for version 2.

You can place lava. Lava is also a thing available in both versions.

Version 1 also allows you to place weird trees:

The rest of the trees:

Time for the main event of version 1:

Added underground walls.

There are also wall platforms to be connected with the underground walls. Mouse holes are also here.

You can add logs and harmful ones underground. This is something not in YI. I decided to add this myself.

Aside from the steep slopes, regular slopes can be added here.

With the underground walls, which are named cross-sections, you can do something, like in the screen above.

The blocks are above the previous screen.

One final thing.

There are also colors:

This is for lava.

This is for ice.

Time for version 2:

You see dandelions.

You can place any slope you want. You can do this in all versions.

You can add big and small shrooms, as well as crystals. The rest are in the map16.

Aside from placing them on ground and outside, you can place shroom platforms on lava. The small shroom on lava is an addition of mine and it works.
I had to fix map16 error here and there.

Now for the colors:

Useful for lava palette.

Ice platforms are added in version 2. It does work with the rest of the palettes of the version.

I'm almost done. I need to show 1 screen:

There are 846 Map16 tiles total. That's huge.

You have 2 choices:
Either get it from My files:
Download: Click me #thp{O_O2}

Or you can download it from the Graphics section:
Big download: Click me #smrpg{y}

You can see the Metal Tileset video:

You can also view the video for the Steampunk Tileset below:

And finally, you can check version 1 of the Yoshi's Island Cave Tileset below:

Day 4. Time for a rip:

Yoshi's Island - Crystal Cave

edit also ripped this, you can edit the back area color with ease.
Here's the Map16, because of course:

Uses 84 Map16 tiles.

Download: Here

For another thing, time for a... layer 3 converted BG? I thought you never had this. I didn't, but seeing the BG still there, unfinished, I decided to finish the conversion.
Presenting as best I could:

Cho Aniki Bakuretsu Ranto Hen - Forest/Mountains

I converted this BG with nearly accurate results. It's used in the weird train level. Here's thw palette:

Since it uses 6 palettes, you'll need a sprite status bar for this. Now for the GFX:

BG uses 212 tiles.

Download: Here

Time for the final thing:

Yoshi's Island - 2x Animated Waterfall

You can tell this didn't need any changes, but for the next one:

I did need to use an ExGFX file for palette animations of the BG above. Check the sample level. It should be easy now.

Both BGs are compatible with the Yoshi's Island - Cave Tileset.

Download: Here

And that's what I had to show for this C3. 5 days with content to show.
Feedback appreciated and I hope I did well.
I saw it in you graphics thread but good job for creating a factory tileset in Yoshi's Island's style. Particularly factories aren't often represented in the Mario universe, especially the main platformers, with Donkey Kong Country as a notable exception (where only DKC2 lacks any factory level).

Originally posted by Rykon-V73
and then change the GFX in header to either Rope 2 or 3 and you're good to go.

You don't even need to do that because line-guides aren't tileset specific at all.
I was looking forward to this, personally. Glad to see it released #ab{:)}
As I've said in your thread, great job! Looking forward to more of your graphics in the future.
Wow! I'm impressed at how well the graphics you picked compliment the original style of Yoshi's Island—it isn't a style that goes with a lot of other graphics. Nice to see a quality factory setting for SMW!
Thanks. I thought of drawing something like this, as Yoshi's Island didn't have anything quite like it.
The next tileset will be a remake of an existing tileset of mine. I'll upload in a few hours.
Check my first post for updates. The Metal tileset is in the GFX section in the waiting category.
I'm loving the factory tileset, it looks like something it could definitely be in the actual game. Too sad inserting/editing graphics on YI isn't that easy/convenient as they are in SMW, but that's why we can use it for SMW instead!

Anyway, good job.
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I must say I really love the custom yoshis island gfx especially how the theme of yoshis island is presented the mecha theme is very unique


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Really neat factory tileset. You have improved a lot in making these custom graphics. Also, it's a clever imagination of how a factory would look like in YI style. I want to see more of that. Keep up the good work, Rykon.

Well, this goes to show that responese happen while I'm sleeping.
I'm amazed the factory tileset is the top tier.
The steampunk is also good, but not as good. Anyway, the next tileset will be today and it's a rip, with like 4 drawn tiles from me. You should check it out. It's a YI tileset, but the one hosted on SMWC has generic tiles there.
You can either check the first post or download the tileset from here.
Very clean and organized work, I dig it. As others said we don't often see a lot of factory/mech tilesets and these are very well executed on and fit right into YI.
I definitely would believe they were released in Nintendo's Yoshi's Island.

Very good work, pleasure to see. Hope I'll have an opportunity to make use of these.

Hot threads in your area:

C3 Winter 2022 - Non-vg ports
C3 Winter 2022 - Tribute to Soul Blazer
I hope those will prove useful. Checl first post for updates.
Well done on the tilesets.
Thaks for the answer, MarioriaM.
I uploaded a video with the Metal Tileset in action.
Check first post below.
Wow! It looks all very good! Excellent!
I like how the Metal and Steampunk sets turned out. And I have to thank you very much that you did the complete ripping of Cave. I hope it will be quite useful in the future.
And as for the hackjam project, I'm still working on the solo that is progressing somewhat slowly. And although it is very possible that there is no demo for this one in C3, I will show some advances through screenshots and videos (although I will not show them in full through video so as not to ruin the charm to the levels hehehe) in my thread of "A Super Luigi Adventure! " (or so I plan on).
Regardless, I think I will speak for many by saying that we look forward to seeing more of your great work. As several have mentioned, there are few who make good YI outfits, especially custom ones, and seeing that you are one of those people makes us happy. Get on with that job friend.#smw{:TUP:}

By the way, if there is any inconsistency, please excuse me. Sometimes the translator puts weird things hahaha.#smw{¬_¬}
Okay then. Understand, but what about the 2 other BGs for your hack? Should I release those here?
Well, if you can. As I said, you can launch everything you want to show.
DAYUM, you finally managed to make the MOST ACCURATE YI CAVE TILESET FOR THE NEW DECADE! Now that people can use the cave tileset in future SMW hack projects soon.

Keep up the good work, Rykon-V73!!!
Reporting for you for this year’s E3. Catch it on 6:00 PM PHT.
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Forum Index - Important - SMW Central Creativity Convention: Winter 2022 - Rykon-V73's Yoshi's Island GFX thread - Day 5 - BG with 2 animations - released

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