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Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest + Q&A: Anorak Answering your Questions + Unused Graphics Release
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest + Q&A: Anorak Answering your Questions + Unused Graphics Release
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It has been a while, but my hack is finally finished. A very hard hack SMW with wacky lore. What a weird combination, right? Yeah, but you don't need to worry. It's only 10 exits full of content. Just like an old game, you must find save blocks and save manually. Tackle obstacles and master platforming challenges. Funny lore that explains why stuff happens. Neat selection of music. Graphic combinations and aesthetics done by yours truly. An amazing and charming custom player sprite, made by  Deeke. This hack contains a very bizarre journey, with very difficult levels. Are you up for this challenge? I hope you enjoy it!






Not biased, also thanks a lot for coming to me for player sprites.

This is looking mighty fine so far. Definitely worth a weekend play-through!


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!
As someone who has played many of the demo versions and seen the evolution of this hack, it is a good, interesting, challenging and creative hack, and it definitely worth giving it a try.


Great job Anorakun! I’m super excited to see this hack finally finished. Also thanks for trusting me to help with testing!
It's finally here after over a year! I've been silently looking forward to Aeron and his golden cookie quest very much. There may only be 10 exits, but I can tell lots of love and care were poured into this hack project. The custom graphics, for example, are meshed together so neatly it's like they were meant to coexist together in the same level.

Definitely gonna try it out once I get the chance to!

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
The visual style is really pleasant, I think you made some great choices with what graphics you paired with each other (props to Deeke for the player sprite, it looks amazing too). Above all, the idea of wacky lore is intriguing to say the least. A short, but difficult hack that sounds like it'll be a lot of fun to try out in the near future.
I remember seeing parts of the demo and I was interested in playing it, glad I waited for the full release though. Looks like a fun little challenge.
I been seeing bits and pieces of this it's nice to see a hack that doesn't involve mario also I love the Japanese theme style it has definitely will give this a play later.


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

I did play through some of this. Very promising, Anorakun.
Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it. It was quite a tiresome task to finish this hack. Writing cutscenes proved to be a bigger challenge than I expected. Making the level design didn't take that much time, but having ideas for 20 levels was too hard, so I had to cut the hack short.

Sadly, I don't have much else to offer in this C3, like graphic rips or something, so Inspired by our friend Hooded Edge, I'm going to make a Q&A too. I have a lot of free time. Send me all your fun questions, I'm curious to know what you want to know about me. #smrpg{:3}

I am SUPER excited to play this! I've been following its development for a while in my discord and I can assure anyone reading this that this hack looks great.

One question: Are there any design inspirations for Aeron? He gives me heavy Super Paper Mario vibes.
Originally posted by Vivian Darkbloom
He gives me heavy Super Paper Mario vibes.

Agree, he reminds me a lot of Dimentio, probably because of the mask.

I'm glad you finally released this Anorakun. I have watched the early stages of the hack and it definetly seems like a very cool one, with a lot of personality behind it. Will play it this week so that I can give you further feedback. Also, I think you made the right decision by leaving it at 10 exits, I'm also a "quality over quantity" type of guy.
I've seen your progress a lot via the Discord so I'm so happy its finally released.
I've enjoyed all the tileset mixing and elements taken from other classic games such as some of the enemies you've used as obstacles.
I'm really happy Mario got swapped out as it gives the hack that extra little touch.

I'll be playing this ASAP!

Congrats on the release Anorakun! #smrpg{cool}#smrpg{y}
Originally posted by Vivian Darkbloom
I am SUPER excited to play this! I've been following its development for a while in my discord and I can assure anyone reading this that this hack looks great.

Thanks for the kind words.

I know this hack may scare some people, but it is what it is, I like my levels being longer. I may do a more friendly first level in the next project, though. I admit that this first level of my hack may scare people a bit. With that said, I had a lot of fun learning how to make better levels and I can't wait do more silly stuff in my next projects.

Originally posted by Vivian Darkbloom
One question: Are there any design inspirations for Aeron? He gives me heavy Super Paper Mario vibes.

Design inspirations for Aeron? Theater masks. Dimentio perhaps is a possible inspiration too, since he's all about making an act. Unlike him, my character has no evil aligniment. He's a very wacky and overexaggerated character. Despite wearing a mask, a lot of my drawings showcases the character with a lot of bizarre expressions, like these:

Not Happy at all. Mean goose!

These images are quite big, so I'm posting only the url.

My idea was like make a character that is easy to draw. And that I can deform and play around. You can see that he varies height in all these drawings, right?

Also, thanks for the feedback, Darolac and 1Updudes. I spent a long time in the presentation. Levels can tell stories without you needing to say a word. I hope both you enjoy my hack. It's a bit mean, but most of the time, very fair, I think.

I'm open to more questions. Bring on some more. I'll make a neat announcement surprise very soon in this thread, so stay tuned.

Just finished playing your hack, it was a great experience!  Deeke did an amazing job with those player sprites.

Good to see more of these oriental-themed hacks on the site and hacks being inspired by Final Fantasy too.

Kirbo was here
Please don't click here

WIP Hack:

Glad you liked it, edgar. I guess you can say my inspiration from japaneses games and Goemon is quite strong in the hack. #smrpg{:3}

Before I release the fun stuff, let's talk a bit more about my hack. A very specific subject.


MAIN MAP (Path to the Underworld)

After, Mt. Mutsu, players were going to face a very dangerous bridge at sea, inspired by the Bridge stage from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and after that, they would go to the Underground Ship Docks, a subterranean place where ghost ships can be found. In one of these ships there would be a key to access The Underworld.

The Underworld

I was planning to add an entire world to this hack, called The Underworld., a map inspired by Terranigma's Underworld aesthetics, but sadly, I didn't have any ideas left for the levels. But the concepts of each were: Crystal Cave / Magma, Castle Courtyard / Interior of Castle (Based on Castlevania), Clock Tower (also based on Castlevania) and a stranded space ship (mostly based on Super Metroid's Wrecked Ship. Lastly, it would have a HUB called Crystaholm, which would be another homage to one of my favorite JRPGs from the SNES: Terranigma.

Main Map (Worldwar Industries)

After passing by the Stranded Ship, our heroes would have to go a very urban city level, that would have a disco party as second part of the stage, inspired by Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius. After they would enter a very deadly factory, not any factory, but the WORLDWAR INDUSTRIES. INC. A very industrial level. And after all that, they would go across a giant waterfall and reach a mysterious switch which would lead them back to the Underworld, unlocking the way to Crystaholm and The Magician's Tower.

The Final Destination

Even deeper in The Underworld is the hideout of The Magician. A lot of gimmicks I have used would return there, with new twists and some new ones would be introduced as well. Sadly, neither of these ideas was fully accomplished...

Unused Ideas for Levels

Now, for some graphical stuff that I planned to use in my hack, but I ended just releasing at SMWCentral at some point:

Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu - Kokeshi (Wooden Dolls)

They were planned to appear in the Gorgeous Stage Fort, as a layer 2 level. Sadly, I scrapped it out due to the lack of ideas and understanding about layer 2 interactive levels. Kinda a shame, because these dolls look funny and I was so hyped to rip them. Oh well.

Parodius Portable (MSX Remake) - Mole

These moles were planned to be used in the crystal cave, but I never used them in this hack. Instead, I've opted to include them in my QLDC Level, just to add a bit more of personality in that particular level.

Battle Mania: Daiginjou - Temple Summit

I was planning to use this one for a burning japanese feudal castle section of Gorgeous Stage Fort, where you would have to do some insane platforming while avoiding the fire in the ground and ceiling. Sadly, this level never became a reality due to technical difficulties in finding good animated flame graphics and lack of ideas.

Surprise! Graphic Releases!

I have a bunch more of UNUSED GRAPHICS that I will release today! Yeah, this is the big announcement I have for today.

I present you the...

UNUSED GRAPHICS PACK, containing five amazing rips done by yours truly. Please take a good look.

Castlevania: Dracula X - Clocktower Rooftop

The infamous Clock Tower from Castlevania: Dracula X. It's known very well due its very tight arena, which makes the fight against Death even harder than the Rondo of Blood counterpart. I was planning use it for the Clock Tower level of my hack. This background can be used with invisible ground and it's perfect for a boss arena. but you can be creative with it and do other stuff. Packs a whole 4 EXGFX files,

Treasure Hunter G - Aged Cave (Ferric Falcon)

A background that I was planning to use in a cutscene to showcase the stranded ship where our two heroes, Aeron and Natsumi, would investigate. This one is niche like the one above. Great for cutscenes in general. Uses whopping 4 EXGFX files.

Osman - Red Sky

This one wasn't originally planned for my hack, but for Punishment Zone. Technically it isn't unused, but the collab has been for a hold in a long time and Darkbloom gave me permission to release this amazing rip. So there you have it. It's from an arcade game, predecessor of Strider. Very fluid gameplay and tough difficulty.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja - Otafuku Army (Slot Machine Room)

Originally planned for the tunnel section of Setsuma Village. This neat background is good for temples or tunnels or castles in general. You just need to be creative. Very simple and light background, but I hope you enjoy using it.

Parodius Da! - Octo's Bad Hair Day

Originally planned to be used in my Hot Springs level (the second half of Mutsu Mountainroad). This background comes from the boss area, where you fight a giant octopus that attacks you with bubbles and rubbing his head that is filled with shampoo. I don't have much to say about this one, but: "be creative".


That's it for today. All of them will be in Graphics Section when I stop being so lazy.

Q: whats the biggest hack your biggest/best unfinished hack?
Originally posted by Magmatic
Q: whats the biggest hack your biggest/best unfinished hack?

My own hack I could say, but saying that would be half of the truth. The biggest hack that is unfinished, right now, and that I'm leading is the Kochobo Dourado 2 Collab. It has all the levels inserted, but it's lacking presentation, overworld and the final castle. Aside from that, I spent most of time making levels for contests, collabs (Punishment Zone, Kochobo Dourado 2, 1F0 (Team Aureus Hack)). It's very nice to see a wide range of level design styles together.

Nice rips as always, also congrats on completing your hack!
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest + Q&A: Anorak Answering your Questions + Unused Graphics Release

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