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Tribute to Soul Blazer - Day 3 : I have created a custom baserom imitating one of Soul Blazer's dungeons
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Tribute to Soul Blazer - Day 3 : I have created a custom baserom imitating one of Soul Blazer's dungeons
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Hello again guys,

this C3 I wanted something a bit special, it's in the works since the monh of July, just after Summer C3.

day 1 (you are here)
day 2
to day 3

I'm going to start this round with nice music ports from Soul Blazer.
As the title implies, there will be more... about Soul Blazer. This music project started with the need to re-work my old Leo's Painting port. And somehow it turned into more songs.

The work was done with NintSpc so it has much better accuracy. The instrumentation relies mostly on SMW soundfonts, although it may have the occasional choir or organ extra sample, straight from musicalman's pack, which I'll never thank enough.

Here's the playlist:
Leo's Painting (submitted to music)
Lonely Town
Master's Shrine
Mountain of souls
Towers of Magridd

Download from filebin
Download from my FTP mirror

I really am glad learning how to benefit from this software. The releases to music section will be done a bit later on.

I hope you have enjoyed your stay, feedback is appreciated.

Trivia for those who have not played this game;
Lonely Town is a theme played in cities where the inhabitants are trapped by monsters.
Overworld and Title are self-sufficient.
Master's Shrine is an oddball since it refers to the area where the protagonist seeks advice from a higher life form that also allows him to save the party. It also serves as a teleport hub to multiple areas of the game once they are cleared.
The other names refer to the dungeons found in the game.

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Looking forward to seeing this amazing as always


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Ah, Soul Blazer is a game that holds a special place in my heart. Great job with these ports! I remember always hearing the Master Shrine theme and be like "wow, such a powerful song." Also, Mountain of Souls is so chill, despite the level being so tough. Thank you for bringing these ports. #smrpg{:3}

Thanks a lot for your support. Anorakun, I'm glad we share the interest for Soul Blazer.

day 1
day 2
day 3

So, here's the reveal on the big project I've been working on aside from music.

It is in fact my re-creation in 2D of the strange dungeon called Leo's Painting.

This level has done a strong impression on me when I played it.

It is my very first custom graphic creation, it is not really ripped, not really original, but it sure made me adapt my thinking while preserving the original source... So, I don't know how it would classify in the graphics section.

The re-creation in 2D was difficult because a lot of content featured in the top-down view would just not be any visible anymore, for example all the tiles located on the floor. From there, I had to imagine what would be the main tile pattern for the 2D ground, and looking at it, it appeared to be this plain brick wall. A bit disappointing but I kept going.

Original content screenshot:

Original content map can be found on vgmaps, but there's this excerpt in my bin too.

What it becomes in SMW:

As you can see, my main focus was to keep consistency with the palettes. The big sphere and the little sphere that are solid in original, become tiles that let the player pass, and receive a lighter shade to signal they're in background. Some ground blocks's aesthetics were kept as they were to add to the diversity of terrain. Other decorations include conveyors, spikes (with their characteristic purple palettes), the fire pot, and a little hanging in the style of early Gamma V's castle works.

On the first row of Map16, are some blocks and exAnimations that are compatible with custom blocks, an on/off pass, an on/off hurt.

Since the tileset #lm{gfxby} has to be set on Rope 1 for the conveyor tiles to work properly, I had to use the behaviour of Muncher in my spikes, not the "castle tileset" spikes. So, the conveyor and the spikes can't be used together in a level featuring grey P-switch.

I hope you'll enjoy this creation, it is all set to be applied, with the promo level shown on the screenshots:
download from smwc bin
download from my FTP mirror

Since it is a first, I'm requesting some feedback to see if any thing could be changed, then I'll release it to the graphics section.

I hope to see more top-down to 2D FG adaptations in the future since it's a pretty neat challenge.


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I'm not an expert in original graphics, but I really enjoyed your recreation of Leo's Painting. If I could suggest something is that you add some window like structures to the wall. I see a lot of potential in this tileset, good luck finishing it, qantuum

 Anorakun real MVP for keeping this thread up. I'll try drawing windows on my next iteration of the release, since I don't believe I can finish it until the end of C3.

I would have wished more reactions but I'm sure no contest against the other cool stuff I've seen.

day 1
day 2
day 3

So, the final release today is a whole baserom that allows to work with the whole FG and BG set, along with some monsters. The BG already is hosted on smwc here.

The diverse ASM resources are not by me, they are listed in assets.txt. I've just tweaked them a bit, for example a sleepy goomba that becomes invulnerable to fireballs.

This baserom features 3 demo segments (2-3 screens) that you can exit pressing start and select. The different monsters of Leo Painting's stage are listed here, starting at "dragon bird". The ones I've tried to reproduce were: Dragon Bird, Stone Fire Pot, Block of Doom and Meta Grinner. The HDMA gradient and the BG scrolling imitate the Leo's Painting stage too.




This is the "TLDC" or Tribute Level Design Contest I offered in the "new contest ideas" thread. I wanted to complete a whole level that could be played and present it as the first ever entry of this contest, but that didn't do finally. You can still use this baserom to come up with something on your own.

Download from my smwc bin
Download from my FTP mirror

Hot threads in your area:

C3 Winter 2022 - Non-vg ports
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Pretty sweet looking dungeon graphics, but it feels like there's still plenty to wring out of those tiles. Marble pillars with spheres on top, checkerboard tiles, and maybe even those fireplaces (?) along the wall would really help make the tileset shine. It's all really coming along swimmingly so far, though!


Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2022 - Tribute to Soul Blazer - Day 3 : I have created a custom baserom imitating one of Soul Blazer's dungeons

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