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YUMP 2 - "104 Exit" TAS in 2:41:49.633

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i finished it yay

YUMP 2 104 Exit TAS

This is a tool-assisted speedrun of YUMP 2 in which all 104 exits are obtained. Dragon coins, moons, and the rooms in Bowser's castle do not count towards completion; the exits are all that matter here.

(Sorry for any advertisements that may be on the video, this game has some music that was copyright claimed.)

This TAS was somewhat of a journey for me as I gradually improved my skills and learned new tricks. This TAS doesn't do anything crazy, and it isn't perfect. If skilled TASers are willing to do so, they might be able to get a run below two and a half hours.

Also, I took a bunch of notes on each exit as I slowly made progress.

Enjoy, thanks.
Hell yeah! Really psyched to watch this later today. I imagine this must've been a major undertaking.
honestly this is the most exciting thing i've seen so far at c3. +1 to psyched to watch later today. i know this is gonna be so fun
Oh wow, you did it!
I will check it out later, because I really want to see the strats you used, which I think at least a small group of them are RTA viable.

Very good job!
Did someone say TAS?? I love TASes!

Regardless of perfection, I'm certain this tool-assisted speedrun of a big hack like YUMP 2 will be super enjoyable. Very much on board with checking the video out later, with a bowl of popcorn to boot. Optimizing how fast one can theoretically beat a game through emulation takes a lot time and effort, so you deserve a pat on the back for coming this far!
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Had a lot of fun watching this. Well done.
Not really interested in the hack itself, but Tool-Assisted runs have always fascinated me especially with something I'm as familiar with as Super Mario World. The effort you put into also cataloguing your thoughts on each exit as you went is also commendable—good work! I'll be watching this one in chunks tomorrow while staying cozy inside.
Excellent work! Was a blast watching, thanks a ton for making this
I aim to watch this in its entirety when I get a chance, congrats on getting it done, I know it's taken a long time!

Looking forward to watching this! I'm sure there's going to be a lot of cool skips and tricks in this.
Woah! That was an impressive video! I was blown away by some of the tricks you pulled off.

However...what's with this hack?! There's cut-off and glitches everywhere, and those Switch Palaces are completely messed up. I think this "JUMP Team" is just a bunch of jokers...

Wow, I'm impressed by the amount of time and effort this must've taken to complete. It's neat to see some of the tricks and skips used that you wouldn't think to be possible.
embed fail!!

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